Count all of your blessings.


Count all of your blessings. Especially the ones you find in the murkiness.
Counting our blessings – giving appreciation and gratitude to all that has been, is, who we are, who we were – is one of the best things we can give ourselves. It is literally a gift we can hand to ourselves every day.
What I especially love, is going deep into the ‘darkness’ to find some blessings from situations that we didn’t necessarily like, that may have pissed us off, or upset us.
Because when you can find blessings in those – wowsers look out!
You are on your way to enlightenment!!
There is ALWAYS going to be a blessing in anything and everything you can think of.
You may have to dig a little deeper, or maybe think with your heart rather than your mind.
But I promise they are there, just waiting to be picked.
Each day, count your blessings.
And feel your heart get a little lighter with each blessing you uncover.
“I choose to find the blessing in every situation I am in”
Happy picking.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Are you willing to take it?


Are you willing to take it? To grab it with both hands and go for it?
Are you willing to pluck that thought, idea, experience, whatever it may be out of the air and do something with it?
Or are you going to let it drift by while you longingly gaze at it and beat yourself up for doing nothing with it?
It is all up to you, but I know which I would rather choose.
Today be brave enough to grab it, even if you don’t know what the heck to do with it just yet.
The simple act of reaching out for it will start the unfolding process that will show you what to do next.
So are you willing to reach out and grab it today?
Go on I dare you.
“I reach out with both hands, the magic that is presented to me. Knowing the instructions will unfold when needed”
Here’s to reaching. To grabbing.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You can either climb mountains or wander leisurely over a small hill


You can either climb mountains or wander leisurely over a small hill.

It is entirely up to you. It is entirely up to you. You can either make it seem bigger than Mt Everest, huff and puff and begrudge what you are doing.

Or you can simply accept, and casually wander that lesson like you are taking a gentle walk over a hill.

Relishing in the view, taking in the wisdom and generally having a wonderful time.

It is all a choice on our behalf. Yes shit can get hard. Yes you may not wanna do it (queue throwing the dummy out the cot).

But if you simply accept that this is needed. Stop pushing and pulling and simply surrendering. Then damn your climb just got a 100% easier.

It is all how we perceive something. All how we choose to react. You are capable of many a great thing, so why make it an even harder challenge, when you totally got this in the bag already.

Seriously, choose to accept, surrender and get on with it today.

Choose to see the beauty lining your path, rather than the pickles and steep ascents you may come across. Did I mention you’ve got this?

“I choose to see the beauty on my path to greatness and surrender to it”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Let it all out in a way that feels good for you


Let it all out in a way that feels good for you.

One of the worst things we can do to ourselves, is stuffing our emotions, thoughts and feelings down into ourselves. Like the WORST.

So today, choose to let shit out in a way that feels good for you.

It could be screaming into a pillow, exercise, writing it out, talking it out. Whatever works for you, do that!

When we push it down, push it away. We are not holding a space for it to be heard.

And when we don’t let it out, that is when wonderful disease, illness and stress come and play in our body.

It is all unprocessed shit that you have allowed to build up, build up, till there is am explosion because the body just cannot contain anymore and it has to be let out some way.

So before we get to the explosion, do yourself a favour and let it out as you experience it. Get it out to feel it out.

“I love myself enough to feel and process any thought, feeling and emotion so that it can leave in a blessed way”

Let it go, let it go, let it go!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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You are ticking closer to your ultimate


You are ticking closer to your ultimate.

Every second, of every day, you are ticking closer to your ultimate.

Now what you are choosing as your ultimate is the question.

Are you dreaming big, putting all of your hell yeses into it and picturing the best life possible? Or are you allowing yourself to be pulled under by the mundane, wishing your life was different, but throwing all the negative juju and why me’s into it for extra measure?

Nothing good can come from hating on life, wishing for something different yet not even being able to see how fab it could actually be.

Here’s a clue, if you are living – then that is freaking amazing!

Not everyone gets to see this new day. Not everyone can grasp the magic of just an ordinary day, and turn into extraordinary, just by being happy.

So the Angels want you to see your big picture.

The ultimate day, week, month, year and life. To the most amazing of your ability.

Go large with your positive imagining. Then keep that awesome feeling and image alive each and every day..

Until one day you look around and see you have quite literally walked into that fairytale. You can do it. If you believe.

Remember each small step, small second is leading to your ultimate, so let that ultimate be grand.

“I hold my ultimate life true in my heart and see it unfolding each day”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

I am ready to take responsibility in my life


Responsibility is all it takes to show the world you are ready to heal and shine.
When you take responsibility, it means you are standing up for yourself, waving your hand in the air and saying I am ready.
I am ready to take responsibility in my life and how I am.
Too often, we want to blame anything we can outside of us, but never willing to look at the actual culprit. And that is ourselves.
Honestly no matter what this particular lifetime has thrown at you, or even your past ones really. What matters is how you are, your reactions to things and how long we let things linger, or not linger enough.
Stuff that other people do are out of our hands, we cannot control it. We cannot help what others may do or say to us.
But what we can control is our reaction to it, how we let things change us. How we let things fester and throw all blame to others.
The Angels want to remind us that we have the power to take responsibility and change the effects at any time we choose.
The power is in us accepting that we allowed something to change us, affect us and now we are taking the power back and saying no more!
Yes, we get given some sucky experiences. But are we going to let them drag us down, or are we going to let them be our life jackets?
That is what we get to decide.
“I take responsibility and allow my world to change for the better because of it”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Bring it all in together and feel for the meaning


Bring it all in together and feel for the meaning.
Sometimes the universe only gives us little messages to decipher.
Little hints and nudges that we need to interpret.
Yet sometimes we don’t, we ignore them or thank them without asking if there is anything here we need to know or do.
So today, it is time to start asking.
To start sitting with the little nuggets and working out if there is something we need to do with this information.
If there is a learning, or aha, or action we need to take with this?
Let it sink in while it is still a little nugget and do what needs to be done, rather than wait for the wrecking ball nugget. It will only get bigger and bigger if we do nothing with the information at hand.
Learn to lean into everything.
Learn that everything usually has something to say.
“I allow myself to see the learning, the action I need to take in every gift from the universe”
Happy deciphering.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Money and miracles are coming your way!


Money and miracles are coming your way!
Believe in it!
If you knew that without a doubt, money and all sorts of wonderful miracles were coming your way, guaranteed- how differently would you act?
Would you worry less? Would you have a calm self-assurance because you knew, always, that everything was going to be ok? Was going to work out?
Today the Angels want to remind you, that if you believe it to be so, it will come true! That if you threw all your faith into believing it was going to manifest, it would.
Instead of throwing your manifesting skills into the worry and doubt, that then brings bills, lack of money and more problems than you can poke a stick at. How you feel, what you think, what you believe are all powerful tools that bring you what you want.
Which takes those thoughts and does what it can to bring it to reality for you. So start being mindful, start believing that you are this extraordinary powerful being that can get anything they want.
Start using your skills for all the good juju rather than the crap.
“I know I can manifest my desires with ease, so I keep positive”
Know it with all your heart, body and soul, and watch that money roll in, and the miracles happen.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Do grounding


If you only do one thing, do grounding.

So you can be grounded. If you only do one thing each day. Get grounded.

Be it putting your feet consciously on the ground to connect, checking in with your body, doing visualisation- no matter what, spend a few seconds doing this each day.

Why? Because it helps to place you firmly in your body and connects you to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

It helps to bring you back to the here and now. It centres you in a way that dissolves some of those icky feelings we can feel throughout the day. It can clear the cobwebs in your mind, so you can make better decisions and judgements.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be fully present in our bodies and in our connection to Earth.

“I ground to connect me to the beauty of my body and to Mother Earth, who gracefully lends us her strength”

Start connecting today and see the difference it can begin to make in your day.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Attempt the unexpected


Attempt the unexpected.
If you keep doing what you always do, you are going to get the same results.
So today, why don’t you switch it up a bit, and attempt a new way, an unexpected way that just may work a little better than the norm.
And if it doesn’t- no biggie! You haven’t lost anything but a moment.
The Angels want to remind us that we are here to experience the full range of life. And doing the same thing day after day is most certainly not experiencing it!
If you are stuck with what to try or do, ask them for help, that is what they are here for after all.
“Angels help to assist me to experience life in the most fantastic way possible and show me the best way forward in this situation, for my highest good”
And enjoy this newfound way of being!
So today, do something a little different, try something new – doesn’t have to be huge… And the next day and the next.
Get used to, and enjoy doing the unexpected…
You may just learn to love it!
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx