Angelical Wisdoms for the Day 30 Sept



Choose to allow to release the old dead wood that no longer is needed in your life, choose to allow the new to come in like a breath of fresh air 🙂


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Easier said than Done




I was reading a comment where someone had replied with this today and to be honest, I didn’t know whether to laugh or get my back up and go in all guns blazing.

I remember I used to be one of those that would say something like that because it seemed too hard and I sub consciously was happy staying in my own limiting bubble that I had set for myself, so I do know it, very well in fact, from both sides of the story.


Here’s the thing – Yes it most certainly is easier said than done. It can be the hardest thing you will ever go through, dropping the baggage and the limiting beliefs and whatever you list is full of. To stand strong and in your power and OWN your shit and not let it own you. But you know what, when you are ready to step up and take responsibility – in other words ‘man up’ and stop playing the victim card – that is half the battle already won. And boy oh boy is that battle worth it when you are standing on the other side of ‘not okay’ feeling all shiny and brand new. Feeling like a new person, where you can begin to know and understand the you without all that crap holding you down and back.


And here is an even bigger doozy – it is actually sooo much harder keeping yourself low, keeping yourself locked in your bubble than it is to claw your way out of it. Seriously it is, after working hard for half of my life to keep myself small, to keep myself as the panic sufferer who cannot live life hardly at all, to keep starving myself and so forth – it is a hell of a lot easier to evolve and let that shit go, than dealing with that every single day. Truth plain and simple. It felt like a full time job being that damn low all the freaking time, with no break, no sick days or holidays. I look back now and go wow, growing is so much easier than what I was doing every single day.


So while I appreciate that not everyone is ready to delve into their baggage, or evolve into something greater than where they are at, to drop the stuff that is holding them back as it totally does have to happen at the right time for each person.  Otherwise that easier said than done statement is like a flashing neon light that burns the retinas and makes you decide that actually lets just stay how we are, ‘cause hey that is so much easier. Plus sometimes you need to go through what you have for your future, to help someone else, to be the person you are meant to be until the time is right to emerge into you. So don’t get down on yourself if you are still working yourself up to saying f**k this something has to give because your time will come, but maybe now your time can come a little quicker.

Because if you could see just what was waiting on the other side of that – you would be in head first, ready to dive into those pools of sludge that can make up your history.  You would be first in line shouting sign me up, where do I sign!


It truly is up to you to take the reins on your story. You are the game changer, the trailblazer and the one that can change anything in your life. It is up to you whether you keep to that easier said than done statement or whether you make a paper aeroplane out of it and let it sail away, because it is only as hard as you make it. So rather than using it is easier said than done like a mantra that’ll hold you down. Change it to ‘I deal with this with ease’, ‘change comes easy to me as I start to direct my own life’, ‘I move forward with grace and ease – this is easy!’


So let today be the day that you decide this is easy, it is time because I promise you, it is oh so worth it! It is time to be that ferocious, strong lion than the frightened kitty cat hiding under the sofa.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx




Resentment…let it be a dirty word





Resentment is a nasty nasty beast. It can start to show in so many subtle areas of your life that you may not even realise it is there and is what is causing you issues, that it is the underlying problem keeping you small.

It can be little things you resent, to big massive life changing events that you just cannot comprehend or begin to process. You have every right to feel it, as some things are just too big to ignore, or keep repeating till you can no longer fathom wanting to do anything.

The problem is though, once you allow it free reign in your body and mind – it becomes this black cloud, this black worm that wriggles its way into your very being and starts blackening everything around it. Hardcore imagery right, but so very true. Do you really want that beast getting around doing this?

Now here is the killer, while the situations may have been out of your control, had nothing much to do with you – the list goes on and on. The fact that you are letting it live inside you is absolutely up to you! It is within your control to snap a leash on that beast, to banish it into the dungeon that it came from, to not give it power and control over you.

Why are you letting it live? What purpose does it serve?  You really need to ask yourself some tough questions that are not going to be pleasant to deal with, you may have to relive some big events that take you back to where it first wriggled its way in. But if you really love yourself, and are really ready to tackle stuff lying in your path to freedom, it is a must.

Just remember, those situations didn’t harm you back then, so reliving them now, they are not going to harm you, instead they are going to free you to soar to new heights. Write or talk it out. Stomp out all those feelings, big and small that it made you feel back then. Check out what lessons it may have had for you and what you can recognise now, as the curious observer.  Then most importantly – feel it lift from your body, your heart and your soul. You do not need to carry this anymore dear one. You really don’t.

All of what you have been through, has made you into the magnificent person you are today. So even if you feel there is nothing of benefit in those moments that have passed, there is always that. And yes there may be some hiccups you need to work through, but that is the beauty of this human life, working on you to grow, to evolve and ultimately be free of things that tie you down.

Why let what has affected you in the past, torment your future. I can assure you that those that were participants in your stories, are in no way thinking on what they did, or how they played a part. They are not letting it affect them in any way, shape or form – so why are you letting it affect you? How would you feel if they knew just how much power they still had over you, how much power you have given them willingly due to these moments in time.

It is not saying any of it is right, it isn’t but holding yourself back there time and time again, is not right either. Stand up for yourself and let it go. Pull up your adult pants, lay the diaper down and start to take an active role in your recovery from resentment.

It is hard, it is tough but it is oh so worth it to know that you can look back on crap and not feel that burning hatred of resentment, burning a hole in your soul.

You really do have the power to stop that, to not resent every small thing that happens, to evolve habits that resentment has borne.You have the ultimate power in not letting it poison you anymore.

You do not need to search, just sit quietly and say resentment, ask to be shown it. Ask where it sits in the body, what habits it is feeding. And go from there. You are not alone in this, you can ask for divine guidance and you can reach out to anyone that you feel can help you on this back from resentment journey. Ultimately though, you can have all the hand holders in the world, but it is up to you to do the work. Ask your spiritual pit crew to help you let it go. Do a ceremony – whatever feels right for YOU. But seriously let that shit go.


Are you ready??


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


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