Message to my Ego



I have realised I have been quite a meanie to my Ego. Blaming her for most bad things and whenever I have a human moment. I bag her in my blog and then expect her to treat me nicely, which let’s face it, would you be nice if blamed and shamed all the time?

My panic has been bad this week and it was only when Super J pointed out just how mean I have been to her that I realised Ego was putting on a show because of my hateful words.

So this is a blog to my Ego, a nice blog!

I want to take the time to Thank my Ego for being there all of my life. For protecting me from things she deemed unsafe and for putting me on the right path when I could have gone many other unsavoury ways. She has always been a guiding light to me in my darkest days, when I ignored my spiritual path and was drifting soullessly through my days. My Ego has always tried to be my voice of reason no matter if I tried to ignore her or not.


I realise the mistake has been on my behalf. I was the one who gave full responsibility to Ego and expected her to be able to lead my life, playing all the parts of me that she just cannot be expected to play. I was the one who allowed myself to dwell in her musings and not listen to the rest of me, knowing full well that Ego’s part is to question things, to make sure things are safe, and so forth.

So it is up to me to take back some of that Power and start to distribute evenly so I can live a more joyous, spiritual life. Some of Ego’s upset is that I have been doing just that, and she is feeling a little unloved when she has been the leader and my right hand man for most of my life. Know this Ego, I still love you and need you, I just don’t need you to take such a front and centre role anymore. I thank you for everything you have ever done for me and for keeping me super safe up until now. When I feel you at my side, I will still stop and see if what I am doing/saying etc. is the right thing to do, but do not get discouraged if I don’t follow your path, as we have both been too used to wrapping me in a big protective bundle and sitting in a room to be as safe as possible, so it is time we both branched out.

It is just time to try things a little differently and start really living and enjoying this human life. Knowing we have the full universe, our guides and all those other wonderful spiritual beings, human and otherwise at our side to help us along this unchartered path. I know there is going to be hiccups and side steps but I am willing to try if you are.

I love you Ego…


Have you been mean to your Ego, or started ignoring when you have always listened? Perhaps you too can take a moment to Thank and be nice to your Ego today and GENTLY let them know if their particular assistance is not necessary for that moment.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Soul guide meet and greet


When I was doing a beginners spirituality course with the Super J, one of the subjects we touched on was connecting with your soul guide – that wonderful light being who has been with you since birth. Now while I always knew we had guides, angels etc. and remember talking to my ‘imaginary friends’ when I was younger,  the thought of connecting with my own soul guide, had my Ego standing at attention, defending its spot as my right hand man.

I was told mine had a beautiful grandmotherly warm feeling to her that sounded beautiful but still I was resisting (or Ego was resisting more to the point). We were encouraged to begin talking to them and try to connect with them. Asking them to step into our energy and so forth to begin that connection and knowing how to tell it was them…

I SUCKED!!!!! I could not get myself out of my head, and the more I forced it, the worse it became. Ego was definitely in control and resisting this most beautiful connection.

Super J had a one on one session with me to try and connect with her. One and half hours later, and I still wasn’t getting anywhere, apart from shaky and panicky. Super J managed to calm me down and got me to let go and finally…. A tickling through my hair and down my arm that made me giggle and lighten up which is exactly what she was after! Then the most overwhelming feeling of unconditional love poured over me that caused tears to rain down my face before I even knew I was moved to shed them!

Now I’d like to say that from here on out, me and my soul guide were like two peas in a pod… but no, Ego was still hanging in there quite nicely and the connection was still not hugely there, and I wasn’t taking the time to strengthen it.

I was told to try and find her name out and kept getting Mother Mary over and over again. As you can imagine Ego jumped all over that one and scoffed and said there was NOOOO way it can be that, so I ignored my instinct and forgot about it.

It was when I began my mentoring sessions with Super J that things began to change. I realised that the tickling feeling on top of my head that I was feeling all the time was indeed my soul guide and not some annoying unseen bug I could never find.  I mentioned the Mary name that I had been getting as a bit of a joke, and wouldn’t you know it, Mary is her name!!! She had been using Mother Mary to really try and grab my attention (not that it helped with Ego on board).

Once I had a name and Super J’s homework to do, something deep inside shifted and the connection was on as Ego was forced to take a backseat way back in the trunk.

I was very dedicated and started my one hour weekly sessions with Mary where I would sit, do my protecting rituals and start. I found it easier to get her to pull an oracle card as that seemed to get the ball rolling, and then I would auto write anything she wanted to tell me.

It was during these sessions that other guides starting popping out of the woodwork, but more on them later!

Now it seems like Mary is just a part of me, much like my hair or skin. I don’t need to sit down and concentrate to connect and get information like I used too, it’s now an automatic part of me that just happens, unless Ego is having a control day, then it can be a little harder but not impossible. I will still sit down if I need answers or feel the need but I am learning to listen to all of them on a daily basis.

It is the most amazing feeling in the world to know and have your guides standing by your side giving you love and unconditional support in whichever way you need it. My spiritual skills have greatly increased as I learn from them, listen to them and reconnect back in with my inner light.

Have you met your guides? How do you connect with your guides if you do? I would love to hear your stories!

Don’t stress if you are finding it hard, just know it will come!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx