Is it make believe?

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Who says it’s make believe?

Remember when you were young and you had imaginary friends?

Or dreams that felt so real? Or you’d create fantastical stories with your imagination?

And your parents may or may not have said that it was make believe, or stop making stories up? Well who says they are make believe? Our imagination is that creative spark that gives us that little bit extra!

Our make believe friends may have been our spiritual pit crew chatting with us. Our dreams may have taken us to other realms and dimensions!

Whether it was real or imagined, it is fantastic and should be cradled gently. Not stomped out to be extinguished for good.

Today, celebrate your imagination, get back to creating or allowing more than this human reality allows us to see. Let your children fuel their spark.

And remember, it is up to you, and only you as to whether it is make believe or not.

“I choose what I believe to be true and cultivate my creative spark, and my connection to that something more”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Seek wisely

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What you seek, you shall find. Seek wisely.

Have you ever noticed, when you’ve fixated on something or continually thought about something – it shows up in some way or another?

Today is a reminder that you, your unseen crew and the universe will conspire and try as hard as they can to bring what you are thinking on into your life.

So be careful with your seeking. Don’t keep coming back to thoughts of woe, things you don’t want and things you want changed- because you just might bring more into your life that.

Instead choose to focus on the greatness you do want.

The beauty you do want.

The joy and peace you do want.

Because what you seek, you shall find.

Make the findings the great ones you want and not the crap you are trying to avoid.

Make sure what you put out, is high vibe and worth your while!

They are just waiting to hand you all your desires!

“I know what I think and desire comes to me easily, so I keep it high vibe and positive”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

It’s a glorious time for you!


It is a glorious time to feel how powerful you are and know you have some epic unseen help.

22 and 11 = magnificent!! Let today be that day, where you remember, without a shadow of a doubt, just how marvelous, powerful and downright fab you truly are!

Remember you can attract anything at all to you. Pretty amazing right?!

Just remember to make it what you really really want! And don’t forget that bloody terrific unseen crew that you have around you.

Who is there for you no matter what, assisting you when they can and showering you with bliss and all that good stuff. Remember to walk tall as you remember all this.

If you knew just how epic you and your team are – you’d never worry again! So bring that good juju to your day today.

“Everything is right and perfect in my world. My crew and I are amazing, and I let that shine in everything that I do”

Go forth and be epic today

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Walk with light


Walk and ignite your path with light.

It really doesn’t matter how dark and gloomy things get, if you light the way with your epic light.

Let it blaze all the dark corners, let it fill your heart with joy, let it show you what is hidden – so you do not need to be afraid anymore!

Life is life and sometimes shit gets hard, but we can alleviate some of the shit by choosing our light over the gloom. It only gets worse, the more we play into it.

So choose the light today, choose to dive into the gloom while glowing like a glowstick. Highlighting what you need to know out of this and then melting the rest away.

It can be as easy, or as hard as we make it.

“I use my light to illuminate my way”

Go on, I dare you to use it today!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Let the fear propel you


Let the fear propel you rather than stop you in your tracks.

It’s no lie, that fear will literally stop you in your tracks once the voice starts – it’s too dangerous, it’s not safe, we’ve never done that before. But all it is, is a voice. A very smart at times voice, but a voice nonetheless.

This voice, it’s main objective is to keep you safe. To keep you keeping on. It is the voice of reason. That sums it up perfectly- it is your voice of reason.

But it is not your only voice. You have many that you can listen to, get advice from. Then it is up to YOU to decide what to do, with ALL the information at hand. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you do the thing that has been offered, or come up for you.

It may mean doing something similar, or studying it first, working on something first. It is not a be all and end all type of situation.

What it isn’t designed to do, is literally stop you in your tracks and not move a muscle. Hooly dooly, can you imagine if that was the case?

You would have never learnt to walk, eat, talk or do anything!

So today,while you may not need to go do the thing.

Most definitely allow it to take you a step in a certain direction.

And just remember, not all that we fear, we have to do. You’ll never see me jumping out of a plane or bungy jumping – but I have also acknowledged that, I do not fall into the fear or beating myself up about it, I’ve made peace with the fact it’s just not my thing.

Making peace with it, is the best gift you can give yourself.

“I use fear as a propellant to my next steps”.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Celebrate for no reason


Celebrate for no reason. Celebrate every reason.

Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

In case you need to hear it again… Celebrate! Raise your vibrations by staying as much as you can, in a state of celebration. Good and bad!

That is key here. To celebrate everything and nothing!

You got out of bed- celebrate!

You had breakfast- celebrate!

You did some work – celebrate!

Someone pissed you off – celebrate!

Be it the little every day things, the wildly fantastic things, the shitty things – celebrate them all! There will always, ALWAYS be something to be found that you can celebrate on.

You are a living being – that alone is something to celebrate! Every little thing, send up a cheer, a sofa wiggle and see how your day transforms. Go on, I dare you.

“I celebrate everything this life has to offer”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Bring your light to the table


Bring your light to the table.

Your problems can be halved, can be solved in the blink of an eye, when you bring your light to the table.

When we illuminate rather than cloak, we can get so much more out of the situation.

There is nothing wrong with the dark, but you cannot see into it, learn from it, without illuminating it first.

So today, the Angels remind you to use that gorgeous light of yours.

You find when you consciously bring your light – that journeys are easier, conversations flow in the direction you want them to take.

You happily do stuff that would usually have you cringing away. Your light is the key.

Your light will set you free. Are you ready to bring your light to the table?

“I shine my light brightly”

Happy shining… it looks good on you.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Who’s acing it?


Who’s acing it?! YOU’RE acing it!! Hooly dooly! Man are you acing it.

I mean how can you not, when you show up each and every day. Incredible! It is time to give yourself the pat on the back you deserve for doing this life so amazingly!

And the best, or rest of the best, is still yet to come! If you keep up with that glorious attitude, see how far you’ve come and how far you are willing to go – look out world!

You are so so Rad! The best of the best and you are shining like the diamond you are. Never forget that, and never forget to shine.

Here’s to being fabulous, clever, and oh so beautifully unique – that you are your own masterpiece!

“I am acing this wonderful life, and boy does it feel good”.

Roll in that feeling, rejoice in acing it.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Being brave


Brave is facing the unknown.

The unknown, phew that can be a tough one to embrace, to surrender, to actively face and be okay with it.

It can be scary, it can make you freak the hell out, it can make you want to run back to your cosy corner and ignore it.

But wow, so much goodness can be on the other side of that amazing chasm. It is okay to feel those anticipation nerves.

We do not what is to come after all, it is completely natural.

Hear that, it is completely natural!

What isn’t ok, is not to not do it, when you know deep down, it is the way through, the way forward, the way into a brighter life.

Think back on your life, and see that it isn’t as scary as you think. It is really only the not knowing that is scary. But if we surrender and trust… then face the unknown like the brave warriors we are… magic!

You can always go back to your cosy corner after that, but try first. See what happens first. You just may surprise yourself.

“I bravely step into the unknown. Knowing I am safe and looked after.”

You can do this, one small step at a time.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Your Light of Love Shines Through


Let the light of love shine through.

When you let the light of love shine through, you are already a winner!

The light of love casts everything in it’s magic, and it makes everything more enjoyable, more palatable, just more.

And when we let the light of love shine through – our actions, words and experiences are so much better, because how can they not be when love is all over it?

Casting love, doesn’t mean it is hiding the less desirable, or anything like that, it is not an excuse to bury your head in the sand. What is does though is highlight the good within the so called bad, it highlights our lessons and teachings.

It gives us greater strength, so we know we can get through anything. And it allows us to feel and receive love like never before. Sign me up for that!

“I choose to cast the light of love into every nook and cranny of my life, basking in this light.”

Enjoy the love! Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx