Dance like no one is watching

25 Aug.jpg

Dance like no one is watching.

It doesn’t matter how you dance, what you do or which song it is to, just dance.

Dance without a care of what you look like. Dropping all pretense and just simply feeling the song and the moment and going for it.

In moments like those, you are giving yourself permission to simply be you and what feels good. You are giving yourself permission to not have a care in the world on what you or anyone else thinks.

And when you give yourself this permission, wow swift energy shifts can happen because you are choosing to simply feel and be.

It shows the universe you are capable of going with the flow and not just going along with what people think you should do or be. This is where pure delight and magic happens.

You can bring pure magic and delight to your day anytime you act like no one else is watching, and if they are – who cares.

The only opinion that matters is your own. So today dance dance dance.

Involve all your senses and feelings into your movement, regardless of how it looks.

“I choose to dance, and live my life, like no one is watching”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



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  2. kimmiethegorgeous · August 25, 2019

    Dancin is so good for your health. Spirit mind and body.


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