Hold space for yourself today


Hold space for yourself today.
Light a candle just for you, grab pen and paper just for you, dance to your faves just for you, feel all that is running through your body and mind just for you.
Let’s face it, we are always on the go, be it physically or mentally.
We allow all those thoughts to run riot and wear us down as if we have just run a marathon.
We allow ourselves to rush from one thing to another, not stopping to catch our breath and it feels like we’ve crammed three days of activities into one.
Can anyone relate?
How about today we decide to hold some space for ourselves?
It doesn’t have to take long, or it can take up the whole damn day.
It could be as simple as lighting a candle, so everytime you walk past it, you smile and feel good.
It could be popping on some fave tunes and singing or dancing to it.
It could be getting all those tumbled thoughts out of your head and down on paper. Or writing your next set of desires out.
It could be actually drinking your drink while it is hot!
Whatever it is for you… do it today! And hopefully every day.
It’s not about what it is, or how long for – it is the intention behind it that is going to make the world of difference to you.
So ask yourself today – how can I hold simple space for me today?? And ask it every day, as it may change to what you truly need.
Learn to fill your cup up every day, so you are not running from a frazzled state of being.
“I hold space for myself today and every day. Giving myself what I need”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Soaking up knowledge is perfect


Soaking up knowledge is perfect, it is always good to expand on what your soul knows… as it is like a sponge just waiting to soak up more and more. It is also good after the soaking has occured to sit with if this rings true for you. If it is, embrace it. If not, remember the wisdom but do not apply.
Knowledge and information gets pinged at us from all different different all day, every day.
And while it is fabulous, and needed for our growth… it is always needed to be actually applied in our own life.
Let the knowledge sink into your bones, your soul… wherever it needs to sink into to.
Then quietly ask yourself, is this needed to be applied/agreed with, what have you.
You will get the answer you need.
We don’t have to agree with everything discovered.
We do not need to apply all we have learnt to our lives, be it just for now, or forever.
That’s the beauty of life – we get to decide.
It doesn’t matter if the most incredible person does these things, or is a certain way – it doesn’t necessarily mean it is meant for you.
Perhaps you only need to take a snippet of it and apply it.
Perhaps you are just meant to keep that knowledge for use later on.
Perhaps you are meant to learn it, to know, actually it’s not the thing for me.
And any of it, is a-okay!
It is what works for you.
What feels right for you.
The wisdom will still be there. If you are meant to need it at some point.
“I soak up knowledge like a sponge, but intuitively know what is right for me in this time and apply it”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Have you loved on your inner child today?


Have you loved on your inner child today?
Find an activity to do together today. Take time to have a cuddle and know they are the safest, most loved they have ever been.
You are the adult now in your relationship with your inner child. You are the parent, the love provider, the shelterer, the safe place.
So why not start loving on them today?
Start showing up as the security you and they need?
Here’s the thing… it doesn’t matter how bad or fabulous your childhood was.
For you can help heal your inner child today.
You are the magic they need to feel safe, loved, special, cherished beyond belief… and as safe as houses.
It is up to you now.
No one else can do it for you.
So are you going to become the best damn parent to yourself??
Imagine yourself small in your minds eye and give yourself the biggest cuddle you can.
Look them squarely in the eye and let them know how much you adore them. How full of love you are and how that will never ever change.
Then go do something fun!
What is your inner child squealing to do today??
Have a dance? Make something? Get out in nature?
Whatever it is, allow yourself to indulge in it today and feel the magic of your inner child today.
“Inner child, I adore you. You are the bestest, most safest child. Now let’s have some fun together today”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Remember nothing truly ends


Remember nothing truly ends….
The relationships and friendships that seem to end? They live through our lessons and blessings. If it isn’t meant to finish in real time… they will find a way back into your life.
Death? It only means the release of this particular physical housing of your soul. The soul lives on and on in the most wondrous of places until deciding to learn some more on Earth.
Jobs etc??? Get lost when the universe is conspiring to bring you something bigger and better than you’ve ever imagined. The key is to not hold on so tight and believe that everything is as it should be, even when it seems like your up a creek without a paddle.
Today take time to remember that nothing truly ends.
“I breathe a sigh of relief as I realise that nothing ever truly ends”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Bring all of you to the table


Bring all of you to the table.
Every little nitty gritty part that makes you whole. As it does make you whole and exactly who you are.
What are we like hey?
Shying away from our so called crappy bits.
Shying away from our amazing bits.
Like seriously…. Enough is ENOUGH!!!!
How about from these day forward, we just learn to accept, revel and absolutely adore on ourselves??
Wouldn’t this feel so much better than ragging on ourselves???
All of you is what makes you you.
All of you is what makes someone either love you or not.
And it doesn’t matter either way to you…
You know why?
Because you don’t need someone else’s acceptance of you when you’ve already given it to yourself.
So today – beat your drums in whatever rhythm works for you!
Be entirely, radically YOU!
And give no fucks about it!
“I accept all of me. I bring all of me. I am fucking rad”
Enough said.
Now go jump on your own bandwagon and toot yo’ horn!
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

We love you


We love you.
We love all sides of you. We rejoice in all your experiences. We love to guide you on your way. Say yes to that today!
We love you. We love all sides of you. We rejoice in all your experiences. We love to guide you on your way.
Say yes to that today!
Learn to love everything about your life the way the Angels do. They see the positives in absolutely everything, and that is available to you too. If you dig deep enough past Ego. Past enough that you don’t throw up excuses and negative vibes – don’t get me wrong it is natural to do and that is Ego’s job, but you can still choose to dive right past and get to the juicy love chunks rather than focusing on the bad.
Learn to say Yes to involving them in every aspect of your life. So even if shit is hitting the fan, you can feel the love and comfort of the Angels, slowly guiding you back to your centre and path. And if life is going amazing, it makes it even doubly so!
Take a leaf out of their book today and see the love in everything. I promise it is there even if you have to dig a little to find it. And if you’re having trouble finding it, ask them to illuminate it so you have no choice but to see the blessings.
“I allow the Angels to shower me with their love each and every day. I allow them to remind me how magnificent I am”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

I am open to all possibilities

Daily Affirmations - mar25- 1

I am open to all possibilities.
I am open to ALL possibilities. I AM OPEN TO ALL POSSIBILITIES.
Did you get that???
It can be quite amazing, how as humans, we can shut ourselves off from things, from possibilities, opportunities etc.
How about today we change that??
How about today we choose to have our arms spread wide and allow all the goodness into our life?!
We don’t need to know what it could be.
How about we trust in the universe a little, knowing that they will provide absolute amazingness into our life.
As long as you know you are inviting the good, what’s best for your highest self – how can you go wrong?
We can be quite short sighted at times, not allowing for the big grand gestures, whatever the reasons may be.
We get lost in what we think we should have, should be, should want. That sometimes we lose sight of what could be really good for us.
But no more right???
From today, we are going to invite ALL possibilities into our life.
Doesn’t mean we need to keep all of them.
But we just might surprise ourselves on what could come of these possibilities.
Let the universe surprise and delight us!
“I allow myself to be open to all the possibilities the universe has in store for me. With open arms and a grateful heart”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Take a moment


Take a moment to thank every working and non working part of your body.
Thank it for all these years of loyal service. For keeping your soul housed in this magnificent temple and vow that you will love it and thank it for all your living years.
Like seriously, our body is the mother trucking bomb!
It does pretty much everything for us!
Now if that is not a miracle, I don’t know what is.
So rather than bitch and moan on our bodies – it is time to thank the ever loving crap out of them.
Without them, we wouldn’t be here, right now, walking this Earth.
We wouldn’t be able to do the physically amazing stuff we do.
We wouldn’t be able to taste, feel and all those other wonderful things we can do.
Oh and you most definitely wouldn’t be able to make the difference that you do.
One reason why our bodies stop working optimally is because we keep stuffing down our emotions, and they start leaking out of us like a leaky hose.
What can we do? Truly start to feel. Don’t bottle shit up anymore.
We also need to love our bodies and do what is right for them.
We were given our specific body for this specific life – so why you hating on it? It was divined into being to be perfect for us here.
And maybe let’s truly enjoy the foods and stuff we put in our body. Let’s listen to what it needs and just do that.
“Thank you body for being the masterpiece that you are. I thank you and honour you”
Go a ahead and thank all those parts now.
Your body, and you will thank you for it.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



You just need to have faith that everything is working in divine timing and for the greatest good. No matter what is going on in your life – that is a true test on your faith in us.
I’m sure we’ve all rolled our eyes at someone when we’ve heard ‘it’s just not the right time ‘ or something similar to that effect.
But here’s the thing…
We roll our eyes because we are impatient. Because we have decided and we want it now.
But that timing thing??
It really is true!
When we are truly meant to get, have, be something, it will arrive when it is meant too.
Not just because you want it so.
Annoying but true.
As long as you keep the faith that it’ll happen, if it’s meant, that your Angels and unseen crew will make it happen and keep prodding you when aligned action is needed, and that the universe knows exactly when your prize is meant to be delivered.
There is nothing to fear!
Nothing that is meant for you, will not leave or ever not show up, even the stuff we thought we didn’t want but ended up being the best thing for us.
They know their shit, waaay better than us!
So keep having faith.
Keep what you want positively in your heart, yet be open to possible other things – because again the crew and the universe can come up with waaay better stuff than we can.
And keep knowing it’ll happen. That deep seated trust, that it’s already come to be.
“I know everything comes in divine timing perfectly for me”
Keep the faith.
In yourself.
The Angels and your crew.
And the universe.
And definitely remember that divine timing is most certainly a thing.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Just let the ups and downs of life roll past


Just let the ups and downs of life roll past.
Roll with them rather than against them and you’ll notice the way in between isn’t so big anymore.
Fighting against the tide and waves just wears us out.
Sometimes we need to go with the flow, no matter how that flow feels and learn to float. Realising that the shore is there to protect us and bring us back to safety…
Life is always going to be messy, that is why we are alive, it would be pretty darn boring otherwise.
But we can choose to get annoyed at the mess, or we can roll with it and GASP do something about it if we choose!
Either way, when we no longer fight against things, the lows become a little easier to weather and the highs bring us even more delight.
We start seeing more than one perspective and can let things pass that little bit more easier.
It’s not always easy, but it is doable.
As long as you keep telling yourself…
“I roll with life, and life rolls happily with me. We’ve got this”
You don’t have to have everything perfect and figured out.
You don’t have to get annoyed by every little thing in your life.
You don’t have to be walked all over.
It is your life, so you choose exactly how you want it.
And once you do this, it’s easy to go with the flow. To let life roll by.
Because you have your eye on the prize and the rest? Well that’s just white noise.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx