i lvoe me


I LOVE ME! Shout it from the rooftops. Allow every action you take to reinforce it. Be love. Be totally in love with yourself. Give yourself compliments. Take yourself out on dates. Spoil yourself. Just be LOVE.”

This is a page from my little book of Angelical Wisdoms and I decided tonight to open a page and write a blog on it.

This is a perfect one to start with, and lets face it – the hardest!

Daily life can totally get in the way of this. Shit happens and loving ourselves and feeling that super duper loved up feeling takes a back seat to everything else that is happening to us.

But here is the thing, I will let you on in a not so secret secret… this is the absolute BEST time to practice this, when shit is hitting the proverbial fan. When you feel like tearing your hair out. It is the best time to start doing whatever you need to do to get back on the love train.

The love train differs for so many people. So do whatever you need to do to start feeling loved up with life again.

Something I can definitely heavily hint at is gratitude work, now I all know what you are thinking – how can it possibly help when all seems lost. Doing the gratitude work during this time, is what makes you see that all is not lost, dark and desolate. It is in fact pretty freaking magnificent – even if it means you are only grateful for breathing and managing to get yourself out of bed today. It seriously is the little things that show us all is not a dark cloud of gloom. Finding something in the crap that is getting to you is also a great way to see that there is positives in even the shittiest of things.

The biggest and most greatest thing it does though, is help your inner light, shine that little bit brighter. To help connect to who you truly are and not that human outer shell that just wants to see the negatives in life.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you are full of yourself, it simply means you accept yourself warts and all. Those warts and the good bits are what makes you uniquely you, so why the hell would you want to diss them? They are where your greatest lessons come from and really, you only have them for this lifetime so cherish them while you can!

Loving yourself is a big thumbs up to the universe to start attracting all the juicy yummy things in life. Lets face it, you may still attract awesomeness in your life even when you don’t – but you still get those underserving feelings, and sense of well if this is happening – what bad is going to happen, it must be around the corner. And what happens? Yep something will happen that leaves you justifying those thoughts and feelings. But this is YOU attracting that. Whether it is small or little things, your vibe attracts everything.

Now don’t get me wrong, some things happen which is part of your lessons, your tests in this life and what have you. No one ever ‘asks’ for some of the big serious stuff but happens… but really you kinda did when you signed up for this lifetime. But I am sidetracking. Even with those big monumental things – YOU can still CHOOSE what train track you take from here on out.

You can get sidetracked down the wrong track, it happens to the best of us, and I assure you both my arms are waving in the air for some of the side tracks I have taken and kept myself unnecessarily on… but there comes a time when it is time to pull your big person pants up and get on with the right track.

Again that track can differ for everyone but lets call it the Love train track of happiness, joy and wonder.

It is available to you, if only if you reach out and grab it and be willing to ride it into the sunset.

My biggest turn around came when I learnt to accept all of me, and especially those yucky egoish wonders that I had let rule my life for so long. I learnt to love all of it, gory warts and all and funnily enough they became less and less of a threat and more of a guidance system. And I realised that yes they were there, but it was still entirely up to me whether I chose to listen to the whispers they were spewing on a daily basis.

So today, choose to LOVE you exactly how you are today and see what transforms in your life for it. It can be hard if you resist it, but it also can be as easy as feeling a deep resounding yes in your heart/gut and just simply choosing it.

Archangel Michael says – You are love, you reside in love. It is deep within you already. You only have to allow yourself to feel it, feel it without the distractions of every day life. This is available to you 24/7. Choose to feel the love your soul has for you and everyone around you.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx