1. Donna Frasca · November 7, 2015

    What a great blog! You just posted a comment on my blog, Angel Hug 2:34 [ http://angelhug234.com ] and I’d love to add some comments to yours but don’t see any places to do so. I love your post about meditation. I truly believe that Spirit only gives us β€œmoments” when we are ready for it. It seemed like you had so much anxiety and worry that your team just said, β€œlet’s wait until she finds her chill the we’ll show her what she can do.” You’re right about that ego, let that go and just think from your heart. You’ll win every time. Love your blog – just subscribed and you just inspired me to write one today. I’m linking up to you. Thank you so much.

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  2. gettingthroughanxiety · November 22, 2015

    Thanks for following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading yours! πŸ™‚


  3. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes · December 4, 2015


    Thank you so much for finding my blog, liking a few posts and following me


  4. healingpilgrim · December 6, 2015

    Julia, I’m grateful that you dropped by my blog.. so that I’d be introduced to yours πŸ˜‰ I met my angels/guides a few years ago, on a day that I tumbled 10 meters off a bridge and, well… they were there for me, in ways that can only be described as serendipitous, miraculous and leaving no room for doubt. It made no ‘sense’ that I survived. And yet. It felt as if, with all the doubts and difficulties I’d been struggling with till then, I needed to get a powerful message directly from spirit. I got it. In droves. I look forward to following your journey. Blessings from Bali…

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    • yellowwolf80 · December 6, 2015

      How beautiful – not the falling off a bridge part (but obviously a big event needed to jolt you!)
      I can’t wait to follow both our journeys xx

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  5. YesterdayAfter · December 6, 2015

    Hi Julia thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and for the Follow I follow you back! You have a nice Blog, inspiring! I hope that you enjoy my Art I am looking forward to get to know you πŸ˜‰


  6. 2ndhalfolife · December 9, 2015

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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  7. Megha Agrawal · December 11, 2015

    Like your blog, full of positive energy. Had great time reading your post. Felling inspired and relaxed. Following you to get regular dose of positive vibes.

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    • yellowwolf80 · December 12, 2015

      Oh thank you that is lovely and so glad you are enjoying!


  8. deeinnz · December 12, 2015

    Hi Julia, Thanks for all the likes and for following my blog. I look forward to discovering yours πŸ™‚

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  9. Barbara Franken · December 13, 2015

    So pleased to meet you, thank you for coming to my blog, Barbara xxx

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  10. Ngobesing Romanus · December 17, 2015

    You have an amazing blog here. I look forward to reading more.

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  11. thebikinibookworm · December 31, 2015

    I have nominated you for the Spirit Animal Blog Award πŸ™‚ http://thebikinibookworm.com/2015/12/30/spirit-animal-blog-award/

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  12. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for visiting my site as I will follow your journey! πŸ™‚

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  13. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes · February 2, 2016
  14. prog chik · February 15, 2016

    Glad we could connect, Yellow Wolf.

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  15. coachjerry · March 13, 2016

    Julia, thank you for stopping by my 80Insights blog. I’m glad you liked my post, “Happiness is a Balloon?” I hope you’ll stop by often and follow my progress through the Life of Happiness class. I’ll be following your blog here as I’m anxious to hear your insights on your life journey.

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  16. Cezane & Michelle · April 21, 2016

    Looking forward to share time with you in your journey. You have a sensational blog! Cheers! to new friendship! – Cezane πŸ™‚


  17. SheryLβ™₯ · July 17, 2016

    Hi, Julia! Thanks a lot for the follow! Great blog! πŸ™‚

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  18. clarepooley33 · July 23, 2016

    Thank-you so much for visiting my blog and for the follow. You have a great blog here and I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts this evening.

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  20. Daisy in the Willows · July 25, 2016

    Thank you for being a part of the willows. THIS IS NO ORDINARY #SHOUTOUT CHECK IT OUT! https://daisywillows.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/mind-blown/ love your FB PAGE LIKED IT TOO


  21. Soul Gifts · July 29, 2016

    i do believe it is not an accident that I discovered you πŸ™‚

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  23. relationspdbeverly · August 10, 2016

    Thanks for checking out my blog and following my blog, Julia! I am now following you and enjoying yours as well.

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  24. Karina Pinella · August 12, 2016

    Thanks for visiting and the follow. I look forward to exploring your blog.


  25. quiall · August 16, 2016

    It sounds like you have an ‘old soul’! That is precious. Thanks for following my blog.


  26. forgivingjournal · August 19, 2016

    Very nice to meet you, Aria-Bella! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. You are so welcome here. Many blessings your way. Love and Light — Debbie

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  27. forgivingjournal · August 19, 2016

    ps – if you’d ever like to share your experience with forgiveness, I’d love to hear it!! You can go to “Share Your Story” in my blog, or email me at weloveyou@forgivingconnects.com. πŸ™‚ Take care

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  28. ghostmmnc · August 19, 2016

    Thanks so much for the follow at my place! Feel free to visit any time! I’ll enjoy reading your posts, too! Wishing you a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚

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  29. nicci kelly · August 20, 2016

    Thanks for inspiring and writing on the blog. Looking forward to reading more. Check out revealed8.com when you can..God Bless!


  30. adrianapridemore · August 26, 2016

    Thanks for the follow! I hope that I live up to it lol!

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  31. Bernadette · August 31, 2016

    Julia, I am looking forward to reading more of your beautiful blog.

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  32. Miriam · September 21, 2016

    Hi Julia, how lovely to meet you. Thank you for coming by my blog and following me, I’m so glad to find your blog. I can already tell it resonates with me on a deep level. Look forward to reading more and getting to know you through your blog. Warmest wishes from down under.

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  33. Carol Ferenc · October 3, 2016

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I look forward to exploring here!


  34. Leya · October 11, 2016

    Thank you for following my blog today – I will just have to find out more about you!

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  35. The Showers of Blessing · November 3, 2016

    Hi Julia, thank you for following my blog. You got my follow so we are in the same community, and I love to read some more of your post. Will be back soon. πŸ™‚

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  36. Wysjoyfulcompany · November 20, 2016

    #WWOW: Thank you for stopping by my place today. I am enjoying getting to read through your writings.

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  37. craftyboutiquebytam · January 7, 2017

    Good morning! =) Ty for visiting me. I greatly appreciate it. What a beautiful blog you have. I am looking foward to reading more of it. Have a great day!

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  38. Steph McCoy · January 9, 2017

    It’s so nice to meet you, Julia. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking one of my posts. I look forward to future visits here. Have a great day.

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  39. usathroughoureyes · January 23, 2017

    Hi Julia. We are so pleased you found our site thus allowing us to find yours. It is so refreshing to read the thoughts and feelings of someone that believes in love and the wonderful journey it affords us, if we just open our hearts and allow ourselves to listen. Yes, we are all on a journey and we look forward to following yours.

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  40. ladycee · March 11, 2017

    Hello Julia, just passing by to say hello and to thank you for sharing your link at LifeGrid. Your blog name is not unfamiliar to me but not sure where I’ve come across it before – perhaps the ‘Dream Big’ site?
    Anyway congrats. I see your post at LifeGrid received many views, I also note you appear to be a popular blogger garnering lots of comments, which are like gold dust!

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  41. Thanks for the dropping by my blog and the followed Julia, I hope we will be able to share more positive stories!
    Blessing to you. Rose

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  42. Image Earth Travel · November 1, 2017

    Great to meet you and look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Many thanks for stopping by and following my Travel and Photography blog. πŸ™‚

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  43. Madeline Bialecki · August 12, 2018

    Thank you for stopping by On a Journey and following–grateful for the chance to read your blog. Angels and spirit guides are so important to me, but I rarely talk directly about them. You have given me something to think about. Thanks


  44. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so pleased to meet you! πŸ™‚


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