Let it gooooo!


Let’s head into the weekend with all the blah left behind.

What needs to be LET GO so you can go ahhh for the weekend?

Pop it below and affirm it is GONE!!


Is it the end?


Is it the end? Or a brave step into the direction you were meant for?

It can be so hard to let go when you are unsure what is on the other side. When it is what you have been familiar with, even if you know it is the right thing to do. So we hold on tight.

Grasping our fists tighter and tighter, straining to keep hold of something that so clearly needs to let go. And sometimes we can be surprised when what we let go comes right back to us.

Or when something totally different emerges out of the ashes. It is in the art of showing that you are capable and willing to let go, that the magic can happen.

That an expansion and growth can occur. Letting go, doesn’t always mean that it let goes forever – it can just mean that we have a bit of evolving to do ourselves before this can happen, or continue.

Letting go, allows the universe to show us a way that may not have been possible before, or that we may not have seen by ourselves. But it can always be a magical experience if you let it.

“I allow myself to let go. To embrace the ends and starts with a certainty that all is well and as it should be”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

What The Shift Thursday!


It’s that day where we CHOOSE to look at an area differently to what we have ….

Soooo tell me… Is there anything you can shift/ see differently in regards to food?? I never used to eat. Part of my panic was during eating so I avoided it, as you do. So my view on food wasn’t the best. It was going to choke me, it didn’t feel safe to eat …

Now??? I choose to see ALL food as delicious, that whatever I feel like, is okay to have. I see ALL food as positive and nourishing 🙌

Imagine money growing like the buds of a flower


Imagine money growing like the buds of a flower.

Growing purely, growing for your use. Think of money as beautiful and magical as your most favourite flower. Knowing that its bloom fills a space in your heart, senses and delight.

Money can do that for you too. Money is purely another form of energy taking a particular shape. Used for goods and services as a sense of appreciation and thanks.

There is no sense of right or wrong attached to it, evil or good. It simply is. It is how we depict it, that gives it an attachment. If we take a step back and remember that it is a way to give our appreciation or thanks – it starts to feel a lot nicer.

If we remember bills and paying for things means we are alive. That we are giving thanks for having a roof over our heads, electricity to keep us warm, cool, filled with safe food and so forth – we begin to look at things differently and remember that bills are a blessing for all this yumminess in our life.

That we can create more yumminess by simply being in love with the idea of paying them for such wonderful simple pleasures. That money is a beautiful exchange of giving and receiving.

There is no limit to how much money you could have – only your own limit on what you think you can achieve. That you feel you deserve.

But darling, child of the universe – you deserve it all.

“I deserve to give and receive abundance in my life. Knowing it is limitless and will always be provided”

Today, bless your bills when you pay for them. Bless your pay as it comes in.

Bless the discount you received. Bless bless bless and watch it come back to you.

“Money unfurls like my favourite bloom, filling my heart up with beauty”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Energy is all around


Energy is all around.

Learn to Harness it. We are energetic beings living in a world where energy is everywhere. In all things and all places.

Being that this is the case – learn to harness it to work for you, with you and beside you. You do not need to be a magician, witch or anything to start benefitting from the beautiful energy that drives all things.

You simply need to open up to it, to invite it in. Be it the beautiful energy of the plants around you. The energy of the water as it recedes and crashes, or gently lulls in the breeze. To embrace the giving energy of money, love and all those good juju’s are yours for the taking, if you simply allow.

If you need a boost of energy to keep you awake for that long drive home, ask for it. If you need some focus to get all your work done – ask for it.

I think you are getting the drift. So much is available to you to be able to harness and use for good.

“I allow energy to flow, knowing we are connected and all my needs can be met”

Let me know how you harnessed energy around you today?

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be your light


See your light. Be your light. Live your light.
When you see your own brilliant light, you automatically see it in others.
When you be your own brilliant light, your world lights up like a firework display.
When you live your light, only magic can happen. We each have a choice to make in life.
To always come back to the light… or not. We are always going to take journeys into the dark side, as that is where magic can happen, but it is totally up to you whether you stay there and for how long.
Close your eyes now and imagine a brilliant beam of light coming out of you, in all directions, lighting you up from within and all around you.
Feel the warmth and magnificence of this light, this feeling, this epicness.
That is YOU! How freaking amazing right? And you have access to this beaming ray of holy wow anytime you like.
Do that every day so you remember the truly powerful light that is you.
“I see my light. I am my light. I live my light”
Light up your world, light up the world.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



Bewitched. Allow your life to be bewitched with your own sacred magic and light.

Bewitched – to cast a spell over, to place under ones power by magic. To captivate completely and fascinate. The above is a couple of the meanings of Bewitched.

How magical does that sound! To fascinate and captivate completely!

Imagine if you allowed yourself to completely captivate yourself each and every day with your own brand of magic? Your own brand of specialness?

How absofrickenlutely amazing would that be! To wander your path completely bewitched by all the magic you possess. To love your life so incredibly because you made it so.

To fascinate yourself so blooming much – that you would do anything for yourself. What an incredible world that would be to live in. Where we each totally and utterly loved our lives and ourselves because we allowed our magic and light out to play. Using them for the good of ourselves and humanity.

“I bring all my magic and light to the fore. I fascinate me”

Today let your magic out. Let yourself see you as the truly magical being that you are. Bewitch yourself into having a fulfilled life on your terms and your way.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Sacredness is yours


Sacredness is yours. It is you.

The Angels want you to know that the amazing blissful sacredness that you see in the Angels, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, Nature – it is within you too!

To these beings – you are all the more sacred for your commitment to come to Earth, to do your mission and better your soul family in the process.

Learn to live each day knowing that the sacred spark lives inside of you, so is you. Learn to value yourself and hold yourself in as high esteem as you do the Masters that you hold dear.

For while you learn from them, they are also learning from you. Feeling sacred is your birthright.

Knowing it on a conscious level is of the upmost importance for you to live a continual high vibe, loving way. Knowing you are sacred will help with the dips and tumbles.

Will help keep your light aflame when you feel like it may be snuffed out at any time. Filling you to bursting with energy from the Gods.

“I relish my sacredness. I live my sacredness each and every day”

Be the sacred.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Everything happens for a reason



Everything happens for a reason.

Let it. Let it, let it, let it! Stop trying to control every single little thing.

Let go of needing to change it. Sometimes rolling with it can help you, and knowing that everything that happens for you, is happening for a reason – as a blessing, as a lesson but always more meaningful that you can quite comprehend just yet.

Holding on tight is when we are scared of our future, will it be what we want, how we want it to look but the fun can be in the not knowing.

In the joyous surprise when we choose to surrender and what will be, will be.

The Angels can see all the ways mapped out for you and they want to assure you there is no right or wrong, every road leads exactly to where you are meant to be going, so enjoy the ride.

Sightsee along this road called Life and let go!

“I choose to be open to all the joy long this path called Life. I let go and know everything is happening as it should”

Let go of any worry and doubt and just enjoy the ride! You will be thankful you did.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx