Bewitched. Allow your life to be bewitched with your own sacred magic and light.

Bewitched – to cast a spell over, to place under ones power by magic. To captivate completely and fascinate. The above is a couple of the meanings of Bewitched.

How magical does that sound! To fascinate and captivate completely!

Imagine if you allowed yourself to completely captivate yourself each and every day with your own brand of magic? Your own brand of specialness?

How absofrickenlutely amazing would that be! To wander your path completely bewitched by all the magic you possess. To love your life so incredibly because you made it so.

To fascinate yourself so blooming much – that you would do anything for yourself. What an incredible world that would be to live in. Where we each totally and utterly loved our lives and ourselves because we allowed our magic and light out to play. Using them for the good of ourselves and humanity.

“I bring all my magic and light to the fore. I fascinate me”

Today let your magic out. Let yourself see you as the truly magical being that you are. Bewitch yourself into having a fulfilled life on your terms and your way.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. Jennifer · May 27, 2019

    I love this!! ❤


  2. Vrunda · May 27, 2019

    Love this❤😍


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