Divine Intelligence

Your power base – Divine Intelligence is your connection to yourself and Source. It is your way of coping and being.

 I had an amazing session with a lady I have been working with that goes into feelings and emotions in the body and talking with them amongst many other things. After working through another feeling in a different part of the body – I started feeling a really jittery nervous energy in my chest creeping up towards my throat almost like rain on a window or ants marching. Kind of like the first feelings of a panic attack, which of course my mind went to straight away.

After describing what it was like – A little white cartoon figure turned away cowering in the shadows really nervous and frightened, I had to sit next to it and see what else it had to say without being bogged down in the feeling. It was then that strange and wonderful things started to occur.

Firstly I saw big titanium metals doors slamming shut (think space ship doors that go from top to bottom and meet in the middle rather than a normal door) and I got that this was the part of me that helped keep anything and everything out. Breathing into it though and probing further I started to see beautiful golden neural pathways being lit up and going to this same area. Which was really quite trippy and at first I was unsure of where this was leading me as it was changing around so much. I sensed that this is where all my panicky thoughts and nervousness travelled to.

The feeling changed again and I was getting a big feeling of connection to Divine Source and All that is and it being this candle lit up with the flame strong and sure inside.

When asked what it needed from me – I felt that no matter what I was feeling, doing and so forth, that I could and should always come back to this part of me to seek the choices I needed, the intuition and knowledge I sought and everything in between. It made me realise that my jittery panic feeling also stemmed from this and that it was my power base, my navigation system or as I love to call it  – Divine Intelligence.

It proved to me that my Ego and so called bad parts are not necessarily solely to blame for my panic and so called bad things that have been a part of my life. It was my Divine Intelligence keeping me safe in the way I needed at the time and that it was now time to start using it in a different way. It is my power base and that jittery feeling is its way of being known and that it was up to me to decide how big a step I wanted to take into my power and if I wanted to listen to what it had to say. Given my panic disorder, I think it is safe to say that I have ignored it up to this point in my life, but that definitely changes today.

It was beautiful allowing that peaceful, loving, calming energy of Source in and to know that although I was still feeling the remnants of the jittery feeling – that it was okay and would pass, just trust and feel the Divine Source.

It is also a wonderful feeling that I could use the same navigation system that provided my panic and so forth to start gaining control and stepping into my power. It is a daunting feeling thinking that you have to kick Ego etc. to the kerb or at least to the back seat and start all over again but this feeling gave me the knowledge that it is the same system – it is just up to us how we use it.

So from today I am going to listen to my Divine Intelligence. I am going to feel and hear what it has to say when it crops up as a feeling, thought, emotion and even panic, and rather than get brought down by the panicking sensation, I am really going to listen to what it has to say on the matter and the choices I have in regards to it. It really was the perfect day to have this navigation system be known to me in this capacity as I step up and out more and more often.

I feel my Divine Intelligence in my heart space and belly so I now place my hands there and really tune in to that amazing feeling of oneness, peace and love that feeling Source brings. Sit and try and find out where you feel your connection to All that is and bring your hands to sit there as well so that you can really feel it and bring yourself back to it in those moments when you need to.

And just know that all those not so pleasant thoughts, feelings and emotions – started asking them what they want to show you or let you know. What amazing things are you going to learn from them that are going to set your world alight in the most extraordinary way?

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



  1. Crystal Stone · March 29, 2016

    I love your process and honor the parts of you that have been hidden for so long. We are on similar paths, learning to trust and listen to our own divine Intlligence. My process has been enlightening as well and it’s beautiful to watch and listen to your journey inward as you love the inner most parts of your being that have been kept quiet for so many years. You inspire me to continue doing the same.

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  2. Gen · March 30, 2016

    Powerful indeed!

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  3. dray0308 · March 3, 2017

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    This is Aria-Bella Rises!


  4. alalyak · March 4, 2017

    This was touching, truly. I definitely share the perspective that our various “unexplainable” emotions, thoughts, sensations are simply messages from our divine intelligence. Spirit communicates to us in any way it can depending on the individual. We all receive it differently 🙂 This is a beautiful post, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to follow you and your journey. Sending you tons of love and light 💖

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