Let the Animal World take you on an adventure! 


Let the Animal World take you on an adventure! 🐶🐧
An adventure back to reclaiming YOU! 🐵🐺🐨
An adventure back to feeling light, love, at peace and most definitely joy! 🐸
Let the Animal Kingdom into your life today with a puppy dog lick…
a flick of a tail and a push back to YOU!

You are where you are


Take a look at where you are and where you want to be.
Are they close?
What can you do to bridge the gap? It always pays to see where we are in our desires and how big the gap is… why?
Because it can surprise us by showing us just how close we are or that we’ve made it…. It can also see where we need to get to, and give us that little nudge of inspiration to really push that last little jump to it.
Or it can make us evaluate that desire and see if it still fits in with what we want, and gives us the chance to change accordingly. Nothing is set in stone.
There is no time frame you have to hula hoop through. It is just aspiring to be whatever you want that allows you to stretch and shift.
There is also no beating up allowed in this practice- you are where you are.
It is what it is. It’s simply a reflection.
“I aspire to be all that I can and enjoy the ride to get there. I am perfect in any stage”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Money comes and money goes


Money comes and money goes.
I am prosperous all the same.
Like summer coming and going. The tide ebbing and flowing… so too does our life and what is within it.
The Angels want you to remember this, feel it deeply in your heart to be true, so that you can draw on that strength when needed.
Money comes and money goes, it is the nature of it. But do not fret thinking once it is gone, it is gone for good. And maybe don’t take it for granted when you do have it.
Any money you pay out is to support you, whether it be the roof over your head. The food you fuel your body with. The so called bills that keep you in the right temperature. Lights for living by and gas to cook and have a hot shower. A phone to keep in contact with those you love.
So really they are not bills but wonderful tokens of your thanks for having all the above and more.
It is buying yourself those indulgences.
It is being able to do wonderful things in the world when you spend it or doing whatever job you do to receive it.
Every job matters and makes a difference.
The more we know we are provided for, the more it’ll come to us. It is when we are desperate or consider ourselves poor that we repel it.
But my dear, we are prosperous beyond belief. No matter what is in your actual pocket. You are prosperous beyond belief.
“I happily enjoy my money. Letting it come to and fro, knowing I will be provided for”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Has an idea been tinkering away in your mind?


Has an idea been tinkering away in your mind?
Coming back again and again? Maybe it is time to do something with it.
The Angels want to remind you that that bright spark of an idea, is not there by coincidence. They didn’t give it to you, to do nothing with it. To just sit on it and think about it.
Today take a brave step into seeing it realised.
Ask what people think.
Write some thoughts down.
Research into it.
The more we act on the divine downloads we receive, more will come our way.
The more blessings will come our way and how accomplished will you feel to get it out of your head and into the world?
Nothing may come of it, alot may, the simple fact is you acted on it.
You gave yourself and the universe permission, and the more permission you grant, the more you attract.
“I act on the downloads I receive”
Enjoy acting
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Wear your roar with Pride


Because you ARE the Lioness – wear your roar with Pride.
Slip that Empress crown 👸👑on and march to the beat of your own drum.
There are so many Lioness Empresses who inspire me daily… You know who you all are. My world is filled with these glorious women.
@mrsconstancehall – You are the absolute image of a Lioness Empress- you will get through this as always (p.s. this is the cuff that came with your angel book 😍) and heads up Constance is having a big sale at the mo – go check it out!
@creating_steph – our connection has sparked next level baby 🙌 Thank you for being your amazeballs self. Go check out Steph’s @hohperth too for some incredible workshops!
Who is a Lioness Empress in your world? Including your fine self of course! 👑🦁👑

Bravely face anything


Be brave as you face the wilderness
You can and have faced anything, as long as you do it bravely, with faith in your heart that no matter what, things will turn out okay eventually.
If you turn a brave face to whatever you are facing – you are powerfully telling it, that you won’t be defeated. That this will not be your downfall. Instead you are telling it you will succeed through this, like anything else you have faced.
You will do it with your head up and your shoulders straight and that it will be your up rise, your mountain to soar off.
Being brave means you welcome the unknown, knowing that no matter what. You’ve totally got this.
“I bravely face anything, knowing I’ve got this”
And remember, through it all, the Angels have your back.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You hold all the cards


You hold all the cards

Sometimes we need a smack upside the head, and this my dear is yours. The Angels want to remind us that we hold all the friggin cards.

You really do, what you choose to do with them, funnily enough is up to you to. Today it is time to take a stand, to make a line in the sand and GET ON WITH IT.

You make your own reality. You bring into your life what you want to. And I promise you, you really do.

So what do you want to bring in today??

The same old shit or do you want to start creating epicness???

Simple decision. It doesn’t have to be hard and full of buts, what ifs etc.

It is simple declaration right here, right now

“I hold all the cards and I am choosing a full house, a handful of aces and epicness in all its glory”

Don’t hold off choosing epicness. Make it a non-negotiable today.

Everything will fall into your epicness decision because you are proclaiming it today!!!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You were made for this


You were made for this.

You literally were created solely for this. Everything that is you, that makes you, that is you – was created for this epic life. So go out and live it with gusto.

Knowing you can face anything and survive. Knowing that you choose to Thrive after every survival. Knowing you have got this in the bag!

If the past has shown you anything – it is that you can conquer and survive anything. That you can master what you set out to master.

That you can learn from anything that has been and gone and turn it into solid gold.

And if you haven’t allowed it to show you this? Why the heck not?? You were born for this life that you have led. But it is up to you to allow it to beat you down, or lift you up.

Only you have the choice and the actions to do this…. So which one will you choose? A life full of hard lessons, where you feel that is all you are and all you are going to get?

Or a life of hard lessons where you have learned so much gold and wisdom.

Where you have allowed yourself to shine no matter how much has come your way, knowing that there is a silver lining in everything and even more coming your way.

I know which I would rather.

“I know I was meant for this life and I am acing it!”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx