Angelical Wisdoms Nov 27th




Rearview Mirror




Spider showed me today about the joys and need for looking in your rearview mirror.


It is so important to see where you have come from, how far you have come, what you have done.


We get so caught up in chasing the next thing, not being happy where we are at, needing to know what is coming – that we forget the simple pleasure and need to see just where we have come from.


It is not an exercise in beating ourselves up, if you have only come a tiptoe forward, that is okay. If it has been a side shuffle kind of time lately, that is also okay. If you have come forward in leaps and bounds, that is so okay as well!


Having a check back in with yourself can be really handy to see that actually you have done more than you thought, you have managed to do that etc. For me and this photo came at a time when I was driving (don’t worry I took the pic when I had stopped) and feeling like I needed to do more, like I was a bit stagnant – you get the drift. Then spider came crawling all over my rearview mirror and I decided to ask – okay what do you want me to see here, as spider has been coming around more and more lately and I asked spider nicely to stay on the mirror where I could see as I am trying to get over my creepiness of spiders.


So as I was driving, I let me mind wander and I realised – I wouldn’t have been able to do this driving 6 months ago, when I was locked in an ego battle of the mind. The quick shop I did just before driving, also wouldn’t have been possible only a few months ago. I wouldn’t have been able to ask this question and get this answer some time ago. So in looking back, I could see all these amazing achievements that I have done, and looked at the stuff I didn’t do so well to ask myself okay, what can I do differently? Is there a way to achieve that or do I let it go and be at peace with it.


If there is something that you didn’t do, achieve, be etc. when casting your mind back – be okay with it. Again this is not a beating up session, but a pat on the back session, and a look at okay what I can do differently. It is being at peace with yourself because even if you feel that you didn’t get somewhere you wanted to – you have evolved enough now to see it for what it was, to curiously check it out, rejig it a bit, have it as a new goal, or let it go. Whatever you decide to do with what wasn’t so great – You need to be at peace with it. That is a way to move forward, and something you can give yourself a fist bump for. Not something else to beat yourself up over and wallow in.


When you look back, you can see just what you have accomplished – from the very small things, to the big life changing things, they are all worthy of your celebrations.


So today spend a moment reflecting. Feel the joy and celebration of it. Fist bump and clap yourself on the back for a job well done. Because it is a job well done. No matter what the reflection is going to show, the fact that you are standing up and doing this exercise is awesome within itself and shows growth of an epic proportion.


Remember you create your own web in life, so you can choose to make it as good or as crap as you want to.


See your magnificence, see your courage and most of you… See YOU!




Happy reflecting


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Celebration and Promote-A-Blog Fest!

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Today, just in time for my favorite holiday, Halloween, I am pleased to announce that I now have 1000 WordPress followers on this blog! (Don’t pay attention to that count over there to the left that says I have 2000+ followers because that also includes those who follow me by email and are not all apart of the WordPress community) I am humbled and in awe of all of you who have followed me and continue to support me.

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And now, in celebration of this awesome news, I would like to open my blog up to you, my followers.


Today, you can promote your blogs here at A Whispered Wind. It is time to post links to your blogs and/or your friends’ blogs. If you have something you’ve written on your blog that you wish others to read, post…

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