Ground in the now


Ground in the now.

It is not about before and after, what has happened or what could.

It is all about being in the moment and enjoying it consciously. Meaning that you are present! We let our life waste away before our very own eyes because we struggle so much with simply being in the moment.

Let us make a declaration here and now that we choose to ground in the now. That while our thoughts may wander, we choose to bring them back each time to the here and now and ENJOY the ride.

“I choose to Ground in the now. I enjoy life by being present for every memory”

Try this grounding exercise to all anchor into right now… Imagine White light coming down from the universe… filling us up from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet and every part of us in between.

See that white light coming out of the soles of our feet, like lit up roots and see them digging deep into Mother Earth.

Anchoring with light from the heavens and into the ground for Earthiness.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Be kind to all so you can in turn receive kindness


Be kind to all so you can in turn receive kindness.

It’s a no brainer that when we are kind to others that it sparks our own light and causes us to high vibe and feel good about it.

That it causes others to be kind to us in some way because we are sparking that same light in them.

That when we are being kind, it means we are happy or at least positively neutral about ourselves.

When we are feeling low or not so happy in ourselves – you will notice you judge more, don’t feel like smiling, pick and moan all the time.

So time to turn it around and be kind to others and most importantly yourself!

Do the world and yourself a favour!

” I choose kind today and Express it in all I do, say and feel. I am kindness”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

May Life is a fabulous joyful expression of me


May Life is a fabulous joyful expression of me! I play all out!

When we realise life is happening for us rather than to us – we can start seeing that our life is exactly as it should be, for our higher learning, for our highest good, for how and what we project onto the world.

Start being mindful of what you put out there.

While the light will try to come regardless, if you’re full of mud and shadows- the light has trouble sticking and patching up those dark holes.

So why not make its job easier by being as light yourself as you can possibly be. To try and see the positives where some may not.

To know this isn’t ever lasting and all will be okay. Life is what you make it, what you allow in. I for one want it to be a joyful one now I know I am the one that can make a difference in my world. While you get many lives – this is the only one you get, to be the exact you that you are right now… so why wouldn’t you want to play to the full expression you can?

“I allow life to be joyful and play all out as the me I am today”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be here now


Be here now. Right here, Right now.

Not somewhere in the past. Not somewhere in the future… but right here NOW.

We all get the case of the what ifs ans the if onlys. It’s a part of the human package we agreed to when we came to this magnificent planet.

But it doesn’t have to be our only default setting.

We can choose to be in every moment, super present and happy.

We can choose to override those whirling thoughts of back then and future worrying by lovingly choosing another way.

One of the magificence of being human is we get to CHOOSE.

So choose being right here, right now.

As the song goes… “Don’t worry, be HAPPY”

We are still going to have to do what we have to do in a day. We still have to live… so why not make it a joyful experience rather than a yucky one?

” I embrace the here and now with all my might”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You are an abundant magnet


You are an abundant magnet
You can pull in ANYTHING you want to in your life.
You really can. Have it clear in your mind and go work for that!
Some things may come easily, some may need to be worked for… but ANYTHING is possible. You are revolving around amazingness every day… and that amazingness is just wishing for you to allow it in.
So bring on the abundance in all areas.
Be mindful what you are pulling in to your world, because it swings both ways.
“I attract all the amazing things I wish for. Bringing in only the highest good for myself”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be grateful for everything today


Be grateful for everything today!
Be grateful and bring more of that goodness to your life.
The Angels want to remind you that being grateful in everything you do, brings more things to be grateful for. And being grateful does so much more than just making you ‘happier’.
It gives the cells in your body permission to be at their optimum level. It pulls in experiences that are going to happily blow you out of the water with delight. It allows people to treat you like the royalty you are.
There are no bounds to what being grateful in life can do for you.. if you allow it! Set reminders for yourself during the day so you can ‘stop and smell the roses’ and actively list some gratitude throughout your day.
End on a high note and list what you are grateful for just before bed.
“I allow myself to be grateful at any moment of any day. I actively embrace this gratitude and allow it to work it’s magic in my life”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx