Fake it till you make it


Fake it till you make it.
Live it like it’s already come to pass… Then one day soon you will realise you ARE living it and killing it at this thing called life.
You’ve totally got this!
If there is something you truly want, a life you want to be a certain way.
Then believe in it.
Believe in yourself that you will make it come to pass.
Start acting like it has, every second of every day.
And then BAM, one day you will turn around and realise that it is here, you’re doing it, you’re living it.
Because your belief in yourself making it happen, is your biggest battle.
Your utter trust in yourself and the universe, is what will get you there, and get you want you want.
Yes action is needed, you can’t sit around expecting it to come to you.
But the belief and trust has to come first, otherwise what kind of action would you be taking?
It would be a fear based action, rather than aligned knowing action.
It would be frantic action, rather than the gentle action.
If you already act like you’ve got the thing. It brings with it a certainty, a wholehearted knowing that it has come to pass, so of course you are going to get it. You believe so much, you are already living that damn life!!!
So if you gotta, fake it till you make it.
Live with the belief and the certainty that it is already here. Live like you’ve got it.
And watch with excited eyes and a fulfilled heart when it actually gets here.
Because it will, no doubt.
You’ve got this.
“I live my life already feeling the best of what I want. That I’ve got it, that I’ve made it. Because I have”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Choose the sunshine


Sunshine and roses, storms and sad faces… if you have the sunshine inside of you – none of this will matter as it will be easy to find the sunshine and roses in any state.
We need everything, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, in our life. It’s how we can tell the difference between those states.
You simply cannot have one without the other.
What you can have though, is an unlimited amount of sunshine and roses in your life – so that when the storms and sadness come to visit, we can get out of that state much quicker.
It’s important we feel everything.
Don’t push aside the not so pleasant, just because you don’t want to deal, it will only end up worse for you in the long run.
But that’s not to say you have to stay in it.
You can quite easily feel, deal with and then reach for that sunshine within you.
You may be scoffing, but it truly is available to you, any and at all times.
If you choose it to be.
But you are the one that needs to choose it.
To willingly let go of the storm and instead embrace the sunshine.
Are you willing and ready to do just that?
You can end your own suffering, anytime you choose.
But do you choose it?
Some of us knowingly, or unknowingly like to live in this state, whether it is because we always have, it’s easier, it’s fitting a feeling.
It doesn’t always matter the reasoning, just that you become aware of it.
Because you truly do not need to be in this state anymore.
You can choose the sunshine.
Are you going to today?
“I choose the sunshine inside of me, to be my natural state, one I easily go back to”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

This may be a hard pill to swallow


This may be a hard pill to swallow…
but everything you are or aren’t is up to you! You have the capacity to be any way you choose, change what you want to change, live how you want to live… Question is… what are you going to do with this knowledge?
Yikes! Today the happily ignorant film comes off your eyes and you can finally see.
See the truth that along, it has been you.
You that has the power.
You that can choose how you want to live.
Now I know, you may be shaking your head going no way. I didn’t choose half the stuff that has happened to me.
It’s not about choosing what’s happened to you – it’s about choosing how you are going to let it affect you. How you are going to allow that to change you.
All that is on you.
It is easy to blame our past, our circumstances, our heritage – the long list goes on.
But here’s the thing.
Anyone with a will to get themselves out of there, will. Simple as that. Because they have chosen that for themselves, they have decided they are not just going to lay down and take it. Somewhere deep inside, they’ve realised it is all up to them.
It doesn’t matter where you have come from. It matters if you are going to keep letting it tear you down, or if you are going to use that rubble to climb to great heights.
The same goes for every day life.
Some things may not be in your control. But your reactions, your actions- they are all up to you to decide on.
The power is ALL yours if you decide to actually start being a participant in your life.
To start taking responsibility and standing in your power.
So what are you going to now that you see you have all the power?
Are you going to stand up for yourself?
“I accept full responsibility for all my life. I know it is only up to me to grow myself and my current situations”
You’ve got this.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be you in all your glory


Be you in all your glory.
Shake your booty to the march of your own drum. Simply be YOU.
It is the easiest thing in the world; yet seems to be the hardest thing in the world for us to do…
It is time to be YOU! Not the you, you or others think you should be. But the true you ‘warts’ and all.
Let go of the judgements, the I should be more like that and embrace all the kooky, goofy, amazing parts of you and cherish them.
You were made perfectly so do not think any less of yourself.
So shake that booty to the march of your own drum… and own it!!!
It is your own special brand of drum that makes you so, well you!
Yes you can draw inspiration from outside of yourself, but only do what you love. Not someone else’s ideal of what you should love. Not what you feel may seem more popular with the masses.
It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you, but you.
How do you feel about yourself?
Have you changed so much for others, that you don’t recognise yourself anymore?
Then maybe, just maybe it is time to start devolving, and going back to basics and finding out what you love, what you adore, how you want to present to the world.
If you already adore yourself – Wooohooo!!! Go you! Keep doing what you’re doing!
We are always evolving, always growing – just make sure this movement is 100% what you want, and not what you think you should be doing to fit in etc.
You are one of a kind, so treasure yourself as such!
Like a valuable once off painting – treat yourself with that kind of reverence.
“I am me and I love the sound of my own drum”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Anything you do can be spiritual


Anything you do can be spiritual…. with the right intentions

If you choose to get through your day with love and a side order of peace.

If you happily ask how you can serve today, even if it is just a smile to the mailman.

Then you have given yourself the best spiritual day.

It is not always about doing big ‘spiritual’ things each day – like healing the world, doing 13 hours of meditation and so forth.

It is literally just setting the right intention to the universe, that whatever comes your way today; that you do it from a loving, peaceful perspective, no matter what is thrown at you.

And that doesn’t mean being a doormat or not getting upset. You can come from that beautiful perspective and still be a badass feeling machine.

It is just simply just choosing to see the beauty in the day.

It is simply choosing to see all the learnings in a positive way.

It is simply seeing all perspectives so you can keep an open mind and heart.

It is simply choosing the light.

It is simply having a loving heart.

“I am spiritual and always have a Spiritual day, full of love, honor and integrity”

How will you have a ‘spiritual’ day today??

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Shine shine shine!


Shine shine shine!

That is all you have to think about today- how can I shine today???

How can you allow yourself to shine today?

How can you let shiny things into your life today?

So many of us focus on the low vibe things each and every day – what you have to get done, what you haven’t got done, what that person did or didn’t do, how crappy you’re feeling – the list is really endless.

But what if we shifted our focus to the shiny stuff?

What if we became like a magpie and decided to focus on the shine?

How would your day go?

A lot less grumbly that’s for sure!

A whole lot grateful that’s for sure!!

Today is the day to decide to focus on the shine.

That when you feel yourself slipping – you make an conscious decision to refocus on the shine – on what is good in your life.

When we do this, things start to change for us.

We begin to see the good in things.

We have less things to moan at, as our energy is vibing higher.

We bring really good stuff into our lives.

Or you can keep seeing the murk…

The decision is totally up to you of course.

“I shine and see the shine every freaking day, because I AM the shine!”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

I complete me


You are truly the only one that can give you the warm fuzzies to last a lifetime, eternity in fact. You are the only one who can be your true north, your home, your safety. Everyone else is a bonus after you’ve mastered it for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of outside sources that can make you feel good, but it is always fleeting.

The way to everlasting warm fuzzies??

Be that someone for yourself!

Be the comfort you need.

Be the safe place you need.

Be the happiness that you need.

Be the love that you need.

Then you will always feel comforted, safe, warm and protected.

No one else can be our true north, if we are not our first true north.

No one can else can make us feel truly safe and protected, if we first cannot provide that for ourself.

When we provide it for ourself??


We never have to doubt, fret, wonder – because we are able to provide that for ourselves.

We can feel completely secure in ourselves and our lives because we know it is only up to us!

How can you become your safe place today?

How can you give yourself the warm fuzzies each and every day?

“I complete me”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You need to take 5


Sometimes you need to take 5 and take stock of where you are, where you want to be and just take in what’s happening. Then you can plan accordingly and keep moving.
Take 5 today and see where you are headed.
Also take a glance over your shoulder and see where you’ve been… are you happy with all you accomplished?
Was there things you may have done differently with hindsight?
Or would you keep it all the same?
It can be super good to learn from where we’ve been so we can slightly adjust and possibly course correct.
And then relish and embrace exactly where you are. Take a moment to enjoy it all, to be proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.
After all you are here now, and not over there, so that is worth celebrating!!!
You can change and choose to see your life however you wish and whenever you like, so let’s choose to see that we’ve come along a-ok.
“I happily take a moment to see where I’ve been, and where I want to go. I see all the fabness I have done along the way”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Abundance is at your fingertips…


Abundance is at your fingertips…

can you feel it? Go on stretch just a little and feel that spark of knowing everything is abundantly cared for in your world. Reach out and grab it, embrace it.

Abundance is always at your fingertips… sometimes you just have to reach for it with both hands and meet in the middle…

Other times we need to press pause on the chatter that tells us we can’t and tell it and yourself that of course you can!

You truly are a manifesting machine so where your focus goes, you can attract!

Embrace it like you would your bestest friend; knowing you are abundantly cared for, even when it seems you are not.

If you are finding you are struggling with abundance – look at what you are telling yourself, how do you feel about money, what do you say when a bill comes in?

All these can have a good or bad impact… it is up to you which you allow.

“I am one with abundance, knowing it fills my world up”

What abundance are you attracting today??

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Delight in what lights you up


Delight in what lights you up.
Feel into everything. Become one with and everything you are.
Delight in what lights you up! Doing any small or large thing that lights you up can help to alleviate or banish any of the shit that is getting to you, even for a brief moment in time.
So do what lights you up!
Be the you that feels into everything with love and joy.
Be the you that calls out to do magical things.
Do what lights you up
Remember light helps banish the shadows… and while they can be your friend, you also don’t need them lurking every day just waiting to pounce… so spread light like confetti.
When you feel into what you do, you do it with more love in your heart and appreciation in your bones.
When you feel into what you do, you start to realise more of what you truly want and who you truly are.
“I do what lights me up and have the ability to see that light even in the things I may not want to do. I am one with the light”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx