Nothing Ends

Remember nothing truly ends….

The relationships and friendships that seem to end? They live through our lessons and blessings. If it isn’t meant to finish in real time… they will find a way back into your life

Death? It only means the release of this particular physical housing of your soul. The soul lives on and on in the most wondrous of places until deciding to learn some more on Earth.

Jobs etc??? Get lost when the universe is conspiring to bring you something bigger and better than you’ve ever imagined. The key is to not hold on so tight and believe that everything is as it should be, even when it seems like your up a creek without a paddle.

Today take time to remember that nothing truly ends

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Channel the Angel love into your world

We love you. We love all sides of you. We rejoice in all your experiences. We love to guide you on your way.

Say yes to that today!

Learn to love everything about your life the way the Angels do. They see the positives in absolutely everything, and that is available to you too. If you dig deep enough past Ego. Past enough that you don’t throw up excuses and negative vibes – don’t get me wrong it is natural to do and that is Ego’s job, but you can still choose to dive right past and get to the juicy love chunks rather than focusing on the bad.

Learn to say Yes to involving them in every aspect of your life. So even if shit is hitting the fan, you can feel the love and comfort of the Angels, slowly guiding you back to your centre and path. And if life is going amazing, it makes it even doubly so!

Take a leaf out of their book today and see the love in everything. I promise it is there even if you have to dig a little to find it. And if you’re having trouble finding it, ask them to illuminate it so you have no choice but to see the blessings.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Rolling rather than dodging

Fighting against the tide and waves just wears us out.

Sometimes we need to go with the flow, no matter how that flow feels and learn to float. Realising that the shore is there to protect us and bring us back to safety…

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Simply You

It is the easiest thing in the world; yet seems to be the hardest thing in the world for us to do…

It is time to be YOU! Not the you, you or others think you should be. But the true you ‘warts’ and all.

Let go of the judgements, the I should be more like that and embrace all the kooky, goofy, amazing parts of you and cherish them.

You were made perfectly so do not think any less of yourself.

So shake that booty to the march of your own drum… and own it!!!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Because we all need some loving!

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Being Spiritual

Anything you do can be spiritual… with the right intentions.

If you choose to get through your day with love and a side order of peace.

If you happily ask how you can serve today, even if it is just a smile to the mailman.

Then you have given yourself the best spiritual day.

It is not always about doing big ‘spiritual’ things each day – like healing the world, doing 13 hours of meditation and so forth.

It is literally just setting the right intention to the universe, that whatever comes your way today; that you do it from a loving, peaceful perspective, no matter what is thrown at you.

And that doesn’t mean being a doormat or not getting upset. You can come from that beautiful perspective and still be a badass feeling machine.

How will you have a ‘spiritual’ day today??

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Take 5

Take 5 today and see where you are headed.

Also take a glance over your shoulder and see where you’ve been… are you happy with all you accomplished? Was there things you may have done differently with hindsight? Or would you keep it all the same?

It can be super good to learn from where we’ve been so we can slightly adjust and possibly course correct.

And then relish and embrace exactly where you are. Take a moment to enjoy it all, to be proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Abundance for the taking

Abundance is always at your fingertips… sometimes you just have to reach for it with both hands and meet in the middle…

Other times we need to press pause on the chatter that tells us we can’t and tell it and yourself that of course you can!

You truly are a manifesting machine so where your focus goes, you can attract!

Embrace it like you would your bestest friend; knowing you are abundantly cared for, even when it seems you are not.

If you are finding you are struggling with abundance – look at what you are telling yourself, how do you feel about money, what do you say when a bill comes in?

All these can have a good or bad impact… it is up to you which you allow.

What abundance are you attracting today??

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Light up

Delight in what lights you up! Doing any small or large thing that lights you up can help to alleviate or banish any of the shit that is getting to you, even for a brief moment in time.

So do what lights you up!

Be the you that feels into everything with love and joy.

Be the you that calls out to do magical things.

Do what lights you up 🔥🔥🔥

Remember light helps banish the shadows… and while they can be your friend, you also don’t need them lurking every day just waiting to pounce… so spread light like confetti 😍😍

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Do something that makes your soul sing every day! It doesn’t have to be huge or profound… it can just be something small – as long as it brings a smile to your dial or a sigh of contentment. Or it could be that big doozy that changes your life dramatically. Any old way you do it is completely okay and totally up to you!

I’m going to sing to some music as I get ready and in my drive to places today.

I am going to have so much fun in my makeup work shop today.

I am going to bless the mail I send with love and Angel Wings.

You get my drift? They can be such simple things!

Even the stuff you are not looking forward to doing can have an element of happiness added to it by you. Play music you love in the background of tasks that you don’t necessarily like.

Say a joke or look some up and tell them to a colleague if the office is a bit tense and dismal.

So find happiness in whatever you do today and every day!

What are you going to do today?? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Buzzing vs Productive

Numerology with the Angels message for 2nd March

Busy bees… buzzing around. It may seem like they are never not working… but they are smart in their work. They only do the necessity and each one has a different role to play. How can you work smart like the bees today?

Let’s face it… Sometimes it seems like we are on the go the whole day then look back and realise what the hell did I even get done today???

Today see how you can work smart today and get shizz done.

Be it choosing 1-3 most important tasks to get done, setting yourself 50 minute time slots to do stuff in then taking a break.

Whatever works for you… do that.

Remember busy doesn’t always mean productive 😊

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx