A year of further transformations

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Clocking up another year. Review with an open, loving heart.

Wow the end of another year is upon us!

At some stage today really reflect on where you are at, compared to where you have been.

What you have accomplished.

Where you have thrived.

Sure there’s going to be things you could have done better, should have done etc.

But today is all about seeing how far you have come, with an open loving heart.

Because you have!

Even if you felt you went on a little side shuffle bender… did you not get learning from it? Did you not realise that it was something you didn’t want in your life?

Everything is worthwhile, what you have done and been through.

None of it is an accident.

It is all there for you!

To learn, to grow, to be majestic.

So lovingly go through the year and give yourself a big pat on the ol’ back and know you’ve got this. You’re acing this.

And you are about to see another year come to pass in this current human body – that right there is cause enough to celebrate.

So raise your glass to yourself.

Kiss your own damn hand for being incredible.

Shake your pom poms for whooping this year!

“My year has been amazing. Full of learning, winning and most importantly love”

Here’s to another fabulous year.

A year of further transformations.

Another year of love.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Be content where you are

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Be content where you are, yet always strive for more.
It may sound contradictory but there is a difference with being content and yet aiming for more.
Rather than not being happy where you are at and reacting to be and do more from that space.
When you can be happy where you are- you bring that sense of calm, peace and love.
Which is a much different energy to desperation… which doesn’t lead you very far.
It doesn’t mean you just sit on your booty and do nothing. But it means that no matter where you are at… you can be happy and know you are okay with your lot.
From this space, you will always be shown the way to more happiness and contentment.
Desperation just leads to more of that low vibe feeling. And while you may think you are getting somewhere, it will more than likely keep resulting in something that also makes you eventually feel low vibe.
So today, really be happy with where you are. Yes there’s always room for improvement but you can still be content.
Then sit and ask yourself where that improvement can occur.
Where in your life can you uplevel?
What can you possibly stop doing?
If all the answers don’t come, that’s ok. Just let the universe know that you are ready to be lead to the next best thing for you.
And as the action is given to you, take it with both hands and soar.
“I am content with life, yet am always open to improvement, into upleveling in all areas”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Just enjoy

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Enjoy all the riches of life with gratitude.
Today, do not worry about how much you eat or don’t eat.
What you do or don’t do.
Just enjoy.
If you want to do something, do it and do it gladly!
Don’t fret on what you ‘should’ do.
Give all those cares away today.
Just be and naturally flow where you want to.
All the woulds, shoulds, coulds and buts will still be there waiting for you.
But for now just enjoy whatever the heck you want to enjoy!
“I enjoy all of life with no attachment and simply be and do it gladly”
It is simply a time to enjoy.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Everything is there for you to create a magnificent life.

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Everything is there for you to create a magnificent life.
An epic daily life. A life you want to live.
Absofrickenlutely everything you require is within you, or within reaching distance if you so choose to reach out.
Your magnificent life is already there, if only you could open your heart to see it.
If you are not living your best life… what is stopping you??
What is stopping you from waking up each and every day with a smile on your dial, and doing what you love?
Want me to let you in on a little secret?
That thing that is stopping you? Is YOU!
If something in your life isn’t lighting you up?
Why do you feel the need to punish yourself by doing it, having it in your life???
If you have the blinkers on and cannot see that actually your life is pretty good, but you still prefer to moan about the 3% that is crap – why???
What are you doing by playing small, by bringing yourself vibrationally down by bemoaning everything??
What is that achieving?
Today it is time to see the big picture.
It is time to have a bit of an evaluation, so you can see just how epic your life really is, and what you can do to get it even better.
Only you can do this.
Only you can see the true value of your life.
Only you can know where you truly want to go.
Don’t live your life for anyone but you.
And remember, that right here, right now, no matter what- your life is pretty damn good.
“I have a truly epic life, and I can see this each and every day. I can also see where I want to go and I take the steps daily to get there, knowing I will get there”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Learn to listen to what your body and soul

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Learn to listen to what your body and soul are trying to communicate.
That gentle tap tap tap that you feel every time you do something, and somewhere deep, you kind of know that maybe you shouldn’t be doing, doing so much, or doing more of?
That is your body and soul’s gentle reminder of is this right or wrong for me.
The longer we ignore that? The harder the reminder- till POW we cannot help but listen.
By learning to listen, we do not need to get to the pow moments!
If we learn the language of our body and soul, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble later on.
That moment where we know we shouldn’t eat that, drink that, keep going, slow down, speed up.
Our inner workings will very happily tell us if it is a good idea or not, if only we are willing to listen.
So today, start a conversation with those inner workings.
Tell it you are ready to start listening to its feelings.
That you are ready to listen to all parts of you and that means really listening.
“I allow my body and soul to share its thoughts with me and I adjust accordingly, knowing they have my highest good in mind always”
Remember to listen to this little tap taps so they do not turn into a baseball bat to the knees, as you keep ignoring it.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Get lost in the wonder of nature

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Get lost in the wonder of nature. Revel in the clouds, gaze at the stars.
Nature is such a gift for us.
There is so much wisdom, peace and love to be felt from her loving force.
So today, enjoy spotting pictures in the clouds.
Touch your plants and trees lovingly as you water them.
Bathe in the stars light.
If we are willing to feel it, she is willing to bestow it.
If we are willing to listen, they are willing to impart their wisdom.
Allow it to calm your frazzled pieces.
Lift the lower vibrations weighing you down.
Infuse with love and that something more is out there.
Let them be a balm to your soul.
And maybe next time, listen, just listen and you may hear something magical.
“I allow nature to infuse me with her calm and loving nature. I revel in all her creations and send her love right back”
Enjoy cloud gazing.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Dance your way through the tulips

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Dance your way through the tulips
Skip along your own yellow brick road.

Or you can dance on your yellow brick road and skip through the tulips.

Whatever floats your boat.

The main thing is the joyful movement.

The main thing is it is your path to take.

Whatever way you choose to do it, make sure it is the path for you. Make sure it is right for you.

Then dance or skip away! Revelling in the delight. The joy, the path.

Every journey can be made fun and free.

It is simply up to you to make it that way.

Even the mundane things… Cleaning the dishes? Put some music on and wiggle away as you clean.

Make everything a fun adventure!

It makes everything a little less ‘have to’ and more ‘want to’.

We’ve all got to take our paths, but we can make them what we like.

So how will you make yours today?

“I infuse joy, fun and freedom into my every day and in the path I am on… always”

Why wait till you get to ‘heaven’ to feel all the good juju, when you can feel it right here?

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Keep going

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Keep going. Keep wading through. You’ve got this.
Life can suck.
Life can be amazing.
It is the feeling of both, that allows us to see the difference.
No matter what is going on for you in your world…. keep going.
You never know when you’ll get to the end of that dark tunnel, and emerge into the brilliance.
You’ll never know what greatness you can achieve, if you stop wading.
That wading is building your resistance.
That wading is strengthening you.
That wading is building empathy in you.
That wading is a beautiful thing.
It may not feel it now, but it is making you into the diamond you came here to be.
So keep going, even when you feel like stopping.
Keep wading when the murk is trying to suck you under.
You’ve got this.
You were literally born for this.
“I HAVE got this. I know I can do this. I will keep going no matter what”
Whether life is grand, or yet to be… it can be grand in your eyes.
And with seeing the grand, the grandness can get bigger and bigger.
You’ve got this.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Anything you want to do is waiting for you

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Anything you want to do, is waiting for you.
This niggles that just won’t leave you alone.
The thoughts that keep coming up, no matter how deep you bury them.
They all can be yours for the taking if you are firm in what you want.
None of this wishy washy, I wish crap.
But straight up, that would be epically amazing and I want it type of thing.
If you are hungering after doing something, changing something, being something- then maybe that something needs out, it needs to live, it needs to be birthed in your world.
And maybe all it is doing, is waiting for you to give it the green light.
While we should give free rein to the universe, in case we are a little off with our wants, or in case there is something even better that could come forward.
There is nothing wrong with putting your attentions to what keeps coming up, what you would like out there.
Regardless of if you think it could come to pass.
Miracles happen every damn day!
So put them out there, so they can come to you.
Have faith that shit is working in the background to make it happen.
And keep smiling and having faith.
It will happen.
“Knowing my greatest wants, are waiting for me… I allow them in. I dream them in. I bring them to me”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx