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Before Animal Wisdoms comes out, I just wanted to check if you have your Angelical Wisdoms already? It’s best to have both, right?

Skippity do da skippity day


Skippity do da skippity day my oh my what a wonderful day!

This can be your life everyday if you choose! Go on, go ahead and choose it… We dare you!

Hope you were singing that as well! When we decide to have a wonderful day… we’ll have a wonderful day.

Yes shit may still happen, but we seem to bounce back a bit quicker to that wonderful feeling, if we already started that way.

Or if we choose. Yep that dreaded choice word again. When we choose to allow our day to light us up… it’ll light us up.

If we choose to allow ourselves to get bogged down in all the crap… yep we’ll get bogged down in all the crap. It’s not rocket science!!

You could be given the best news ever… and you’ll find a way to worry, to wonder if it’s real, it’s too scary blah blah blah. OR You could be given the best news ever… and you dance a happy jig, shouting thank you universe and see all the joy it will bring to your life.

The difference… what you choose! So today, skip along. Smile along and choose that it is going to be a wonderful day NO MATTER WHAT.

Whatever happens outside of you, should in no way impact your choice to have a wonderful day.

Whatever cycles round in those thoughts of yours, should in no way impact your choice to have a wonderful day. Unless of course you allow it.

“My day is going to be wonderful”

It’s as simple as that. Say it so, affirm it to yourself every time you have a wonky moment. And skip the day away!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

It is time to take action today!


Jump up and at them today. So many possibilities are awaiting you.

Are you going to reach out and grab them? Well are you??

It is time to take action today!

No matter how big or small that step is! I’m sure there’s been some repeating signs for you that you just haven’t jumped on to actually do anything about? Am I right?

So today… get to it! It can be as simple as putting it out there what you want/are thinking and asking for an external response to go forward.

It could be jumping on those offers you’ve kinda noticed but have kinda ignored too. It could be anything! The whole point here, is to do something with it today!

Even if it is simply saying YES to your own thoughts and plans. If we truly opened our eyes to all that is around us. The possibilities would be endless!

So time to open them eyeballs up! Time to do, do, do! See an opportunity in every chat, every post, everything that could give you a sign to go for it.

And if you’ve been waiting for a sign, maybe this is it! So permission to go for it is yours!!!

“It is time for me to reach out, to grab my dreams with both hands and go for it!”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed, maybe this is just leading you to bigger and better things…

Or maybe it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Only one way to find out.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You are cherished beyond belief.


You are cherished beyond belief.

Close your eyes and let us wrap you in an Angel wing hug. Feeling cherished is your birthright dear. Relish the cherish.

Relish the cherish indeed. If you could only see just how perfect you are right now. How absolutely in awe we are of you, doing this human life. How we cherish you beyond belief.

Wow you would never doubt yourself again. You were made perfectly. Just as you are. Today, let yourself be allowed to remember this.

Let yourself be embraced by us today. Feel that unconditional blast of pure love. Feel the absolutely certainty that you absolutely all you need.

And allow it to open that part of yourself that knows it too. Unlocking that part of you that knows you are the bee’s knees.

Allow it to filter through every part of your being. Unlocking the love and healing energy in every part of your cells. For when we truly love, we can heal.

For when we truly love, we do right by ourselves in every instant. So let us unlock that for you today.

“I am cherished beyond belief and love fills every cell, nourishing and healing me from the inside out”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Get clear on what you want.


Get clear on what you want. No maybe, no buts. Just want YOU want regardless of anything or anyone else.

It can be really easy to be cautious or limit what we truly want, because we either think we don’t deserve it, or because we let others influence what we think we should want.

Whether this is because it is your partner, family or close friend thinking differently, or putting their two cents worth in. Or just because you think they wouldn’t agree etc. But here’s the thing. You can only please you. You can only do you. You can only strive for you.

So maybe today, is the day that you think on what you truly desire- regardless of anyone or anything else. This life is yours to live. To thrive, to enjoy. So why not live it for yourself? You are the only person who is truly ever going to stick around 24/7 – so why not make you a priority??

Today, daydream hard on your ultimate life. Today choose to imagine how you’d truly want it to be. And start working towards it.

Yes some may be a pipe dream – that you can escape to for comfort. But whose to say that it cannot come true?

“I dream BIG today, for me, just for me”

Let your wildest imaginings loose today. Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Sing hallelujah!


Sing hallelujah! You can be what you want to be, do what you want to do – it is all up to YOU! Let your imagination run wild with your soul today.

Anyone sing that 90s song when you read that?!

Today, I want to give you a little virtual shake and remind you, who the hell you are! You are a powerful being! A pure soul full of radiance, enjoying their time as this particular human, in this particular lifetime.

It is time to claim what you truly want! Do not let anything be a roadblock… imagine with an open heart on what you truly truly desire. Because my dear, it is ALL up to you!

You want it – you put it out there and work with the universe to make it happen. You want to change something – you put it out there and work with the universe to make it happen.

Get the idea?!?!

So imagine your wildest dreams. Dream up the most fantastical ideas. And simply put them out there, or better, and watch for the nudges, the signs to follow your breadcrumbs home.

Do remember the ‘or better’ as sometimes we cannot think of as magical a stuff as the universe can, so it is giving them permission to go big if need be, to tweak it just a bit.

“I think big, knowing it is up to me to create my own magical world, with the universe on my side”

Think big… think positive and know it’ll come to be.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Loving life through all its ups and downs


Loving life through all its ups and downs brings you closer and closer to true enlightenment.

Because love is what makes the universe go round. Your own universe and the wider universe. Anything can be handled with love on your side. Life is ALWAYS going to have ups and downs, that is a guarantee.

It is part of the human experience, to experience everything! One thing, that is also a guarantee…. It doesn’t have to be so hard! Truly, it doesn’t have to be so hard. If you bring love to the table, each and every time… you’ll find that life’s events, won’t throw you around so hard.

That if you come from a space of love, that love will be reflected back to you in what comes your way. Love will bring love to you. It’s not going to stop all the crap from coming to you, but it will help lessen the pain, the gunk, the longevity of anything unpleasant.

It can be hard to stay in a loving way, if someone is annoying you, something happens that makes you want to scream. You can still get annoyed, scream, stomp your feet. Get it all out, out, out.

But after that? Big deep breathe and call on the love. The love will help you react in a different way. The love will help you see the other sides, and not just all your side.

The love will make you feel compassionate. The love will set you free, from getting caught up in the shit net.

“I radiate love in all my dealings and in life”

Let love be the answer today.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Time to check in on your goals

17th january-1

Time to check in on your goals – how are you travelling with them? Any you can tick off?

Any you need to change as you are just not feeling them? Check in with your big dream vision so you can stay fired up with achieving! Our goals can be fabulous if we dig them and are what we truly truly want.

There’s no point in wishy washy goals, just because everyone seems to be making them. Or following others goals because you have no clue. These goals have to mean something to us.

They have to get our fire and soul stirred up in a hell yes way! They need to bring light into our lives, if we are going to keep on track with them.

So how are your goals going? Do they fire you up? I certainly hope they do! If they only create a meh feeling. It’s time to delve in and see how you can tweak or totally change, so you can say hell yes, each and every day you get closer to achieving them.

Feel those emotions you want them to evoke. Feel how you’ll feel when you ace them! Feeling these will help you to align to them every day. Will help you do the goals, because you already know just how awesome it is going to be!

Today, take the time to consider what you’re gunning for. There’s nothing wrong with retweaking if you need to. It just means you’ve realised that a different goal is going to work better at this time.

“I set my goals with aligned thought for my highest good and allow the magical feelings of them propel me into action”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You are the power

16th January-1.jpg

You have the power! You are the power.

Stand strong and tall in your power today and every day. Hooly dooly, do you ever have the power!! Now to some, this may want you to shy away and go no thank you!

And others may go yeah, bring it! While there is nothing wrong with either of those… let’s chat about your power. Your power is a beautiful part of you! It’s a part of the cosmos. It is inherently you!

So there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We see power as this scary, badass thing. That can do bad things, good things etc. But your power is neither good nor bad, it just is. It is how you choose to wield it, that determines whether it is good or bad.

And you have that power too. It all comes down to what you choose. Using your power isn’t going to bring bad to you or others.

Using your power isn’t going to make you wrong or nasty. Using your power isn’t going to make you a megalomaniac. Instead think of your power as a backbone.

Something that helps you stand tall. Think of it as this pure spotlight, just waiting to light up the dark. Your power is incredible. Just as you are incredible.

But don’t think that by hiding it or giving it away – that you are doing yourself any favours… because you are not. When you do this, you’re letting a part of you go. You are letting others have the opportunity to use it against you.

You will know something is missing and not right. So today, is the day to say enough! My power is mine and mine alone!

“My power is my strength. I use it with pure intention”

Take back your power today!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx