Angel under the spotlightJeremal

Angel under the spotlight: Jeremal

Colour associated – Gold
See flecks of gold/ feel warm sensation down edge of back near ribs
Wild Roses song –
Lets embrace you in our comforting sure embrace. Feel the warmth of our love so pure and sure, never wavering. Step out, step out onto that ledge that will take you to places you have never been before. Knowing you are kept secure within the band of our ever present energy. Death and rebirth are close right now.
Will you let go and be free of what drags you. Of what you must release, of what you must try? There is no right or wrong here. It is up to you to take that leap of faith, to allow the end of something to race to the new. Either way I am here for you in what ever you choose. Just remember some paths are curly and murky, others are clear and true.
Jeremal is an Angel of doing. Favouring a masculine energy who is associated with AA Metatron.
‘Jeremal help seek my way clear’ can be used to help you through your day or to help you choose your way.

Amaze Yourself


Prepare to amaze yourself.

Anything you do, do it and amaze yourself.

Imagine if someone else had done it, how much you would cheerlead them on, and go do that to yourself!

When you know you are going to amaze yourself, each and every day – you bring a beautiful anticipation energy to you and how beautiful is that, to sooo look forward to what you may do!

You are an amazing being, capable of amazing things, so decide to KNOW this, with no hesitation, ifs or buts.

You’ve so got this!

So today, consciously choose to know you are going to do amazing things, no matter how big or small and rejoice in your awesomeness.

“I know I am capable of amazing things and I look forward to celebrating them each and every day”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Healing Meditations For You


The Healing Meditations are voice recordings where I channel my Guardian Angel, Ingrid, for a particular issue, through my voice. These are unlike anything you have ever heard – full of tones, song and much more!
They create a deep healing within, cracking open that inner light of yours to epic proportions, to create opportunity, evolvement and anything else it pleases that will help you on your path. The sky is really the limit to what it can do for you – just allow yourself to be open to anything and watch the magic happen.
It is also a co-creation so it will show you what YOU need to do for long lasting results. How much you benefit depends on how much you are ready and willing to do.
For orders, visit here.

Take Note!


Take note of what you are allowing in your life and adjust accordingly.

Seriously, it is time to take a long hard look at your life today and see what you are allowing to happen in your life.

Remember life isn’t happening TO you, it is happening FOR you.

So with that in mind – what are you allowing, that has no business being a part of your life??? What do you keep wishing was different, or wouldn’t happen or be treated?

Only you can change this dear one. Only you can throw the boundary down and say enough is enough. Yes we bring the experiences we need to in life, for our life purpose and learnings in this lifetime, but that doesn’t mean letting your so called life walk all over you. You can choose to see the good despite of the storm.

You can choose to work on yourself, to be rid of what you perceive as wrong. You can change anything going on in your life, regardless of how ‘out of your hands’ it may feel.

It is all up to you. It really is.

So today, remember this, and start taking back the wheel of your life.

Start realising you had the control all along.

Start reeling in your power and using it for good.

Start being the controller of your own destiny.

“I only allow the best in my llife, and let go of the rest”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

A New Day


It is a new day and you can make it what you want.

Technically any second you are alive, you can make it what you want. We, as amazing human beings, have this choice and free will that allows us to be any way we choose.

The only problem is, we are too hung up with the struggle and thinking that goes with it. We need to realise we are actually limitless beings and that positivity, abundance and all the good juju is actually our birthright, is actually all we are under our human clothing.

When we realise we can take the reins and choose to be this amazing, at any given moment. That is when amazingness happens. We don’t have to choose our first thoughts, our ‘automatic’ conditioning.

At any moment we can say no, let’s try something different.

Today, let that something different out to play.

Let’s break the norm and be fun loving again! Let’s manifest love, joy and peace into our world because we choose to! Every day you get to choose this.

Either doing the same old, or trying a different way. Oh being a negative nelly, or choosing to see goodness wherever you look.

This isn’t discounting the shit you are going through, but instead seeing the silver lining, despite the shit storm.

“I can choose at any moment, how I am going to be. I choose to see the silver lining in all”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



Is it time to stop running and turn around and face stuff?

This song was singing in my head as I got this message

Is it time to say stop!! And rather than running from everything… time to turn around and face it all head on?

Unless a lion is after you – there is nothing that can ‘kill’ you, so why do we keep running away in fear?

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn to stop running and instead tackle our crap from head on.

Embrace what we are trying to run from.

Realising nothing is going to change by always running.

So today the Angels want you to remember to stop running and start tackling.

It can only make you stronger and your life better for it.

You don’t need to keep hiding and running from those blah things anymore.

You have the power to tackle anything life throws at you.

So today, and every day. Honour yourself and stop running and start making the evolvement you want to make.

“I stand firm and tackle things head on, knowing I am supported and powerful”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You’re An Abundance Magnet


You are an abundance magnet.

Draw it all in. Oh my, if only you knew just how powerful your magnet truly is – you would never worry ever again!!

The Angels remind you today to feel that fire within- and use it to draw that abundance to you! See yourself as a truly abundant person. Like really see it.

See yourself in that beautiful home that is perfect for you. Driving that car that is on your dreamers list. Buying whatever you need and happily handing over your card. Seeing the zero’s in your savings account.

Did you see that?? Did you feel how amazing that felt? Did you stand tall and know that that is going to come to pass because you feel it in your heart?

Be that person already, regardless of your current situation.

Know that you deserve this and attract that mofo. Stop focussing on the crap and start seeing your vision into reality. You can do it!

“I draw all the abundance in and live my life like it has already come to pass”

Bring it in, draw it in. It is up to you to bring this to pass.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx