Funky feelings and Signs

I love being open to signs everywhere. It really helps me know that I am not on this spiritual journey on my own and that I have such a wonderful spiritual ‘pit crew’.


Yesterday was a bit of a rollercoaster day, I was feeling great one moment and then a little funky the next. I know what the trigger was as I had been set a money manifesting challenge in my Masters Class that began bringing up some feelings of worthiness and crazily enough feelings of uh oh if I do manage to manifest the money I have stated then what else could I accidentally manifest and gee does that mean that I have been responsible for past moments in my life both good or bad by putting out certain vibes?!

So in a nutshell it was a tricky one. After acknowledging and working through some of those issues if needed, loving, forgiving and thanking myself, I had to go and don my adult mortgage broking hat as I had a customer appointment that evening.

Now I struggle with these on a good day sometimes as my panic tries to get the best of me in the hopes that I will turn that car around and go on back home. Being the up and down kind of day it was, my inner caveman (what I am dubbing my ego these days) was waving the club in quite a big way.

I was sat at a red traffic light, trying not to think that it was red and I had nowhere to go when I felt the need to look up. And lo and behold there on the side of a little car, was a human lady with beautiful huge angel wings that took up most of the back end of the car. It was totally beautiful and a never seen before in my life kind of moment, that it bought a tear to my eye as well as a laugh and a little nudge to pull up those big girl panties and get on with it.

The niggly funky feeling came back when I was around the corner from my appointment and having a drive around as I was a few minutes early. I was being my own inner cheerleader – trying to boost myself up and not necessarily succeeding when again I felt that little nudge that said to pay attention. As I looked up at just the right moment, I passed a street called Merlin Street. Now to some it may seem like a so what moment. But to me, I just had to laugh as I have a new guide that has come through called Myrddin, who was the original Merlin, and although connecting has been quite different and difficult compared to my other guides, He will do random things like that to let me know he is around.

With those two beautiful signs, not only did it remind me that I am not alone and that the universe and my pit crew totally have my back, but that it is also time to really start stepping up and breaking through those comfort barriers that I have erected for myself and start really being my jumping, cartwheeling cheerleader – whether I need to fake it till I make it at first or not.

It also made me realise that yes indeed what we think helps to manifest in our lives. When I was thinking low vibe/panicky thoughts – you can bet that I was struggling, yet when I switched those off – I was totally fine… Gives you plenty of food for thought doesn’t it?


Do you take the time to notice the signs from your loved ones and spiritual pit crew? Really start being aware day to day and you really will be amazed at all the beautiful signs they have to show you.


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



  1. Palmina · March 16, 2016

    Absolutely resonated on all levels! Loved it! On my walk/jog today (doing a bit of both lol) I had a dragon fly and Bee fly right in front of me. This afternoon I was in the back garden and I saw two feathers. Both were grey; one was a baby one and the other, I would put in the 8/9 year range. My guides are definitely giving me nudges and I’m responding! Thank you for an amazing, syncronistical, blog! ❤

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  2. dray0308 · November 17, 2016

    Reblogged this on DREAM BIG DREAM OFTEN and commented:
    Do you believe that occurrences in life are signs to direct you on a spiritual level?


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