i lvoe me


I LOVE ME! Shout it from the rooftops. Allow every action you take to reinforce it. Be love. Be totally in love with yourself. Give yourself compliments. Take yourself out on dates. Spoil yourself. Just be LOVE.”

This is a page from my little book of Angelical Wisdoms and I decided tonight to open a page and write a blog on it.

This is a perfect one to start with, and lets face it – the hardest!

Daily life can totally get in the way of this. Shit happens and loving ourselves and feeling that super duper loved up feeling takes a back seat to everything else that is happening to us.

But here is the thing, I will let you on in a not so secret secret… this is the absolute BEST time to practice this, when shit is hitting the proverbial fan. When you feel like tearing your hair out. It is the best time to start doing whatever you need to do to get back on the love train.

The love train differs for so many people. So do whatever you need to do to start feeling loved up with life again.

Something I can definitely heavily hint at is gratitude work, now I all know what you are thinking – how can it possibly help when all seems lost. Doing the gratitude work during this time, is what makes you see that all is not lost, dark and desolate. It is in fact pretty freaking magnificent – even if it means you are only grateful for breathing and managing to get yourself out of bed today. It seriously is the little things that show us all is not a dark cloud of gloom. Finding something in the crap that is getting to you is also a great way to see that there is positives in even the shittiest of things.

The biggest and most greatest thing it does though, is help your inner light, shine that little bit brighter. To help connect to who you truly are and not that human outer shell that just wants to see the negatives in life.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you are full of yourself, it simply means you accept yourself warts and all. Those warts and the good bits are what makes you uniquely you, so why the hell would you want to diss them? They are where your greatest lessons come from and really, you only have them for this lifetime so cherish them while you can!

Loving yourself is a big thumbs up to the universe to start attracting all the juicy yummy things in life. Lets face it, you may still attract awesomeness in your life even when you don’t – but you still get those underserving feelings, and sense of well if this is happening – what bad is going to happen, it must be around the corner. And what happens? Yep something will happen that leaves you justifying those thoughts and feelings. But this is YOU attracting that. Whether it is small or little things, your vibe attracts everything.

Now don’t get me wrong, some things happen which is part of your lessons, your tests in this life and what have you. No one ever ‘asks’ for some of the big serious stuff but happens… but really you kinda did when you signed up for this lifetime. But I am sidetracking. Even with those big monumental things – YOU can still CHOOSE what train track you take from here on out.

You can get sidetracked down the wrong track, it happens to the best of us, and I assure you both my arms are waving in the air for some of the side tracks I have taken and kept myself unnecessarily on… but there comes a time when it is time to pull your big person pants up and get on with the right track.

Again that track can differ for everyone but lets call it the Love train track of happiness, joy and wonder.

It is available to you, if only if you reach out and grab it and be willing to ride it into the sunset.

My biggest turn around came when I learnt to accept all of me, and especially those yucky egoish wonders that I had let rule my life for so long. I learnt to love all of it, gory warts and all and funnily enough they became less and less of a threat and more of a guidance system. And I realised that yes they were there, but it was still entirely up to me whether I chose to listen to the whispers they were spewing on a daily basis.

So today, choose to LOVE you exactly how you are today and see what transforms in your life for it. It can be hard if you resist it, but it also can be as easy as feeling a deep resounding yes in your heart/gut and just simply choosing it.

Archangel Michael says – You are love, you reside in love. It is deep within you already. You only have to allow yourself to feel it, feel it without the distractions of every day life. This is available to you 24/7. Choose to feel the love your soul has for you and everyone around you.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



Sticking it to the Big U

In a time when I have probably needed it the most, I have stuck my middle finger up at the Universe and Spirit. Yep it is up there high in the air and I just don’t care. Well I do but I also totally don’t.

You see one of my beloved pooches had to be put to sleep and I have been raging ever since. Deep in my grieving despair.

During the 15 hours we spent with him in doggy ICU I begged for a miracle. I called in all the big guns to surround him and heal him and it was beautiful and magical to see. But it totally wasn’t the outcome I wanted. Instead they were helping to ease his pain, to ease his transition from body to just being a soul again.

And I didn’t like it. Truly we got miracles that day. From him being on a ventilator, not breathing on his own to doing so for the whole day. To him waking up and breathing through a nasal tube rather than a full breathing tube and us getting to say goodbye while awake. But again, it wasn’t the outcome I wanted.

Now coming out of my humanly grief, I can see that it was his time. I mean his airways slowly collapsed after a breathing tube from an MRI and he got hit with pneumonia pretty much straight away – there was no room left for us to be able to bring him physically home, they made sure of it. But I still held on to hope. I still asked for help.

Out of my grief, I know he is still around, he shows me every single day in some way or another. But it is the physical that is the hardest, not seeing his handsome self, not being able to cuddle him etc.

So I shunned my spiritual pit crew, I waved my fists at the big guns I asked for help (while cringingly apologising for doing so) and I hated myself for not being able to do more.

I am still in that a little. I am meant to be this powerful healing Angel yet I couldn’t save my own dog, I mean what is with that??? Again deep down at soul level I know that when it is someone’s time, there ain’t shit you can do to stop that. But it hasn’t stopped me from thinking it. It hasn’t stopped me from wanting to swear and curse above and fall to my knees saying why??.


And I tell you now. DO IT. No matter if it isn’t a loss you feel. Do what you need to do to get it all out. While I went a bit overboard, I had to curse and get all my dreaded feelings up, even if they had no true basis other than it wasn’t the outcome I wanted. Even though it was human ego based and my soul and heart truly knew the right answers, I still needed to wade my way through those heavy feelings so that I could start feeling light again.

One of the things that has slowly pulled me out of this muddy water is Tex. Knowing that he was the happiest chappy on the planet, and would in no way want to see me like this, let alone be this, has made me try harder to get through it. By no means am I rushing, as I know if I don’t feel the tears every day, if I don’t work through the what if’s and why’s – they will come back to haunt my body and mind in some way if I stuff the emotions down.

But rather than focussing on the last three days of his life that were full of poking and prodding and difficulties breathing. I will instead remember the wonderful nine spoilt years he had with us and remember him how he was, how he is, on the other side.

I am not honouring him by being a shell. I am not honouring our other pooches by half living. I am not honouring myself by ignoring my spiritual side just because I am pissed, again by not getting the outcome I wanted.

Needing to let go of that notion that it should be how I wanted it and how it should be rather than what it actually is and what was meant to be is a hard pill to swallow, especially when it isn’t in our favour. But it must be done otherwise you can drive yourself mad.

Luckily my soul is starting to sneak through even if my human side is trying to cut her out and I have moments of clarity where I know he has gone for a reason that will be revealed to me. That while I am amazing, I cannot change something that already has been fated and decided. That my pit crew did what they could to ease the way and took him up personally at my request.

So it is totally okay to stick your finger up to the Universe for a moment in time and have your completely human moment. They understand and back off while you have this time as they know it is healthy in your development, that it is better to rage than stuff it down and pretend that all is ok when it is not. That you will be even stronger when you have to claw your way back from the ledge.


Just don’t stand there too long, you will always find your way back if you are wanting to, but don’t make it harder on yourself than you need to. Even amongst all this raging and fist shaking, I have known deep down that if I had of connected and done some spiritual work, my pain would have been easier, I would have heard some of the answers more clearly and just felt that support system that I have really needed to feel.  Instead I felt I needed to punish myself and my pit crew and while there is no right or wrong, I know it is now time for me to go back into the fold.

It doesn’t mean that I have figured it all out or still not beating myself up for it. It doesn’t mean that I am not longer going to shed any tears – I totally am, I can guarantee it. BUT in amongst all that, I am going to breathe in and feel his peace and happiness. I am going to ask for help from my spiritual pit crew. I am going to remember all the silly things he used to do, which will bring a smile and then more than likely a tear. But those tears meant he was loved and brought a difference to our lives. That we are better and stronger for having him and that he is missed and loved beyond reason.

So with that thought in mind, I am happy to let my tears fall and the memories fall from my lips and thoughts. I want him to know how valued a family member he was. But I no longer want him whimpering because he can see I am totally miserable and cannot physically be there to help me.

My middle fingers are officially down and I am ready Big U to take my place again.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path (even if that means leaving it for a time) xx

Pot of Gold

It is funny, life events, happenings and all the frills life has to offer us – usually means that I have so much inspiration to write from, to think and feel.

Lately though, even though there has been much happening in my life, I just haven’t felt that tug, that aha and rush to the keyboard so that I could get all that I was thinking and feeling down before it left the building. Nothing at all, nada zilch and I haven’t pushed myself to try… until now.

While I am not ready to put into words  some of the stuff that has been going on, I am ready to step back out into the world and acknowledge.


And all I can say is this. Things can get overwhelming, whether it be because crazy shit is going on, amazing stuff is going on, whatever it may be, it can still get a little much at times. For anyone. So I tell you this.

IT IS TOTALLY OKAY!!!! Now I have probably harped on about this before, but it bears repeating. Whatever and wherever you are right now, in this very moment – it is totally okay. If you are close to a nuclear explosion of epic proportions, or your awesome sauce jar is ready to spill right over – it is all cool.

Feel that shit, let it settle into your bones like a second muscle, let yourself feel where it is sitting within you, where it makes you feel fucking amazing or where it feels you are about to cough up your very own giant furball. Just feel it. Allow that to simmer, roll in it, swim in it, use it as a deodorant. Do whatever you have to do to let it LIVE. That is all it wants, to be felt and let live, if only for a short while. To maybe whisper a story in your ear, or paint you a vivid picture – let it.

Now take that story or picture and really look at it. Maybe it is telling you an old story of what has been, heaven forbid what may be or are mash up of the both. What is it trying to tell you, show you?

Again, really feel whatever is going on. If it is bringing up past stuff, see how it relates to today, I am sure somehow in feeling, it is exactly what you are feeling now. Let it all show itself, in however it needs to. I can tell you sometimes at first glance you cannot begin to understand how it relates but dig a little deeper till you get that deep aha sigh of relief.

Then it is time to take a step back, get yourself, when you know it is time, and only you can be the judge of that, to step back and look at it without all the emotions, feelings and yourself clouding your judgement. Look at what you need to do, if any to rectify, change, accept, let go of. You name it, you may need to do it.  And it doesn’t need to be an instant, snap your fingers and it is done kind of thing. It may take time. It may take a few moves back on the path to what you have chosen to do about it before you get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But by honouring, feeling and not dismissing all that you are feeling and going through – you will get to that big arse pot of gold… and man it will be glorious.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Feels like a Dear Diary entry

I am a Guardian Angel and part of my ‘mission’ is to talk about Angels, yet if you were to look at my posts and so forth – you may be hard pressed to know that about me. Don’t get me wrong, I still, I guess bring that Angelic energy of mine to anything I write and say but it isn’t always the same.

I sometimes look to those that are known as the expert and I kinda non angelically say to myself, Hello, you want an expert (while waving my arms in the air) but how the hell is anyone to know??? Face palming at its finest.

The last couple of days, I really got to thinking why or what is lurking in the background to stop me from jumping into my full potential…


To start really delving into the topic of Angels means that I am doing part of my purpose, which means stepping up and out and having all that brings with it… Am I ready for that, I keep telling myself yes but hey looky here – she is still talking about everything BUT Angels!!! So clearly the thought terrifies me still. But really who am I to deny those that want to read my stuff? Who am I to deny myself and my family to not write about them.

It is also deeply personal for me. It is my family after all who I am talking about and in some way, I kinda want to keep that for myself. They are so deep and meaningful to me that I just want to hold onto them for myself just a little longer. It also means delving and discovering things that am I ready to see/hear/feel? Clearly not.

Sharing also means gathering as above which makes my little ego warrior stand up tall and go pfft like what your saying is right or anyone wants to hear. And while my gorgeous little ego warrior is a bestie nowadays, she still makes me cower a little when things like that come out and makes me want to go you are totally right, lets just leave this awesome knowledge deep inside and keep living small. Problem with that is there is no way that can happen any longer – so a little tug of war starts between my soul and my ego warrior. Which is super awesome (sarcasm included).

Another thing that comes to mind is so many people have Angel something or rather in their title, and talk about Angels non stop- which makes me not want to join the masses. Like at all. But then I remember that we are all different in our own unique way and all amazing in our own way so who cares right? It is the same that we are all men or women, we carry that same title but when it drills down to it, we are all totally different. You get the idea anyway.

Most of all, I want to do justice to my family. Even thinking about how strong my connection is now, is bringing tears of joy to my eyes. Will I do them justice, will I make them proud or will God sit up there thinking ‘Why in the hell did we send her down for’ (totally said in my ego warriors voice of course). The only way I will not do them justice is by NOT talking about them.

So this is me taking that first step in talking about them and really making myself accountable. This is me honouring my souls plea to not necessarily start but to keep moving along that path, just a bit more. To start uncovering the layers within to reveal the memories and getting help from the fam when needed to start bringing you more about Angels and plenty of other stuff as well. And also for myself, sometimes our purpose for others is exactly what we also need.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Pure love – do you need some?

​I don’t usually publish what I do on my Facebook page or my services here but I’m really feeling the call too as they really want this getting out to as many people who need it as possible! Sooooo….

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Conditional Commitment

I had one of those moments last night and this morning, you know where you completely blow something out of proportion, or take something to heart – in other words be completely human!

My partner came round last night and I have been doing some huge soul searching around our relationship the last few days, so I am guessing that added to my vulnerability. And funnily enough every ‘solution’ given to me from myself and my spiritual pit crew went way to the kerb and I reacted like I wasn’t the evolved being that I am.

You see my partner has been a cranky pants of late, moaning, groaning and being negative about everything and anything he can get his hands on. And it gets me frustrated as I pick up on it and decide to join him in the negative nelly ranks rather than find a way to either ignore or pick him gently up and bring him over to the light side.

The nail on the coffin last night was when I finally gave him a beautiful poem I had written for our 9 year anniversary but hadn’t had the guts to give him till this moment. A moment of which was already feeling pretty down in the dumps (such good timing on my behalf!) It bared my soul to him in the ways in which I would always choose him and us and yet when I asked him if he chose me in return, and he made a joke about it – in that moment I chose to react badly (think little girl pout and all) and not choose him in that moment at all.

It continued to this morning, even after he left, in which he gave me a beautiful goodbye kiss (which I chose to kinda ignore) when I started checking my phone for all the wonderful positivity etc stuff that I have come up on my phone.

Funnily enough there was a new Youtube video by Brad Yates – Tapping extraordinaire (if you have never used his vids – go check him out, he is the best). All I could see on my phone was Conditional Commitment, and I realised in these petty moments I have been having, I was indeed choosing to only commit to my partner if he said the words back, if he acted like I wanted to him to act, the list goes on. The weirdest thing? The tapping video was about conditional commitments on your to do list – in other words, nothing to do with my issue and yet it helped me in such a profound way to get out of my head and into my heart. And had the added bonus of being the perfect video for me, as I also have an issue with procrastination sometimes, so it was a big double whammy, and after doing the vid I have knocked out two blogs, so thanks!!!!

Now back to the issue at hand…

Don’t get me wrong, I needed to feel these emotions and feelings, no matter whether they were the whole truth or not, but I also needed to take a giant step back after it and look at it properly and not from my hurt self.

No one is perfect, I surely am not (although I am imperfectly perfect J) so why was I seeking out perfection in my partner? Why wasn’t I taking him for what he is at this point in time, and only concentrating on how to not let myself get caught up in his feelings. Because me changing myself and my mood because of him – that is ALL on me, that is my issue and not his at all.

So now I have taken a step back from my woe is me state and realised some things. 1. It is time to let my love be unconditional 2. He shows me chooses me all the time in the actions that he does and sometimes says – it is my problem if I choose not to see them or acknowledge them when I am in a mood 3. There is some work to be done on my boundaries and way of being, so that I am not swayed like this from anyone. There are more but you get the drift.

So next time something happens around your relationships, feel the grrr, then take a step back and look for the lessons. I promise you that you will find them and grow from it.

I surely have, and now it is time to send lots of love to my man AND practice what I preach.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be careful what you wish for…

I know all about law of attraction, manifesting etc. but it is funny how you can still get slapped upside the head and go OH I created that into being!

There has been so many times looking back on it that it has happened, as with us all but it can still make me chuckle how we seemingly put things out to the universe and in a weirdly roundabout way – there is what you thought of!

Now it can be random… For example – I used to have that envious hair where you didn’t have to wash it for days and it still looked freshly washed. When my body went through all of its changes, it started getting super oily all the time, like all the time and I used to think wistfully back to those days where I didn’t need to wash my hair all the time. It was never even a conscious thought, I never said I wished it was like that but sometimes just thinking of something is plenty. I then got super bad eczema that affected my hair and scalp – I am talking hair loss and the works. Of course I would curse it and had a brief why me moment and then in giant neon lights it came to me… I had created this. Was it how I wanted it? Oh no way BUT they took what they could and created the reality that I was wishfully thinking on.

I just had to chuckle and accept responsibility for the amazingness of my manifesting skills… and remember to not get caught up in those wishful thoughts.

Now of course you cannot always help them, we are human beings after all, but you can make a conscious decision to stay aware, to curb them when you notice them and give the powers that be a heads up that actually that is not what you want at all! And go about giving a thought, create a vision of what you actually do want!

So many times we focus on the bad and wonder why we keep getting more of the same in our life… unfortunately like attracts like so we need to be making sure that we try and stay on the positive path as much as we can.

It doesn’t mean shoving down those negative type thoughts or emotions, it is best to acknowledge, write them out so you can see where you are coming from with them, but is also so important to thank them and send them on their way as they really have no place being in your life.

I even remembered a moment when I was younger when I was thinking on this blog, yep it has been one of those, I will get to it at some stage ones, where I was young, really young and creating a house in the bush at the end of our backyard, you gotta love good Aussie backyards for that. And I remember getting annoyed and wishing that a grass tree was not where it was. I even asked my stepdad if we could move it or get rid of it, because you know it was just ruining my house!

I went to bed and woke up the next day and the grass tree in question was kaput – it looked like it had been hit with lightning or something and boy oh boy did I get in trouble as my parents thought that I had done it myself. It still totally puzzled me until I went to write this post and realised I had manifested that, because I was totally adamant that it needed to be gone, sorry grass tree 😦

So the moral of the stories is, it doesn’t matter if it is a fleeting thought, a long drawn out thought or one in between – you can manifest it, or something very bloody similar.

Start being more mindful, stop those ruminating negative thoughts, or what if thoughts or past thoughts and learn to be able to say “My bad, ignore that last request – this is amazingness is actually what I want”. It is always a work in progress but by becoming aware of it happening can start turning your life into exactly what you want rather than what your ego centred thoughts have manifested!


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx