Pulled in many directions and just don’t know which to do first?


Pulled in many directions and just don’t know which to do first?

Get it all out and then sit and feel which is tugging at your soul. The rest will still be there. I don’t know about you but I have fabulous ideas ALL the time.

I want to different things ALL the time. There is nothing wrong with fabulous ideas and downloads- they are amazing and truly a gift. But I also know that sometimes we just don’t know which to start or what direction to turn to first and we can, while feeling super excited and raring to go, also get a little lost in overwhelm about it.

Get it all out. A fabulous lady I work with who I shall call Queen T calls it her ideas parking lot which I love as it means one day when the time is right- that idea is going to drive right out of that parking lot into the wonderful freeway of awesomeness.

Once it is all out of your mind. Sit with them. Say it in your mind or out loud.

Feel with your body and soul which feels the right one to venture ahead with now. Get outside help if you need it. But deep down you will know where to start. It’s simply a matter of getting out of your mind and into the heart and soul.

And if you need more inspiration or help? The Angels are here every step of the way.

Say after me

”Angels I am open to divine messages and steps and I am open to being shown the way”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


You’ve totally got this


You’ve totally got this.

We believe you and will pass on our faith in you till you feel it too. The Angels want to pass their absolute faith in you onto you so you will know just how epic you are.

You would never be given anything you cannot handle. It may stretch the heck out of you. But what’s living without some stretching??

”I allow the Angels faith in me to lift me to new heights. I have totally got this”

Let their love and faith in you lift you up.

Whether it adds to your own knowing epicness of yourself or starts you on the believing train… it is all good!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Respect yourself


Respect yourself.

Respect others. Respect the Earth. Respect those on the other side.

The Angels want you to know that when you respect something – it is the most honourable, graceful thing you can do.

Because when you respect something, you want to do right by it. You would treat it right, be kind to it, love it because respect is the basis of anything great in nature. It feeds all of the other great qualities.

And if respect isn’t there, there is no low too low to go. You don’t truly give a rat’s arse about it because meh who cares right?

You’ll happily choose to not do right by it, lie about it, hate on it. I know which one I’d rather! So today think about what respect means to you.

If you are showing yourself, those around you, the Earth and the universe the respect that it all truly deserves.

” Respect is my natural state. I choose to feel it flow through me and out of me”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Everything is energy


Everything is energy.
Look around you and see what you are putting out.
See what you are willing to receive. See what you are willing to give.
When dear are you going to see that what you vibe is what you get.
That it is a game of give and take. Not just give give give or take take take.
When are you going to realise that everything is energy, including you, money and everything else. So you can have as much or as little as you choose… big hint on the choose part.
Everything is at your fingertips, waiting for you to open up and say YES to it!!
Say it with me
”I choose to vibe high in every circumstance.”
I balance giving with receiving easily. Everything comes to me even easier”
Remember, what you put out, you most definitely get back… so what do you want back???
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Eureka! There’s gold to be found here!


Eureka! There’s gold to be found here!
Go panning for it today.
Gold can be found anywhere,
as long as you have the right tools to find it.
Are you willing to find some today and every day going forward?
If you bring your pan full of optimism and positivity so you can wash away all the murky undercurrents of negativity – you’ll start finding those nuggets left, right and centre.
Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper, sometimes you have to move to a new spot to unearth some of the glowing good stuff. But we promise it is there if you keep looking.
And crazily enough. Once you found one chunk… many more seem to just magically appear- funny how that works.
”I choose to see the gold in this for me. I open my eyes, ears and heart to hearing the messages of love this brings ”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx