Many Lives Guided


I am sure most of you have heard about past lives and how they can affect you now – positively and negatively. That you have been here time and time again, learning lessons and having your soul grow from this.

For me this is also true, but it has a twist. You see, this is my first ever human incarnation. It is my first time walking Earth on two feet as a human, so how does it affect me if I do not have any past lives?

I may not have had any past lives but I have guided countless lives before joining Earth myself. I am a Guardian Angel who helped with their lives and then helped them cross over peacefully when the time came for their souls to go back.

As a Guardian Angel – it was my duty to help take some of the burden of the life I was looking after. I couldn’t take all of it, if it was necessary to their path, but I could lessen it. Steering them back on their path if they had ventured too far off and keeping them safe, were all part of my duties. I could take away any fear, doubt etc. when their soul crossed to the other side. I helped create a smile instead of the terror they could have felt.

Some of this, I realised I had carried into my human life. Fears of certain things and places, when I hadn’t been affected directly by them myself in this life of mine. Feeling a particular way about something, blocks and so forth.

When I realised where some of my issues stemmed from – the big sigh of relief was intense. It made so much sense to me and settled deep into my soul for the releasing to begin.

The tears that I shed for these lives, especially some of the extremely traumatic, were cathartic to me and the souls that were affected. I mourned them and all they had gone through and I started to piece it to those issues I deal with now in this lifetime. Many threads of these souls were threaded through my own human one intricately.

I began to recognise and learnt to let go, it is still a process and as more is shown to me of my Angelic life, I am sure there will be many more times that I will need to do this. I still keep some of their threads with my own, but I am able to deal easier with them and let go of the extreme panic and feelings that can come with it. It can be hard when it is inherent in me to take these burdens, rather than let them go.

It was during a cleansing meditation that some of the souls that were still crossed over came to me and they helped to release me from the chains I had surrounded myself with from their lifetimes and know it wasn’t necessary for me to carry it anymore. I had gone above and beyond for them as their Guardian Angel so it was time to live freely. They said the best way to honour their lives that I had guided, was to live the best possible life I could in my own human incarnation. That struck strongly with me as I hadn’t been… So now I am living my true authentic life as best as I can for these amazing souls.

Till next time… Keep walking your spiritual path xx



No matter what you do with your life – there are always going to be haters, those that want to put you down even when they should be your greatest supporters, and people that just plain piss you off.

It really will not matter if you are not doing much with your life, if you are playing small or if you are living large and stepping up in the best way possible. They will still always be lurking.


I had one such incident today where there were just plain mean comments on social media from someone who I would have said were among my greater supporters… I read it and I hurt, badly, I wanted to cry and lash out just so she could feel a little of what she just did to me. I wanted to go find a corner and just hide.


I allowed myself to really feel this hurt for a little bit, then I grabbed out my trusty journal and started writing. I got down every little hurt, thought and feeling that this brought up and got it all out there, there were tears and anger that all went out into that paper.


I then took a step back. And I got to the point where I was able to objectively say, okay I cannot change this person, the situation or what has happened so what am I going to do about it to take this hurt away and be able to let it go?

It was then that I stood in my power and gave myself a rallying cheerleader speech. Was I going to let this upset me and affect my whole day or was I going to use it to fire me up to keep going. To understand that not everyone thinks or feels the same or even understands and that is okay. It is totally okay. The only time that it is not okay, is when I allow it to affect me in an adverse way. When I am not able to take the positive lesson away from it and be on my merry way.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to feel the hurt and let it out so you don’t squash it down and create more problems in the future that end up being these big massive problems because you have just kept stuffing, stuffing and hey lets stuff some more. Feeling it is an essential step, but then it is up to YOU to take the positive steps to get out of the funk and spiral the events may have caused you. No one else can do that for you and it is the make or break in how it can affect you.

You have all the power my friend, you control your life and what runs through your mind. We are never going to have a truly easy happy go lucky life all the time. We are human after all and part of that is dealing with the good and the bad as it teaches us so much. Without it we wouldn’t know what truly happy feels like.

So use the haters, the judgers, the past experiences to fire you up, to give you the craving to create a kick arse life. Let them be the boost that you need to soar into the stratosphere of freaking amazeballs because you most certainly are, no matter what anyone says.

And you know what, it says so much more about them than what it  could possibly say about you.

 Keep being perfectly you..


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Published!! A moment of Grace

Flower background

Flower background,


What does Grace mean to me? It means being connected to our higher self and to Source and the miracles that unfold from that. It is being blessed beyond belief in even the most simple little things.

From an early age I always knew I would write books, back then and even till recently that thought terrified me – how could I write a whole book?? The reason I got into blogging was a way to share my musings, without needing to conform to a book… the other option is in a book collaboration.

When I stumbled across the 365 family, and that really is the best description for them as you do become a beautiful member of a fabulous family feeling community – my soul leapt and without me even thinking twice about it, I had grabbed a page for their new book 365 Moments of Grace and was all set to go! Throughout the whole process Jodi and Dan held my hand with a smile as well as the other authors, so nothing was daunting or ever felt out of my reach at all.

It was in this special heart space that I knew I could write from my own soul and come out to the world about my unique spiritual path – and what a better way than in a book with amazing other souls who practice and know what Grace is all about… Putting myself out there in such a way was a huge leap for me, who until now was happy to hide in the curtains by the stage and pop one leg out into the spotlight, only to whip it back in again (think hokey pokey!!!) The thing is, I knew I was safe to do it here, this was the best possible space I could have asked for so step into the light I did… You can read more in the book 🙂

If you wanted a book where every day you were reawakened to the magic of the universe, then this is a book for you. It features so many beautiful stories that inspire, bring hope, a tear and a laugh. You can grab it here] and until August 31st – you can get over 100 bonus gifts which you can access here by entering your Amazon order code

Here is a background into the wonders of the team that bring the 365 books to the world…

“Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck are a husband-and-wife team who loves living soulfully and joyfully. Since 2005, they’ve been living their dream of writing books and creating products that inspire others to connect with their soul and live fully and passionately. Jodi has a BA in English/Technical Editing and Sociology, and Dan has a BA in Religious Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing. Together, they have over 30 years of experience with editing and publishing and have sold over 35,000 books. They have written 20 books, 10 ecourses, and over 1,000 blog posts/articles. Jodi is an award-winning blogger at and the creator of Soul Clarity Cards. Dan is the author of the personal-growth blog, They are the co-creators of the Soulful Journals Series (, the 365 Book Series (, and a number of soulful online communities. ©2016 365 Moments of Grace – Promotional Package 26 They live on the Oregon coast with their sweet cats. They enjoy hanging out at the beach and working, creating, and playing together. They feel truly blessed to be able to spend each day together, doing what they love. It’s their heart’s desire that their books and products bring joy to everyone they reach.”

Honestly it has been such an awe inspiring journey from start to finish with this book and you stay within the 365 community even after the book is complete. The amount of wonderful connections I have made have been truly incredible and now I can say I am a published author with a NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING book! How freaking awesome is that!!!!

But seriously do yourself a favour and grab a copy – each and every day I pick mine up and just open to the page that I know I need to read and it is lovely.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Writing To Heal featuring: Jules

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After experiencing a traumatic childhood, where I had an abusive alcoholic parent, broken family unit and some sexual abuse thrown in, I became a sever panic disorder sufferer and morbidly depressed when I was 17. Part of the panic disorder affected my eating so an unusual eating disorder started where I didn’t eat for many years… I have been working on myself mainly through holistic and alternative channels after the psychiatrists etc. didn’t really work for me. After working on myself so much and getting to the point where I am – I realised that by telling…

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I have done my fair share of forgiveness work, cutting of cords – you name it, I have more than likely done it. And while I know I am far along the garden path of forgiveness, I feel there is always work to do, call it weed maintaining if you will.

My Pops made me aware of something today. Now before I go any further, my Pops is now back in spirit form and helps me from the other side.

To give you brief history, I never had anything to do with Pop when he was alive. I met him only a handful of times and most of those ended in tears. You see my Pop was an alcoholic who gave up on life, way before life gave up on him.

When he first started coming to me, he didn’t show himself as he was worried I would tell him to bugger off, and I must admit that was my first very human response when it came to light just who was helping me.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt though as my mentor clearly pointed out – he is trying to atone for what he didn’t do in life, trying to right family wrongs and helping me start new ways of being for some of the family moving forward. He couldn’t do this living but he could in spirit.

He also isn’t who he was here either. All those ego based wrongs that he made? They are not a part of him anymore. He is now spirit which is a pure soul full of good intentions, love, peace and all that is.

It was with this thought in mind that he prodded me with these thoughts.. If I can forgive him like I have because he is now a pure soul… why can I not do that to the living that are not so perfect…

 I totally can!!!!!! By focussing on their soul, which is still inside of them hidden under the layers of gunk and I could just forgive them. For yourself and for them. When you forgive them, the energy changes between you, which will not only help you, but them too in one way or another. It releases the low vibrations that the situation caused. It doesn’t mean to agree with what they have done, are or continue to do. It does not mean you have to be their friend or even like them.

Going even deeper – you don’t need to focus on one person or situation. Go to your own soul/ heart space and just focus on forgiveness. Emit that forgiveness out of your body and into the universe. Do not control it, let it go and touch any person, old situation, past lives, yourself, anything it needs to touch and just allow. Just concentrate on the forgiveness. It is not always necessary to know where it is going, especially when you have already done a lot of work. It is your human ego that needs to know what you are doing. Your soul is just happy allowing this beautiful forgiveness energy to touch wherever it needs to.

I didn’t need to know where it was going, I was happy to just watch this beautiful energy whirl around me. I did see some cords and movie reels let go and float away. I also millions of fireflies leave as I let go of the past lives that I have guided. I realised that it was my ego that latched onto the work I did as an Angel and carried it willingly in this lifetime. Now that I was willing to see this and forgive myself for this, I could let them all go.

It can feel a little overwhelming when all of that weight is lifted off your body but ride the waves. Keep at it till you know that it is done. You may feel a little energetically meh afterwards but know it is because you did a bit shift in your energy by releasing all that no longer served you.

Your body, those around you and the universe thanks you


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx