Being Enlightened



There can be a misconception around being enlightened that I want to clear up.


Being enlightened does not mean that the ego shit we all experience just simply isn’t there anymore. That all of a sudden the crap we used to live like is suddenly gone never to appear again. And we can float around thinking everything and everyone is just wonderful.


If anything, it can mean the opposite, as sometimes when you are on the path of evolving – Ego and all its wonderful buddies pick up their game and try even harder to keep you held back and in the old claws way of being.


The beauty of seeing past that veil though is being able to RECOGNISE that this shit is happening and being able to do something about it.


So many cannot see anything wrong in their way of being, acting, living etc. it is just so normal for them to be cloaked in that negativity and ego driven way of life. You are already miles ahead if you can sit there, while in it or just after it and go Huh, that was a bit of the old me coming out, or Oh that was a bit ego related just there. So give yourself a pat on the back for that!


The magic, and what shows you are on your way to your own version of Neverland, is to recognise and then do something about it, in whatever way works for you.


I always like to sit with it first, because one, there can sometimes be something it really needs to tell me, so I sit in and check what is going on. And two, it helps me to be able to really have that firm chat, that we are simply not needing this way of being, action, thought etc.


Thanking it is then my next port of call. They say honey is better than lemon or vinegar, whatever the saying is, and that is just the same with yourself. There is no point screaming and getting annoyed at yourself because you are just buying into more of the ego shit you are trying to escape from. So I thank it and love on it and give myself a little inner cuddle and some big gratitude.


A firm chat is then needed, to either stop the stuff that is revolving and causing you to buy into whatever is going on, to say nope that is not me anymore etc. It can also just be a case of saying your favourite affirmation or saying, again whatever works for you.


You may want to go for a little moment outside on your own, ground, shake it out, listen to a song or message someone. Again this can be whatever works for you that you know will break that pattern. But it is crucial to break it, because otherwise that old way of being has an IN to come back heavily into your life, step by step by step.


Stuff is always going to happen in our lives that cause us to think we are maybe not as enlightened or evolved as what we thought we were, and cause a possible chink in our spiritual armour. But just remember, it is not having none of that stuff to worry about that means we are on the right path, it is having that crap and still being able to recognise and do something about it quick smart.

That is true enlightenment.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx