Write It Down


Having yourself a to do list each day is one of the best ways to keep your day on track.

Write down everything you know needs to be done, just get it all out there on that paper. 

It doesn’t matter how urgent or if they are just wishes carried on from previous days.

Once your list is done, and if it is anything like mine sometimes, it may be long as anything!

Don’t worry about how long it is though, it is all about the purging right now!

Now I want you to take a metaphoric step back and look at this list and see what is super duper urgent, that just cannot wait another day?

Highlight it in some way.

The ones that cannot wait – be it because it is for a client, your biz or an urgent personal matter – these are the ones that you prioritise.

If there are more than say 3 -5 – ask yourself, is the world going to come crashing down if they are not done straight away?

You don’t want to give yourself too many urgent options, otherwise that hernia may be closer than you think!

Now get to work!

And make sure you tick those babies off, cross them out and do it with glee and satisfaction that you got it done.

Once all the’ cannot wait to be done’ tasks are complete and you are still feeling in ‘killing it’ mode, then by all means keep going through that list.

The idea of doing only the super important ones first, is so that you don’t beat yourself up if the some of the list is not completed.

The exercise isn’t another thing you get to ‘fail’ at – there is no such thing, it is just a reminder of the things awaiting you, in their own time.

If there is more on your list, and the day is done – and them tomorrows. Maybe by then, they have turned into that important task that has to be completed.


Feel inside whether it is a yes or no


Our body, our soul, our heart knows what is best for us… so why don’t we start listening?

Yes it is great to get thoughts from others, list down the pros and cons from our mind… but at the end of the day. If you ask yourself the question and then let your body/soul tell you yay or nay – that is the right answer, no matter what the outside influences may say.

We have seemed to have forgotten this ancient part of ourselves. That just knows!

We go seeking so many different answers and have to define it in our brains, when all we simply have to do is turn inwards. Is this right for us? Should we do this?

It will tell you the answer. It may be in the form of uh uh or ah ha. It may be in the rocking of your body. It may be in that simple knowing of yes or no.

Whatever it may be for you, that is the only true answer you need. Feel free to validate, get other ideas or thoughts, but trust that part of you that truly knows.

“I trust my own guidance and listen for the answers”

Happy finding the yes and no answers for yourself.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You need A To-Do list!


Who else has 10 million things swirling around in their brain all at one time, fighting for air time? My hand is up in the air!

Ideas for stuff… Things that need to be done… Wishful thoughts of what needs to be done… Anything and everything wants a little of your attention…

But gawd is it exhausting!

And that my friend is where your new best friend comes in… A TO DO LIST!!

No longer a URGH I gotta do what??

I used to hate the idea of a to do list. It felt too much like a parent had demanded these things of me, or a particularly nasty teacher.

That idea of rebelling just because, even though it was yourself telling yourself you need to do these things – wanting to break free of the system type rebellion. Anyone else feel the same?

But here is another way to look at it… A to do list or a brainstorm you could call it, is actually true freedom…

Because you have gotten all those revolving thoughts out of your head and down on paper – so you have given your brain and your ideas space to just be.

You have given space to them, so they now feel heard, rather than just an echo booming around in your head.

This space clearing, is a truly wonderful bit of self-care you can give to yourself.

And it most definitely is self-care!

No Harm In Trying


There is no harm in trying… and you may just surprise yourself!

It is funny how we can keep ourselves from doing something just because fear whispers in our ear – that we may not like it, that we may look stupid, that we may not be safe. That is fears job after all.

But our job? Our job is to weigh up everything – the fear voice, the soul yearning, all the facts and feelings, and then decide from there.

And even then, what is honestly the harm in trying? What do you have to lose? What could you gain?

Trying something once doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it, but you’ve shown yourself that you can!

That you succeeded! So really, do it for you and give it a shot. Then you know you’ve given it your best shot, you pushed through the fear and done it anyway.

Woohoo! And bonus, you may have found something new that you adore! Winning!

“I choose to try, I choose to be open to new experiences”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Everything Comes Down To Choice


Absolutely everything comes down to choice.

Every moment of your life, comes down to your choices.

Every. Single. Moment. Good or bad. Happy or sad.

It comes down to your choices. Even the choices where you think you have no choice, because thinking that is a choice on itself.

You have the power in any moment to change something in your life. I mean that is pretty freaking cool. As long as we remember it.

And while some choices take a while to manifest into true being… the fact you’ve made it, is the biggest part.

So look at where you need to make a choice today. Look at where you’ve been keeping yourself dimmed by your choices.

What can you do today, to step back into your power of choice?

“I am the chooser of my destiny”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Live In The Moment


Live in the moment, in each second of the day.

When we live in the moment, we are not so concerned of where we have been or where we are going.

It is when our head is stuck in one of those places that we start worrying, fretting etc.

When we live in the moment, we truly get to enjoy it, like really enjoy- without the thoughts of what else we have to do and so forth.

We get to just be, oh how glorious that is!

And yes it is hard to begin with, but the more we practice, the easier it becomes, just like with anything.

So practice today, even if it is just 5 minutes of really being present. And then slowly make it longer and longer.

It is such a gift to be alive, so don’t squander it with being worried and stressed about everything. Just be. Allow yourself to be.

“I live in this glorious moment”

Happy living in the moment.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You Can Do It!


You can do it!! Feel this deep inside.

You can do it. You can do it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Oh yes you can!

When we feel this through every cell of our being, oh my, the things you will be able to do!! It is all about having belief in ourselves, that we can achieve anything we want to.

Are you feeling that belief? Because I can tell you, half the battle, is believing wholeheartedly, that you can do it.

Half the battle. Half the time as well. We sometimes wonder why it takes sooo long to get something we are aiming for, no matter what that is.

And the reason, usually, is because we have been battling with ourselves ob whether or not we can do it, whether we deserve it, are worth it.

So when you keep in your mind, that you can do anything you damn well want… it is already half yours! So today, please remember you can do it.. you can do anything!

“I can do it, and I will do it”

Happy doing it! Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You’ll love my Angel words of wisdom

Untitled design (10)

It can be a little daunting at first to think of your own affirmations – are they right, what if I get it wrong, as we know, the list we give ourselves can go on and on if we allow.

And that is why I love the Angel words of wisdom/affirmations that I do personally for peeps. The Angels know what is best for us, so why not ask them what exactly we need at the moment. Add in a little prettiness, cause I am all about the pretty and voila your own personal affirmation, right from the Angels mouth to you! And all completely your own in design.

Not only do you get the good juju of the words of wisdom and affirmation – you also get the beautiful energy of the Angels to go along with it… BONUS!!!!

Your Soul Has All The Answers


Your soul has all the answers.

It really really does have all the answers. Whether it is bringing up some info it has absorbed from this lifetime, your other lives or from the unseen.

Your soul knows which way to direct you. We’ve just forgotten this along the way, because our ego, our humanness shouts a little louder at times, then our soul. Our soul is our true north, our way home.

It is sitting there patiently for you to check in, to gather information, to ask for guidance, to love it. Our soul has been with us since we began, so how can we just push it aside and instead listen to others, or listen to our fear station, that only knows how to lead from fear??

Today, make a conscious effort to sit in soul. To feel the love, the peace, the wisdom of this breathtaking part of you.

Make a decision to check in with soul, each and every time you have to make a decision. Let soul lead you in the right way.

“I choose to listen, sit with and converse with my soul”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

A reason to be specific around your affirmations


Now a reason to be super positive and specific around your affirmations if they are around a certain wish or want.

I always hunch my shoulders or let them lean forward, yep so telling myself I let them slouch.

Knowing that I am closer to 40 than any other number, I started realising 1 how lucky I am that they are not set that way yet and 2 that I needed to do something about it before that setting in happened.

So while I am conscious of pulling my shoulders back etc. I also started telling myself as an affirmation ‘My shoulders are back and straight as can be”

Now this is all well and good, sounds amazing right?? Indeed.

But what I forgot to say is that the whole of my back is straight as can be… as what started happening… I started popping out my lower back to counteract the shoulders and now I have a dip in my lower back (I am a bit of weirdo and my back is not curved, it is straight).

So I had a laugh and a face palm moment and adjusted my affirmation to take in my whole back.

So if you are thinking of it on a particular thing like the example above – take a step back and see what else could be affected by your affirmation, so you can knowingly include anything that may be impacted in your affirmation.