You can do it!


You can do it!! Feel this deep inside.
You can do it. You can do it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Oh yes you can!
When we feel this through every cell of our being, oh my, the things you will be able to do!!
It is all about having belief in ourselves, that we can achieve anything we want to.
Are you feeling that belief?
Because I can tell you, half the battle, is believing wholeheartedly, that you can do it.
Half the battle. Half the time as well.
We sometimes wonder why it takes sooo long to get something we are aiming for, no matter what that is. And the reason, usually, is because we have been battling with ourselves ob whether or not we can do it, whether we deserve it, are worth it.
So when you keep in your mind, that you can do anything you damn well want… it is already half yours!
So today, please remember you can do it.. you can do anything!
“I can do it, and I will do it”
Happy doing it!
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Your soul has all the answers.

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Your soul has all the answers.
It really really does have all the answers.
Whether it is bringing up some info it has absorbed from this lifetime, your other lives or from the unseen. Your soul knows which way to direct you.
We’ve just forgotten this along the way, because our ego, our humanness shouts a little louder at times, then our soul.
Our soul is our true north, our way home.
It is sitting there patiently for you to check in, to gather information, to ask for guidance, to love it.
Our soul has been with us since we began, so how can we just push it aside and instead listen to others, or listen to our fear station, that only knows how to lead from fear??
Today, make a conscious effort to sit in soul.
To feel the love, the peace, the wisdom of this breathtaking part of you.
Make a decision to check in with soul each and every time you have to make a decision.
Let the soul lead you in the right way.
“I choose to listen, sit with and converse with my soul”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Where you have been is merely a stepping stone to your greatness

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Where you have been is merely a stepping stone to your greatness.

Let this sink in… where you have been is merely a stepping stepping stone to your greatness. What a beautiful way to think of it right?

That everything you have endured, enjoyed, battled through and loved, is merely getting you to your greatness. Just a little stepping stone to the journey of you.

Just a ripple on your waters. What a thought! How easily we could accept all that’s been, if we looked at it this way.

How easily we could let go, rather than keep picking at our wounds, till they fester. How empowered we could feel knowing and really feeling this truth.

Well, that day has arrived… feel this to the depth of your soul.

Where you have been is merely a stepping stone to your greatness.

“I lovingly accept all that has been, has taken me to my greatness”

The Angels want to remind you that everything happens for you, on your road to greatness.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Use your emotions to fuel you

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Use your emotions to fuel you.
Emotions can either sink us into a pile, or we can use them to power us forward.
Why would we want them to sink us into a pile of goo, if we could instead use them for good and propel us forward?
There is also no law, in sinking and then finally standing strong.
Our emotions can be one of our greatest assets, if we use them correctly. If we feel them and then allow them to grow us in a way that is for our highest good.
They can be our worst enemy if all we do is dwell in them, not feeling, but stuffing but still swimming in their gloomy depths.
They are meant to be felt, and then to look at the most positive way of utilising them.
Then you can go on to do amazing things with that emotion.
“I feel my emotions, and allow them to propel me to my highest good”
Remember they can either be your most treasured gift or your greatest enemy – you get to choose which one they are for you.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

We are here for you always

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We are here for you always.
Not only do you have your badass self, leading your wonderful life.
But you also have your unseen crew – your Spiritual Pit Crew as I like to call them, waving and cheering you on with so much love in their heart for you.
I mean, if you could see your back up crew – hooly dooly, you would never fear or waver ever again!
Today they want to remind you they are here. And to be honest, I got quite emotional channeling this as I, even though I use my team daily, still felt that absolute unconditional love pouring through our bond as I took down this message.
So open yourself up to feeling this love today. That pure unconditional love, very similar to a pet’s, that without cause love that never wavers. That bond that can never be broken.
Feel it today. Allow it to pour over you, enveloping you in its magic.
Yes you may cry, yes you may smile but golly it is worth it to feel this bliss.
They are always there. Waiting for you to acknowledge, waiting for you to use them… so what are you waiting for?
“I feel the love from my spiritual pit crew”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Just do you

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Just do you!!!

We will say it over and over again until you’re singing it from the rooftops.

Just do you!! Seriously, if you could see how adored, how unique and magical you are – you would never ever doubt yourself ever again. But it is up to you to see you.

Only you can shine the light on yourself. No matter how many tell you so, you have to see it. So are you ready to see it? Are you ready to just do you?

Be whoever you want to be, with no wishful thinkings of being like someone else?

To like what you see. To love your nature?

That is not to say that you cannot continue to evolve, how boring to remain stagnant.

But it means liking, no loving, yourself exactly as you are, ‘warts’ and all.

To just happily being yourself, no matter society says.

“I am me, completely me, and I love it”

Just do you, for you are amazeballs!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be the ripple

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It’s a whole new world. Align with it.
Every day we can tell ourselves that this world is going to hell. That nothing ever changes etc.
Or we can say it is a New World. And it begins with me.
Be the change you want to see.
Don’t think for one second that one person cannot make a difference, because they so can!
Just like one pebble can have such a ripple effect when thrown into the water- so can you!
So be the ripple.
Align with the cosmic brilliance that doesn’t need to change, because it is magical and does right already.
Be the ripple.
“I align with the rightness of the world and add in my own brilliance”
Did we mention… be the ripple??
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Give yourself a pat on the back

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Take a look back to see what you’ve created, what you’ve completed…
and give yourself a pat on the back.
Each and every day, either knowingly or unknowingly. You are creating, completing, doing. Every. Single. Day.
We have become so accustomed to this, that we forget some of our achievements each and every day. No matter how small.
Today, it is time to remember these. Especially when you’re feeling like you do nothing, get nowhere, etc.
Because if you got out of bed, and done your day – that is an achievement.
So the Angels invite you to each day, have a look back, and give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved.
And remember to see it with fresh eyes. You may think what you’ve done is not that amazing, but to someone else that is like WHOA!!! And vice versa.
We get so stuck in our lives, in the daily doing. That we forget that whatever we do and can do- is bloody amazing! No matter how normal mundane it may seem to you.
So today see with fresh eyes all that you are achieving and give yourself that pat you so rightly deserve.
“I lovingly see all that I am capable of, and all that I achieve, and I honour me”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Everything has a reason


Everything has a reason. Everything has its place.

There was not one thing put in your life, that isn’t meant to be there, not one thing! It all has its reasons and place. Be it learning, enjoyment, fulfillment.

There is a reason for everything. So today, rather than grumbling or any other sort of moment. How about we just gracefully accept, everything here is for a reason.

This way you are not attaching anything negative to it, and you can get on with the reason it is there, get on with your life. And that way, maybe, just maybe, the reason may go quicker. Or you may find even nicer reasons step up to the plate, because you are no longer fixated on the poor me, hate this is happening thoughts.

“Everything happens for me, and I gracefully accept this lovingly.”

Things go so much smoother when we stop pushing against the tide… wouldn’t you agree?

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

If you keep thinking about it, do something with it


If you keep thinking about it, do something with it.
If something keeps coming up in that mastermind brain of is yours… then maybe, just maybe, you should think of acting on it, or at least getting it out, so that you can make sense of what won’t leave you alone!
We all work differently on how we process, how we make decisions.
Some can make in a snap instant, some need time to dwell and see what feels right, there is no right or wrong.
If something is in your head today, and it keeps swirling around, actually ask yourself why?
Do you need to make a decision on something, do you need to accept something?
It could be a whole host of things, but do something with them. Don’t just let them float around in the black hole of your thoughts.
Feel them, talk it out, write it out, make some plans, make a decision… but just get started today.
They wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t some sort of action to be taken.
“I allow my thoughts and feelings to percolate, and then I take action”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx