Amaze yourself!

31 Aug.jpg

Prepare to amaze yourself.
Anything you do, do it and amaze yourself. Imagine if someone else had done it, how much you would cheerlead them on, and go do that to yourself!
When you know you are going to amaze yourself, each and every day – you bring beautiful anticipation energy to you and how beautiful is that to look forward to what you may do!
You are an amazing being, capable of amazing things, so decide to KNOW this, with no hesitation, ifs or buts.
You’ve so got this!
So today, consciously choose to know you are going to do amazing things, no matter how big or small and rejoice in your awesomeness.
“I know I am capable of amazing things and I look forward to celebrating them each and every day”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Take note

30 Aug.jpg

Take note of what you are allowing in your life and adjust accordingly.
Seriously, it is time to take a long hard look at your life today and see what you are allowing to happen in your life. Remember life isn’t happening TO you, it is happening FOR you.
So with that in mind – what are you allowing, that has no business being a part of your life??? What do you keep wishing was different, or wouldn’t happen or be treated?
Only you can change this dear one. Only you can throw the boundary down and say enough is enough. Yes, we bring the experiences we need to in life, for our life purpose and learnings in this lifetime, but that doesn’t mean letting your so-called life walk all over you.
You can choose to see the good despite the storm. You can choose to work on yourself, to be rid of what you perceive as wrong. You can change anything going on in your life, regardless of how ‘out of your hands’ it may feel.
It is all up to you. It really is. So today, remember this and start taking back the wheel of your life.
Start realising you had the control all along. Start reeling in your power and using it for good. Start being the controller of your own destiny.
“I only allow the best in my life, and let go of the rest” Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You can make it what you want

29 Aug.jpg

It is a new day and you can make it what you want. Technically any second you are alive, you can make it what you want.

We, as amazing human beings, have this choice and free will that allows us to be any way we choose.

The only problem is, we are too hung up with the struggle and thinking that goes with it. We need to realise we are actually limitless beings and that positivity, abundance and all the good juju is actually our birthright, is actually all we are under our human clothing.

When we realise we can take the reins and choose to be this amazing, at any given moment. That is when amazingness happens. We don’t have to choose our first thoughts, our ‘automatic’ conditioning.

At any moment we can say no, let’s try something different.

Today, let that something different out to play. Let’s break the norm and be fun loving again! Let’s manifest love, joy and peace into our world because we choose to!

Every day you get to choose this. Either doing the same old, or trying a different way.

Oh being a negative nelly, or choosing to see goodness wherever you look. This isn’t discounting the shit you are going through, but instead seeing the silver lining, despite the shit storm.

“I can choose at any moment, how I am going to be. I choose to see the silver lining in all”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


28 Aug.jpg

Is it time to stop running and turn around and face stuff?

This song was singing in my head as I got this message

Is it time to say stop!! And rather than running from everything… time to turn around and face it all head on?

Unless a lion is after you – there is nothing that can ‘kill’ you, so why do we keep running away in fear?

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn to stop running and instead tackle our crap from head on.

Embrace what we are trying to run from.

Realising nothing is going to change by always running.

So today the Angels want you to remember to stop running and start tackling.

It can only make you stronger and your life better for it.

You don’t need to keep hiding and running from those blah things anymore.

You have the power to tackle anything life throws at you.

So today, and every day. Honour yourself and stop running and start making the evolvement you want to make.

“I stand firm and tackle things head on, knowing I am supported and powerful”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

27 Aug.jpg

You are an abundance magnet. Draw it all in.

Oh my, if only you knew just how powerful your magnet truly is – you would never worry ever again!!

The Angels remind you today to feel that fire within- and use it to draw that abundance to you!

See yourself as a truly abundant person. Like really see it.

See yourself in that beautiful home that is perfect for you. Driving that car that is on your dreamers list. Buying whatever you need and happily handing over your card. Seeing the zero’s in your savings account.

Did you see that?? Did you feel how amazing that felt? Did you stand tall and know that that is going to come to pass because you feel it in your heart?

Be that person already, regardless of your current situation.

Know that you deserve this and attract that mofo.

Stop focussing on the crap and start seeing your vision into reality.

You can do it!

“I draw all the abundance in and live my life like it has already come to pass”

Bring it in, draw it in. It is up to you to bring this to pass.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Find your own spiritual practice that works for you

26 Aug.jpg

Find your own spiritual practice that works perfectly for you. Listen and learn all there is to know.

But also know this. What is good for another, doesn’t mean it is right for us. Today, do what feels right for you.

A spiritual or life practice is so so important to your overall wellbeing. But it is what feels right for us, that makes it so.

Some need to do certain meditations. Some may need to protect themselves more. Some may like a certain practice and others just don’t click with it. Go with what feels perfectly aligned with you.

And it may change day to day and that is also very ok. Never beat yourself up because this person is doing this or that and you aren’t.

Just do you. Just do what works for you and take it from there. It is the act of connecting to our higher self, grounding ourselves in our body and Mother Earth and connecting to the universe and source that is important, how you do that, is up to you! Just keep trying different things, keep up with what you love.

Never make it a chore, as it is something to look forward to, not detest another thing to do. If you feel that way, maybe it is because of what you are doing.

Change it up, switch it up and fall in love with being connected. It can be for a few seconds, or hours.

That is all up to you, how you are feeling and what you need from it. Just go with the flow and you’ll be shown the way.

“I honour my spiritual practices that are perfect for me, allowing them to flow and move as needed”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Dance like no one is watching

25 Aug.jpg

Dance like no one is watching.

It doesn’t matter how you dance, what you do or which song it is to, just dance.

Dance without a care of what you look like. Dropping all pretense and just simply feeling the song and the moment and going for it.

In moments like those, you are giving yourself permission to simply be you and what feels good. You are giving yourself permission to not have a care in the world on what you or anyone else thinks.

And when you give yourself this permission, wow swift energy shifts can happen because you are choosing to simply feel and be.

It shows the universe you are capable of going with the flow and not just going along with what people think you should do or be. This is where pure delight and magic happens.

You can bring pure magic and delight to your day anytime you act like no one else is watching, and if they are – who cares.

The only opinion that matters is your own. So today dance dance dance.

Involve all your senses and feelings into your movement, regardless of how it looks.

“I choose to dance, and live my life, like no one is watching”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Just be

23 Aug.jpg

Have you taken a moment today to Just Be? Have you?
We are always so busy rushing around that we simply forget to just be. We simply forget during that pull your hair out rush, that we could find some simple clarity if we simply just be for a moment.
Just being, is literally stopping and taking a deep big breath, releasing and just witnessing what is going on around you in a detached way.
If you are outside, it could be feeling the sun/wind/rain on your face. If you’re inside, it could be hearing the tv/radio or kids in the background. Coming back to your centre in that moment, can settle you back to calm, so you can carry on with your day a little less mindlessly, and a lot more focussed.
It doesn’t matter how long you do it for, just as long as you do! Give yourself the gift of simply being without the need to think, overanalyse, and run around like a headless chook.
You can still get everything done, but probably more effectively and consciously if you do this.
“I allow myself moments in my day, to simply just be”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

22 Aug.jpg

Always give it your best shot. Without needing the validation of the end result. Always give everything your all.
Whether it is giving all your focus to listening to a friend, to putting your all into a work commitment.
You are showing yourself and those around you, that you willingly give everything you have to doing everything. Which shows the universe you are willing to do anything necessary for yourself and your evolvement. And not needing validation?
Gives the universe free range to give you even bigger and better than you could ever imagine. It also shows you are willing, even if you fail. Which nothing is ever a fail, it is just a learning curve and shows what you don’t want.
By being open in such a positive way, you won’t be able to help magnetically drawing amazing things to you. So today, do everything as best as you can, just for the sake of doing it that way.
Put your confidence into the universe and your amazing spiritual pit crew to bring amazeball end results to you.
“I give everything my all without the need of validation”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You can do this


You can do this! Everything is within your grasp.
You have got this. You can do this. You so can do it!!
Whatever you are going through, whatever life you have made for yourself- you’ve got this.
You’ve created everything in your reality. How exciting! And even better, is you can change it any time you like because you can create anything you like.
If you’re super happy with your life, give yourself a pat on the back, for a job well done.
If there is something that is niggly and you want it to be different, do something about it!
Put it out there what you want different and take the inspired action to make it a reality.
You have the power!
Anything you put your mind to can come to fruition.
Good or bad.
So today, choose wisely. Think big. Let the universe in on the action and then get to it!
“I know I create my own reality, so I choose a good one”
The Angels have your back…
Do you have yours too?
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx