feelings post


This one is one of those words where it literally is in the word… FEEL

I get it. Sometimes feelings feel icky or don’t have time for that or whatever other excuse wants to come up.

But here’s the thing… Those FEELINGS have to go somewhere.

If you are not allowing them to be FELT or processed…. They are going to hang around you till they are.

That simple.

So taking time out to feel them when they are hanging in your face and ready OR wait till you get really sick in some way because your body is being infected with these unresolved feelings and deal with it then…

I know which I would rather!

And here’s another little nugget of truth… Feelings are neither bad or good.

They just simply are.

It is ourselves that attach these positive or negative traits to them.

Whether it is because we have seen them played out one way or another in our childhood and decided due to that.

Whether it is because you keep seeing and being told that that particular feeling is bad or good.

Whether you just want to stay numb and not feel at all.

Start stepping into the process that they just are.

That they are okay to be felt.

That you can SAFELY feel them.

And that once they do – off they go. No longer needing to prod you or poke you with pain so they can be felt.

And experiment!

Find what works for you.

Whether it is to write them out, talk them out, move them out.

Have a decent go at all of them and see what works at the time you are feeling them.

For me at the moment, I am loving movement.

I will journal a little to really get them up into the light and engaged and then I literally dance – allowing them to show where they are hanging around my body, what movements I need to do to process them. If they are mine or not.

And then once I feel with my body they have gone. If they were quite low feeling feelings, I will then dance happy for a bit and engage my heart chakra and joy into the mix, giving me that boost up.

It is the process of acknowledging, allowing and then processing that is going to make all the difference in your world.

And the process works for all the ick you have stored. It may take a bit more time as opposed to the fresh stuff you are just feeling. But it works exactly the same way.

Learn to let your feelings be a bestie and a guidance.

And have fun with the process.

Tell me… Do you feel the feels or do you push them away??


You can listen to the podcast I recorded on the topic just now as well, as there is soooo much to say on the topic that seems to flow out when I’m chatting away.

Find it here https://anchor.fm/julia222/episodes/Feeling-the-feels-egqfom


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path