Don’t sweat it



I wasn’t going to even try and blog today as feeling quite flat and a little bit frustrated with the love of my life but a fabulous lady encouraged me to start writing as it may just bring out something wonderful, and for your sakes, let’s hope so!

I realised as my frustrations are here and not wanting to leave just yet, that it is so easy to fall back on old habits of ‘arguments’ or processes during those peaky times. It is so easy to play the ‘ what did I do’ and all those me, me, me ego based thoughts.

Honestly though, this isn’t about me at all and it was only after venting for a while and really writing it all down including all the f bombs I could get my hands on that I came to the conclusion that I have to let this go. I could let it eat away at me and I could come up with all those worst case scenarios, fights and talks in my head. I could go to him and plead my apparent case or get just as angry as he is. But ultimately it is up to him, not me and it probably would not make a lick of difference, except maybe make it worse than it needs to be. I could make a mountain out of a molehill but I am choosing the higher road today.

I am choosing to put into action my new ways of being, that I can keep going during those fairly cruisy everyday days, but seem to fall to the wayside when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

I have allowed myself to feel annoyed, frustrating, pulling my hair out angry. I have got it all out on paper, without going into worst case scenarios of this is it, it is all over etc. etc. so that I can now release and let it go and come to some logical conclusions, after a lovely deep cleansing breathe!

I am not going to even acknowledge, plan an attack or doing any of the usual things I would normally do. I will happily let him stew in his own juices while I get on with being happy and content because I do not want to be in a soap opera, especially right before Christmas.

So I am choosing myself and happiness. I am choosing to see the positives in this and let him deal with the negatives he has created all on his own. I won’t be able to change it so I am not going to waste precious energy and time on the negative side of things.  I am sending lots of positivity, love and white light his way and know he is my all. So I am not going to sweat the small stuff.

I have also done a wonderful little visualisation of us being happy, peaceful and in love as if it has already happened to counteract this little hiccup.

Next time you are having a similar moment, why don’t you try a new way of being, or let me know of the positive ways you deal with situations like this, whether it be with your partner, friend, family member or work mate.

Remember don’t sweat the small stuff and make it any bigger than it needs to.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Mirror Mirror….


love mirror


Following on from the Loving Yourself post… One of the best ways to start loving yourself is mirror work…it can also be one of the hardest!!

If you have ever read any of Louise Hay’s books, you will know about mirror work, and if you haven’t – I would highly recommend finding one of her books and getting enlightened.

Now if you are already cringing at having to look at yourself in the mirror, be rest assured that although it is going to be tough, you may cry, get angry and want to smash it – you will be one of the ones that benefits the most from this. Trust me!!

If you are apprehensive, perhaps begin by just taking a minute or so to look at yourself in the mirror and not think any judgemental thoughts, just observe. Once you feel semi comfortable with this, you can move on to talking to yourself…

There are a couple of different ways you can start this, you can start with the affirmation of intention to be able to love yourself, or you can go all in and just start loving yourself!

There are many affirmations that you can use, the one I really like is part of a Loving Yourself video series that Robert Holden did for Hay House (will post deets later) and is nice and simple to remember, again you can adapt it to whatever feels right for you.

If you are wanting to ease yourself into it… “ I am willing to love myself, I am willing to love myself today. I am willing to treat myself with love and respect today”. 

If you are ready to dive into the fulfilling world of loving yourself…” I love you, I really love you. (Your Name here), I really love you”

Try and do these as many times as you can a day, but definitely try to aim for 3 times a day if you can. Just after brushing your teeth is a great time to give it a go as you are already standing in front of the mirror.

Nowadays you can use the selfie camera on your phone, so you have no excuse not to be able to do it at least 3 times a day! The more the better.

Be aware of the feelings that come up when you do this, it may be really difficult when you first begin to do this, as all the Ego based judgement comes out and wants to play. Keep pushing past – your true self that unconditionally loves you will help you to keep going with this and start finding that spot within that feels this way regardless and is jumping up and down in excitement that you have back to this way of being. Journal if you need to on the feelings that come up, punch a pillow, cry and scream if you need to – but KEEP GOING! Honestly your soul will thank you for not giving up at the first few hurdles and then your life will start to change for the more positive.

It is not important that you don’t really totally wholeheartedly believe you  love yourself when you start doing this, it is all about intention and when you say it enough as if it is already true, your brain, ego, soul and heart will believe it as you are thinking it and saying it. That divine light within you that already loves you will start to grow brighter and brighter as the flame is flared with all this love.

Once you get into the habit of doing it, you can start to bring it down to twice a day – so brushing teeth time, but you will more than likely keep doing how you are – as you will be loving it so much!!!


Let me know how you go! And what are you waiting for… go find a mirror!!!!!


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Loving Yourself as you are




Something Doreen Virtue said truly resonated with me today. That our spiritual self has never forgotten to love ourselves. Our true self loves us unconditionally and your spiritual truth has never forgotten that.

I LOVE this! It is hard when Ego takes over and makes us doubt our beauty, makes us question our skills, we begin to slowly leak away our power and start standing only in our Ego self.

While I am sure your Ego loves that, Ego is not there to take control and be the captain of your ship. Ego is only meant to be one small part of your posse that helps you. And yes it is great to blame Ego for all the wrongs, the should haves and so forth, the person to take responsibility in this is YOU. Yes a big lesson I had to learn as well.

You are the one with the ultimate control and power, and it is up to you to make nice with every single role that makes up the specialness that is you and give them clear defining boundaries. Don’t get me wrong, if they have been used to running the show, you are going to have a fun time on your hands wrangling them back to where they should be – but it is necessary for you to have the best life you can.

Don’t get frustrated with them, it is essential that you treat them like you would a child as they do not know that how they have been is wrong, they only think they have been doing the best they can for you – and in tune with their limiting roles – they have been. Thank them, explain to them what you think or why you may not take the usual path. Firmly say the new way of being and slowly but surely they will come to stand behind you in support where they should’ve been all along.

Loving yourself isn’t waiting for the right and perfect moment to do it- when you have the right job, haircut, lose that weight. The magic in truly loving yourself – is loving yourself despite all your supposed flaws, because you know what?! When you start to love yourself, all these start to go away, get better or your blinkers come off and you see the real you. The real amazing you that is unique and you start to see yourself as the treasure that you are.


Once you start the process of loving yourself, everything else starts to fall into place. You find partners that treat you right, you find jobs that are perfect for you etc. The list is endless when you begin this way of being.

It can be super hard, especially when you are fighting a lifelong challenge of dislike and hate. It can also have come from outside sources and not just be from yourself, or be a seemingly never ending family trait. This is where you have to take back that power and say NO MORE.

You will more than often find when you look back at people who put you down, that it either wasn’t about you and all about the person in question or that what it came down to is Ego based reasons – they were jealous of you (even if they didn’t know why), they felt guilty and lashed out and the list goes on. It is time to let that go and not carry the burden any more.

It is a never ending process and life will surely give you some doubts along the way. Each time stop before you spiral and say an affirmation or a quote, a song line – anything that gets you out of it and back to love based thoughts.

You will truly start to find your life changing when you get back to your true spiritual nature of unconditionally loving yourself.

I will start sharing some processes, hints and tricks that I am doing to get back to totally loving me in blogs to come. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I am in the process of doing this myself so what a perfect time to come along the journey with me… Are YOU ready to make the change of a lifetime??


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Helping Hands


I realised over the last couple of days just how people can be truly amazing. It is when you reach out and see exactly who is there for you, that you may never have even expected, just makes my heart melt and makes your problems seemed halved and so much better for it.

Since my full surrender (mentioned in my post random clarity) I have been having lots of fun with my panic and Ego. I know it is a test and a bit of a shake up for them as I start treading water, rather than sinking in it, but either way it has still been hard to cope with and understand. The old ways of being frustrated and severely peed off have been coming to the surface but I have beaten them back with a stick (gently of course) and continued on my making friends path. I have reassured those parts of me that it is ok and that we are just doing it a new way, and they are still needed in the right times. I am not letting them go or wanting to get rid of them, I am just accepting of them as I learn new ways of navigating.  I got some fabulous tips from Super J, from ladies who I am in groups with on Facebook and those friends of mine who are only a message away and are there for me when I need it.

Some say that groups like that don’t really mean anything etc. but seriously the amount of support that came from a single offhanded comment has been immense. These are people who have never met me, some even being on the other side of the world, yet in my time of need, gave me some kick butt solutions and helped me on my way.  I cannot begin to show how much appreciation I have for them all.

It just goes to show you are not on your own, and that there are some amazing and incredible people out there. Learn to reach out and gain some new tips and insight that will help you on your way. It may be advice you have heard before, but at that right point in time, may just give you the AHA moment of clarity that you need. It also gives you that amazingly positive feeling that you need when you feel the negativity closing in.

You can only be responsible for getting yourself there and doing the work, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have your very own Superhero League standing beside you.

I am immensely grateful for mine.

3 days, 3 quotes, Day 2

A massive thank you to Anand from for nominating me for this challenge! His blog is amazing so definitely go and check it out for yourselves if you haven’t already.

Challenge’s rules:

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3 Days, 3 Quotes, Day 1

A massive thank you to Anand from for nominating me for this challenge! His blog is amazing so definitely go and check it out for yourselves if you haven’t already.

Challenge’s rules:

  • Post three consecutive days.
  • You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  • Challenge three different bloggers per day.


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Sunshine All Round


A very big thanks to Elementhealing for the Sunshine Blogger Award! How awesome and it took a bit to sink in, even when I saw my name – it was more of a ‘There’s a person with a similar name as me’ moment! Haha. Element has a truly amazing blog so make sure you go and visit and share the love, as it is all about supporting each other and our musings.

The Sunshine blogger awards rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you. Ticked!
  • Answer the 11 questions from your nominator. Oh here we go…
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer. This is a tough one!

Here are my answers to the questions asked…

  1. What drew you to blogging? I have been getting the nudge to write for many years, but the thought of writing a whole book just didn’t sit right with me as my musing are all over the show! I then saw and read a blog and LIGHT BULB – that is what I should be doing, so here I am!
  2. Do you tend to think then speak or speak then think? Hmm it depends on the situation and who I am with. If it is with very close friends that don’t mind what I say – then I will speak then think. Otherwise I am a thinker then speaker.
  3. What did you want to be when you were young? A flight attendant, a post office worker, a teacher, a singer – the list could go on!! And I was great a role playing them all too 🙂
  4. Is that childhood desire the path you followed to adulthood? Nope!!!
  5. What is your favorite flower? I would have to say Gerberas – I love the vibrant colours. I also love Orchids for their uniqueness.
  6. Is there a subject you would love to blog about but haven’t? Soo many, I haven’t been blogging for long so there are still many many subjects floating around in my head.
  7. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Dog person for sure. Although I grew up with cats.
  8. Would like a garden or a farm? Farm… with lots and lots of animals and a big veggie patch
  9. Do you prefer the woods or a meadow? Woods, nothing like trees, the coolness of the woods as the sun doesn’t penetrate, but with those beautiful rays that filter through… aah bliss!
  10. Are you a big city kid or a small town kid? Absolutely a small town kid. Was so great being able to ride around on your bike and not worry etc.
  11. What is your favorite cocktail? A mocktail! I do not drink 🙂

So there are my answers… now the nominations are…

And my questions..

  1. Which season do you love the best?
  2. Favourite TV Series?
  3. Sweet or Savoury?
  4. How many siblings do you have?
  5. Best song of all time that gets you going?
  6. Your favourite hobby?
  7. All time favourite holiday destination?
  8. Where are you from?
  9. Place that makes you feel calm?
  10. How long have you been blogging?
  11. Favourite memory?




Random Clarity



‘It is time to breathe life and love into that dull flame that resides within and allow that flame to burn bright and illuminate the planet’


I love those moments of absolute Clarity that totally blindsides you with a big smack upside the head and everything brightens to be crystal clear.

How seemingly small things that snag your attention end up accumulating into that big epic smackdown.

I had one of those moments today, it felt like it came out of nowhere but if I am honest with myself, it has been brewing for the last few days, I just didn’t want to look at it. I couldn’t tell you the exact instant I decided to listen to what my intuition was screaming at me, it just seemed to happen out of nowhere and BOOM!!

What did I do that was so epic? I simply let go and surrendered… Now some may say is that all?  Some will shake their head and go wow how did you do that? depending on where you are at in life. Where am I in life? I am at the point where I need to let the burdens go, to let the lower energies of negativity, fear, worry, doubt and so forth be washed away as they are no longer needed. To finally learn those lessons so that I can move on to joy, peace and happiness, to step in to my own power.

I always felt I had to really look at and deal with what I needed to let go and surrender. To understand it and know every little in and out before the letting go process could commence, and even then I wasn’t truly letting it go, obviously, I always held part of it back for whatever reason.  Today though I realised you don’t have to know it all, to just fully lift those arms up to the universe and say wholeheartedly that you surrender is enough. You can say what you want to release but ultimately it comes in the full surrender and letting go and not needing to get caught up in those pesky details. They know what you need to let go of in order to step closer to your true self.

The release was immense… My throat felt tight with millions of emotion bottled inside, my heart felt so pained, my old way of thinking could have been sure a heart attack was imminent. Whether it was a build-up of all the burdens and muck I have carried or a test to see if I would revert to my old way of being or perhaps a handy collection of both… Either way I still surrendered… I didn’t default to my usual panic attack and I just allowed. I trusted in my own soul to know we were safe and it was for my higher good, I trusted in my spiritual crew that all was going to be ok and this was necessary. I basically let all control go from my head to my heart space and soul and surrendered to whatever needed to be.


Afterwards? RELIEF and some releasing tears of joy and relief, which I am still sitting in as I write this.  I feel utterly whole and at one with myself, whereas normally there would be a very divided feeling within me.

Am I miraculously cured? maybe not, there may be some side shuffles left in my future as I navigate this new way of being. But I know there is no way I can truly go back to how I was only hours ago. Either way I have let go of the need to control and will be at one with whatever comes my way.


Is it time for you to fully surrender and just let go? Try it, I dare you!!


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Talking with Above

images (1)


I realised after doing Doreen Virtue’s live meditation today that it was time to get back to God/Divine/Creator – whatever you want to call the Big One up above.

I became aware that although I have gotten back to my spiritual truths and walking my spiritual path – talking daily with my guides, Archangels and so forth, not once have I stopped and spoken to God. Now I know that by talking to the Angels you are also talking to God in a roundabout way and he hears everything, but I am talking about the direct Hi God… conversations.

It is a strange concept to me as I have never been remotely religious… don’t get me wrong, I believe in a higher power, in Jesus, Mary and so forth but have never read the bible or consistently gone to church – although I do love looking at churches, and I am always filled with wonder, awe and a sense of calm when I am inside one. So for me to feel the pull to talk to God, was a big defining moment for me.

Once I felt the pull, my intuition straight away told me that this was right and would help me immensely… so talk to him I did. And can I say WOW!!!! Immediately I felt peace, love and a calm that was out of this world (I guess you could say literally) My conversation wasn’t profound, it wasn’t asking for anything – it was simply getting back into contact with God and that divine spark that lives within all of us. Plus a sorry thrown in for being away for so long!

Now I try to talk to God every day, do I always manage it? No, but the intention is there and slowly it will become a habit that I know I need as I do feel so amazing after I have done it, a bit like my meditation practice and my gratitude diary. Even if it is as simple as a Thank You…

If you have never tried, seriously give it a go. You don’t need to be religious, or have a certain view point. As long as you believe in a higher power – talk to that higher power, whatever you name it and see how it feels and sits with you. Allow that divine spark that is within you, to connect with the source of that spark and watch the amazingness that happens!!

I’d love to hear what happens for you!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx