The Perfect Book To Help You Feel Good About Yourself

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It can be really super fucking hard to keep on the positive train when you take the step to fully owning all of you.
No matter how dedicated you are, there are still going to be days that you are over it, you need a pick me up and just a feel-good moment.
Angelical Wisdoms is that moment.
Designed to be super easy and quick. When you are climbing that hill, that feels like a mountain – pull it out, and ask for the message you need for today, and open to a page.
And let the Angels fill you up with their love, their message of positivity and maybe a little helping hand to get you back on track to greatness.
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Weeds or Sunflowers


Weeds or sunflowers. You decide what you water.

We don’t fertilise and encourage the weeds in our real gardens, so why do we do that in our minds garden?

Why do we allow the weeds to smother the sunflowers, block out all the sun and overtake everything?

Technically it may feel easier to give in to the crappy thoughts, the self loathing, the woe is me mentality. But it is actually very very hard keeping up those shitty things.

Today, pull one weed out. By telling yourself something you like about yourself. Then let the droopy sunflower perk up by allowing the sun to hit it, as you challenge those murky thoughts.

Allow the water to bathe the sunflower in gratitude. Gratitude for anything you can think of, even if it is getting out of bed, or surviving the day.

There’s plenty to love, appreciate and be grateful for, if only we choose to see that, rather than our faults, our crappy minutes in the day, or circumstances.

If you were able to put yourself in those circumstances, the guess what???!!

You can get yourself out of them too. Funny how that works. So today choose to harbour the sunflowers and slowly filter out the weeds.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Just that you start.

“I choose to nourish only the positives in my minds garden, allowing the sun and water to nourish the love, the beauty and the gratitude every day”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Stop Being The Victim!


There was a time where I buried my head in the sand, lived every day in the ‘why me’ mentality and thought it was all happening to me like a good ol’ victim does.

Even when I started getting further along the ‘I am doing better’ path, I still had these why me thoughts constantly.

Every time something went wrong, or another panic attack would hit me upside the head. It was a why is this happening to me, what did I do wrong (anyone relate?).

My biggest healing? My biggest aha? My biggest shift?
Happened when I finally decided enough was efuckingnough and decided I wasn’t going to stay a victim anymore.

And that it wasn’t actually anyone else’s ‘fault’. It was all completely on me, no matter the reason for it in the first place.

That is when something completely shifted inside of me, and I began to realise, bad shit may happen but I was the one solely responsible for how I would handle it, let it affect me and so forth.
That was my true moment of peace and acceptance. My big AHA moment.

That was when things each day started to shift for the better, because I was sick of taking a woe is me number and sitting in the long arse queue.

So I ask you?

Is there somewhere you are not taking responsibility for in your life?

And are you ready to hang up your victim socks and claim your cape?

Here’s to flying our responsible cape to awesomeness.

What’s Waiting For You?


It is all there waiting for you.

Oh yes it is, are you willing to reach out and grab it? No matter what it is?

Are you willing to allow it to come to you? All that you’ve worked hard to achieve, ask for, wish for???

It’s been waiting there for you all this time. To open your arms and accept it. Are you ready to do that today?

Say a big massive YES to it and yourself today. Pat yourself on the back for the amazingness that you’ve achieved and worked towards.

And grab it with both hands today. You deserve it.

“I know all my wishes are waiting for me”

Yes, yes they are. Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Finding The Strength Within


It can take an enormous amount of Strength to decide to own all of yourself. Warts and all.
But I promise you have such a huge well of strength within you, just waiting for this very moment.
For that moment where it is the only decision you can make and it feels bigger than Mt Everest, or you may get lucky and it feels the most natural, easy thing in the world to decide to do.
Either way, you have totally got this. Your soul has been waiting for this moment in time. For this moment of having had enough of shit not being easy, good, whatever the case may be.
To burn a little brighter for you and give you the strength you need to get through.
Because you will get through it.
Your life, while it is meant to test us sometimes, isn’t something that we are mean to suffer through – instead we are meant to rejoice every damn day we are alive.
But there are times when life has just got the better of us, changed us in some fundamental way.
But the line in the sand is today.
You have the strength to take responsibility and go back to being that person you cherished, before life got in the way and you forgot it.

Welcome To The Unknown


Happily journey into the unknown.

Remember how excited Dorothy was to skip along the yellow brick road?

Bottle some of that excitement and start on your own yellow brick road. There may come challenges, but you can overcome them! There may be wonder and magic beyond compare!

Wherever your journey into the unknown takes you, know this.

It is the exact journey you need to be on. Absolutely, most definitely, without a doubt.

So now we have that covered. Skip along your path, wherever it may take you. Learn to love the unknown. As it loves you.

“I happily welcome the unknown, and start my walk on this wonderful journey”

Happy skipping. Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Taking Responsibility


The time is now to take back the power, stand strong and… take responsibility.
Yep, I hear ya groans but I can damn guarantee it, that when you do this…
Your world will shift on its axis.
In the best possible way.
Some of your ‘shit’ will ‘stink’ less 💩
And some things will just literally fall away because you have decided to own ALL of you – shit and rainbows included.
So are you going to be a Rebel and decide to go all in?
Then start using this little beauty to get you on the right track…
“I take full responsibility of my life”

Endings and Beginnings


Let the endings end. Let the beginnings begin.

We get stuck so much on holding on tight to everyone and everything in our lives – that we either become stuck and stagnant or we end up pushing things away due to strangling the hell out of them with our grip.

Let’s let go, even if just for today. Lets let the things that are meant to drift away, do so.

And lets choose to see the doors opening up with wondrous excitement of what lays ahead. We are never meant to be stagnant.

To reach a plateau and just stay camped out there forever. We are meant to evolve, and make our way through the different experiences this lifetime has to offer.

So why hold on so tight? You are going against your natural flow, that is why it feels so hard. Yes it can be a little scary stepping into the unknown, but how can it become known, if we block ourselves off from it?

“I allow the endings to end peacefully and get excited for the beginnings heading my way”

Get excited. Get thankful. Get anticipating. And most of all, let go.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You Have The Power


You held the power all along.

Oh my dear, when are you going to realise just how powerful you are??!

That it is you that is dulling it for whatever reason, and that it is still there, just waiting for you to rediscover it. Are you going to let today be the day you discover it?

It is not bad, evil, too overpowering, scary, unsafe. No matter what yourself or anyone else has tried to tell you. Yes some people abuse their power, but that is their human side doing that, not the power.

Your power is absolutely amazingly strong, loving, peaceful. It is your energy. It is your back bone. It is you! Affirm today that it is time to take back your power.

To use it for your highest good and those around you.

“I choose to remember my power. I choose to uncover my power and use it for my highest good, and the highest good of those around me, and the planet”

When you know you are doing for your highest good, there can be no abusing of its power. Enjoy connecting back to the core of you.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Count Your Blessings


Count all of your blessings. Especially the ones you find in the murkiness.

Counting our blessings – giving appreciation and gratitude to all that has been, is, who we are, who we were – is one of the best things we can give ourselves.

It is literally a gift we can hand to ourselves every day. What I especially love, is going deep into the ‘darkness’ to find some blessings from situations that we didn’t necessarily like, that may have pissed us off, or upset us.

Because when you can find blessings in those – wowsers look out! You are on your way to enlightenment!!

There is ALWAYS going to be a blessing in anything and everything you can think of.

You may have to dig a little deeper, or maybe think with your heart rather than your mind. But I promise they are there, just waiting to be picked. Each day, count your blessings.

And feel your heart get a little lighter with each blessing you uncover.

“I choose to find the blessing in every situation I am in”

Happy picking.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx