Morning Bliss


I have started a new morning routine the last couple of days and I must say I am loving it and really feeling the benefits of starting out my day this way.

I have been waking myself up just as the sky is starting to lighten but is still predominantly dark, rugging myself up as it has been a little chilly here in the mornings as Autumn starts to really take hold and taking myself into the back yard and laying out on the sun lounger with a blanket with my furry sidekick Tex.

I play some soothing noises in the background, just enough to hear it but not drown out all of the natural noises going on around me and I become mindfully still. For a short while I may close my eyes, but otherwise they are open, taking in the beauty around me.

The sun rises and slowly paints everything a beautiful golden colour, and if I am lucky – the clouds will be a beautiful mix of purple and pinks as it was this morning before turning golden themselves.

The moon is still nice and bright at this time, slowly making its way to saying sweet dreams and good night and there are a few stars that stay until the sun gets too bright and they fade away.

Today that really got me to thinking as I never really paid much attention to it apart from in the night they are there and when the sun is up they are not. I guess if you think of the sky in childlike terms – you could almost imagine it being a totally different sky that you are seeing, that they somehow leave and come back when it is time for them to do their thing. But really it is all still there, the only difference is that the sun is shining so brilliantly that it blocks out all of what you could see in the night sky.

And they made me really think on this and then they showed me that it is the same as our shadow selves. Our less than wanted traits and ways of being. If we allow our light – our own personal sun – to shine brightly then it overrides these shadows BUT the most important thing here is that they are still there. They are just outshone by your incredible light.  

So therefore it is not about getting rid of those shadows or making them better and all the things we want to do to them short of bombing them – it is all about letting your light shine brighter than anything else. They can still be in the background – just like you can sometimes see the silhouette of the moon during the day but just don’t pay them any attention. Just allow yourself to feel that light, be that light and know it is connected to Source so how can you go wrong?

Enjoy being your light, enjoy knowing the shadows are there any time you require them or not as the case may be. Know that they help to make up the whole of you so therefore how can they be bad? Just learn to see them and treat them with your pure light.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



Divine Intelligence

Your power base – Divine Intelligence is your connection to yourself and Source. It is your way of coping and being.

 I had an amazing session with a lady I have been working with that goes into feelings and emotions in the body and talking with them amongst many other things. After working through another feeling in a different part of the body – I started feeling a really jittery nervous energy in my chest creeping up towards my throat almost like rain on a window or ants marching. Kind of like the first feelings of a panic attack, which of course my mind went to straight away.

After describing what it was like – A little white cartoon figure turned away cowering in the shadows really nervous and frightened, I had to sit next to it and see what else it had to say without being bogged down in the feeling. It was then that strange and wonderful things started to occur.

Firstly I saw big titanium metals doors slamming shut (think space ship doors that go from top to bottom and meet in the middle rather than a normal door) and I got that this was the part of me that helped keep anything and everything out. Breathing into it though and probing further I started to see beautiful golden neural pathways being lit up and going to this same area. Which was really quite trippy and at first I was unsure of where this was leading me as it was changing around so much. I sensed that this is where all my panicky thoughts and nervousness travelled to.

The feeling changed again and I was getting a big feeling of connection to Divine Source and All that is and it being this candle lit up with the flame strong and sure inside.

When asked what it needed from me – I felt that no matter what I was feeling, doing and so forth, that I could and should always come back to this part of me to seek the choices I needed, the intuition and knowledge I sought and everything in between. It made me realise that my jittery panic feeling also stemmed from this and that it was my power base, my navigation system or as I love to call it  – Divine Intelligence.

It proved to me that my Ego and so called bad parts are not necessarily solely to blame for my panic and so called bad things that have been a part of my life. It was my Divine Intelligence keeping me safe in the way I needed at the time and that it was now time to start using it in a different way. It is my power base and that jittery feeling is its way of being known and that it was up to me to decide how big a step I wanted to take into my power and if I wanted to listen to what it had to say. Given my panic disorder, I think it is safe to say that I have ignored it up to this point in my life, but that definitely changes today.

It was beautiful allowing that peaceful, loving, calming energy of Source in and to know that although I was still feeling the remnants of the jittery feeling – that it was okay and would pass, just trust and feel the Divine Source.

It is also a wonderful feeling that I could use the same navigation system that provided my panic and so forth to start gaining control and stepping into my power. It is a daunting feeling thinking that you have to kick Ego etc. to the kerb or at least to the back seat and start all over again but this feeling gave me the knowledge that it is the same system – it is just up to us how we use it.

So from today I am going to listen to my Divine Intelligence. I am going to feel and hear what it has to say when it crops up as a feeling, thought, emotion and even panic, and rather than get brought down by the panicking sensation, I am really going to listen to what it has to say on the matter and the choices I have in regards to it. It really was the perfect day to have this navigation system be known to me in this capacity as I step up and out more and more often.

I feel my Divine Intelligence in my heart space and belly so I now place my hands there and really tune in to that amazing feeling of oneness, peace and love that feeling Source brings. Sit and try and find out where you feel your connection to All that is and bring your hands to sit there as well so that you can really feel it and bring yourself back to it in those moments when you need to.

And just know that all those not so pleasant thoughts, feelings and emotions – started asking them what they want to show you or let you know. What amazing things are you going to learn from them that are going to set your world alight in the most extraordinary way?

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


What does it mean to you? Forever and a day it has held quite negative connotations for me. Today though, I have made the conscious decision to start seeing it in a new light.

Growing up in a less than idyll childhood, it made me feel very out of control. As of course it would, you do not have much control as a child – it is all up to your parents to provide that in a loving and kind way. When there are so many things that you want to change, that you can even recognise as a child, that out of control feeling just grew and grew.

When I got to an age where I could be in charge of my own life and therefore control, I decided to take it to the extreme. Yet at the same time there still felt like there was still so much out of control stuff happening to me, that again I tightened the reins on what I knew and felt like I could control.

Suffering from a panic disorder made my life feel almost back to that small child feeling – really out of control and like I couldn’t do anything about it. So I unknowingly started controlling what I felt I could – my emotions, my eating, those around me. It also came to light today that although I felt out of control in my childhood and where my mum was concerned, her ways although hidden were actually controlling me in a very big way, and that I was unconsciously following the same pattern.

It was only when I decided to take responsibility that all of my controls, or lack thereof, started to slowly change. Because let’s face it, everything I was experiencing, no matter how out of control it may have felt – was actually something I could control and take action against.

Even today, I still see control in a negative light. It was only after my mentor session with Super J this morning that she gently reminded me that control can be really positive and lovingly enforced. I just hadn’t gotten to really see that in my life.  To do some big affirmations around being safely in control, and that I am always in control. She also encouraged me to do some exploring around the word and the other words that it can be described with.

I am really glad that I am such a good student as I did exactly that and imagine my surprise when I stumbled across some definitions and synonyms like Command, Mastery and Ascendancy. Those are amazingly powerful words that do not make me feel negative or bad in any way and actually lift and inspire me, and has helped to slowly change my thought pattern around the word control.

It is time to accept and allow all that has been and forgive myself for it and realise that now it is up to me to take the reins as a 35 year old woman and start being in control of my own destiny and path. That control when done correctly can be positive and loving and to exert it the right way yet to also  know when to allow and let the universe lead the way, it is a beautiful balancing act that I am looking forward to embracing.

So today I choose to say no more. I choose to firmly say – I am in control, I am always in control. I choose to do it in a lovingly positive way. I choose to stand tall and proud and no longer let anything in my life feel like it controls me. Because I am the creator of my reality and I own it fully.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Funky feelings and Signs

I love being open to signs everywhere. It really helps me know that I am not on this spiritual journey on my own and that I have such a wonderful spiritual ‘pit crew’.


Yesterday was a bit of a rollercoaster day, I was feeling great one moment and then a little funky the next. I know what the trigger was as I had been set a money manifesting challenge in my Masters Class that began bringing up some feelings of worthiness and crazily enough feelings of uh oh if I do manage to manifest the money I have stated then what else could I accidentally manifest and gee does that mean that I have been responsible for past moments in my life both good or bad by putting out certain vibes?!

So in a nutshell it was a tricky one. After acknowledging and working through some of those issues if needed, loving, forgiving and thanking myself, I had to go and don my adult mortgage broking hat as I had a customer appointment that evening.

Now I struggle with these on a good day sometimes as my panic tries to get the best of me in the hopes that I will turn that car around and go on back home. Being the up and down kind of day it was, my inner caveman (what I am dubbing my ego these days) was waving the club in quite a big way.

I was sat at a red traffic light, trying not to think that it was red and I had nowhere to go when I felt the need to look up. And lo and behold there on the side of a little car, was a human lady with beautiful huge angel wings that took up most of the back end of the car. It was totally beautiful and a never seen before in my life kind of moment, that it bought a tear to my eye as well as a laugh and a little nudge to pull up those big girl panties and get on with it.

The niggly funky feeling came back when I was around the corner from my appointment and having a drive around as I was a few minutes early. I was being my own inner cheerleader – trying to boost myself up and not necessarily succeeding when again I felt that little nudge that said to pay attention. As I looked up at just the right moment, I passed a street called Merlin Street. Now to some it may seem like a so what moment. But to me, I just had to laugh as I have a new guide that has come through called Myrddin, who was the original Merlin, and although connecting has been quite different and difficult compared to my other guides, He will do random things like that to let me know he is around.

With those two beautiful signs, not only did it remind me that I am not alone and that the universe and my pit crew totally have my back, but that it is also time to really start stepping up and breaking through those comfort barriers that I have erected for myself and start really being my jumping, cartwheeling cheerleader – whether I need to fake it till I make it at first or not.

It also made me realise that yes indeed what we think helps to manifest in our lives. When I was thinking low vibe/panicky thoughts – you can bet that I was struggling, yet when I switched those off – I was totally fine… Gives you plenty of food for thought doesn’t it?


Do you take the time to notice the signs from your loved ones and spiritual pit crew? Really start being aware day to day and you really will be amazed at all the beautiful signs they have to show you.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx