Stepping In

I can step into souls… I must say it scared the heck out of me at first, mainly as I had no idea what was actually happening to begin with. Now these are dearly departed souls, so no I cannot do a Patrick Swayze and jump into Whoopi Goldberg ala Ghost style.

It is typical that new skills will either kinda creep up on you or they will happen in a seemingly normal moment and leave you with a WTF hanging in the air. Mine was the WTF moment.

You see I was chatting away with a girlfriend and we got into a bit of a brainstorming about our spiritual stuff. I hadn’t grounded and protected myself as it wasn’t that kind of conversation, either way, I started feeling how I do when I start channelling or floating upwards. It got to the point where I had to go away and do some closing down etc. as it was feeling even more intense than usual and my friend could even see that I wasn’t quite all there. Which does actually happen quite regularly.

I went into my bedroom and did my usual rituals but I couldn’t shake the not feeling quite right feeling. I persisted and laid there for a little while asking for all the help that I could, knowing the universe had my back but still had me thinking seriously what is going on here.

It was when I sat up and looked at my wardrobe that I knew something totally different to usual was going on. You see my wardrobe is quite a darkish wood and I was seeing it as if a lens was over it and it almost looked cardboard colour, the weirdest thing was it also wasn’t looking 3 dimensional anymore, it was looking rather flat, like it was a prop on a movie set rather than what it was, a wardrobe.

Okkaaayyyy… what is going on here. Amazingly I didn’t panic which is usually my go to move. Instead I rather calmly sat and demanded that I be brought back to my body in the here and now, right in this moment. The words just came to me, I didn’t have to think on it, they just flowed out of my mouth.

Eventually I went to sleep but twice during the night I awoke with this same sort of feeling and kept having to repeat the same words with some added in. I was even adding the time and date, that was how specific I was being in my almost asleep, out of it state.

I could not work out what happened, whether it was another dimension I had gone to or what the story was, but I knew it was big.

I was happy to find out that I wasn’t zonked the next day, or panicky or anything else I would have presumed from such an intense night that I was still clueless over.

When I had my session with my mentor, at first she was a bit baffled as well and her soul guide was rather quiet about it as well. Until she blurted out a bit later on… You stepped into Merlin’s soul…. UM WHAT???!!! It was then that I kind of freaked a bit. I stepped into someone else’s soul???!!!! So not ready for that.  And Merlin – what are you doing to me buddy? Like really! Those were the thoughts buzzing around my head.

It was only at a book session with the same fabulous mentor that those jigsaw puzzles started clicking. You see my book is on past lives I have guided when I was a Guardian Angel so regression work is needed and it was while we were just chatting away that I finally got it. My mentor is a bit sneaky that way sometimes and waits for the light bulb to appear over my head rather than telling me!

What better way for collecting information, than by stepping into the life I was guiding at the time to get what I needed. There really isn’t a better way. While most is from my own accounts, which is what makes it different to other past life books… what a privilege to be able to step into them and be them for what I need to get, feel and see.

It is quite an extraordinary feeling, like nothing I have ever experienced and I have to say how honoured I am that they allow me to do this. Both the souls I am stepping into and the universe for giving me this amazing gift.

I never take for granted all these wonderful skills that I have.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


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Find values that light up your soul and in turn the world


I have been taking a look at my values over the last week or so and have been really challenged in them.

My old values were nice and soft – Love, Peace, Making a difference, Happiness – you get the picture. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, but when I was asked how they made me feel in terms of making an impact in the world – they did nothing to inspire me to step up. They just wrapped around me like a cosy warm blanket.

So I connected with my soul and asked for the values that would woo the world and boy were they different! I always thought my old values were from my Angelic side but they really weren’t – they were from my very human side that was very happy to stay mediocre and bland.

My new values? Well they kick arse and I for one can say I would never have picked them for myself without connecting to soul first. We are talking Strength, Leadership, Inspiration, Education/Growth and Knowledge, Passion and Courage – just a little different to my last ones. Just choosing them made me stand taller and straighter and in my own power. They made me want to seriously break out my superwoman cape.

I was encouraged to create some sentences around them to really get that fire within burning brightly. And boy are they powerful. They keep that cape right where it needs to be and already have really made me step up my game. As now my values spark me up and give me that ‘how am I going to help the world today?’ vibe. They make me want to make an impact.

Each day I start, and do numerous times in the day I may add, by sitting or laying and just feeling that initial YEAH BABY feeling I got when I chose the values most destined to help me. I light my soul up in a way that tells her that we have got this, we can do this, what do I need to do here, how can I be of assistance? It puts me in that awesome power to do whatever I need to do to achieve the message I am here to give to the world.

I encourage you, if you are finding that you are not getting anywhere in your business or even in life – check in with your soul and make sure your values are truly reflected how they need to be to make sure you shine and sparkle in this world.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Help Voting :)

I am quite the introvert, especially when having to put myself out there. I usually prefer lurking in shadows and dipping one toe out here and there, only to bring it back into the shadows after a moment in the spotlight.

So I did something very unusual and put myself into a Facebook Competition to win a Self Publishing Package based on votes! Yep based on votes!! Talk about throwing myself out into the deep end!!

The way I see it, the universe needed a very clear ‘I am ready’ from me, and what better way to do that then to throw myself wholeheartedly into something like this, that clearly shows I am ready to step up, step out and start living my purpose and sharing my messages. It also showed that I was ready to show up not only to groups of likeminded people that I know online, but also to my family and friends – which has been the hardest part of it.

The old chestnut of ‘what will they think of me’, ‘what if they don’t believe me or like what I have to say’ has cropped up, but I know that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me, the only thing that matters is that I am living my passion and coming from a place of love and light.

My book is a collection of short stories on the human lives I guided as a Guardian Angel. We talk about their lives and give the highlights as well as talking about the life lesson that was learnt for that particular lifetime. There are also some other juicy things that may show up in there but that is the main gist… each life seems to literally have a life of its own so it changes with each one.

If this sounds like something that you love to read and you are on Facebook – then I would love if you could follow the link and click on Julia Van Der Sluys. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! So grateful to you.

Till next time…Keep walking your spiritual path xx