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This one is one of those words where it literally is in the word… FEEL

I get it. Sometimes feelings feel icky or don’t have time for that or whatever other excuse wants to come up.

But here’s the thing… Those FEELINGS have to go somewhere.

If you are not allowing them to be FELT or processed…. They are going to hang around you till they are.

That simple.

So taking time out to feel them when they are hanging in your face and ready OR wait till you get really sick in some way because your body is being infected with these unresolved feelings and deal with it then…

I know which I would rather!

And here’s another little nugget of truth… Feelings are neither bad or good.

They just simply are.

It is ourselves that attach these positive or negative traits to them.

Whether it is because we have seen them played out one way or another in our childhood and decided due to that.

Whether it is because you keep seeing and being told that that particular feeling is bad or good.

Whether you just want to stay numb and not feel at all.

Start stepping into the process that they just are.

That they are okay to be felt.

That you can SAFELY feel them.

And that once they do – off they go. No longer needing to prod you or poke you with pain so they can be felt.

And experiment!

Find what works for you.

Whether it is to write them out, talk them out, move them out.

Have a decent go at all of them and see what works at the time you are feeling them.

For me at the moment, I am loving movement.

I will journal a little to really get them up into the light and engaged and then I literally dance – allowing them to show where they are hanging around my body, what movements I need to do to process them. If they are mine or not.

And then once I feel with my body they have gone. If they were quite low feeling feelings, I will then dance happy for a bit and engage my heart chakra and joy into the mix, giving me that boost up.

It is the process of acknowledging, allowing and then processing that is going to make all the difference in your world.

And the process works for all the ick you have stored. It may take a bit more time as opposed to the fresh stuff you are just feeling. But it works exactly the same way.

Learn to let your feelings be a bestie and a guidance.

And have fun with the process.

Tell me… Do you feel the feels or do you push them away??


You can listen to the podcast I recorded on the topic just now as well, as there is soooo much to say on the topic that seems to flow out when I’m chatting away.

Find it here https://anchor.fm/julia222/episodes/Feeling-the-feels-egqfom


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path


Bring up your fears


Bring up your fears and give them a voice so you can let them fly free from being trapped.

The Angels want you to know that you are not meant to run away terrified from your fears. It is healthy to have fears, it is also healthy to challenge them to see if they really are fears worth fearing anymore.

It is healthy to let them voice their concerns to you so you can make a decision on them, and to stop them being stuffed down in your body causing disease.

The more you stuff, the bigger they grow, like anything. Sometimes that boogie man in the dark is just a sock puppet being cast in shadows, that really isn’t that scary after all.

Start turning to face your fears, knowing you are divinely protected and guided.

They can’t hurt you unless you allow them too. They cannot make you shrink in fear, unless you let them. It is all up to you what you allow your fears to do.

See them bathed in brilliant golden light, making those scary shadows seem smaller and smaller. And affirm

“My fears are here to support me, I choose to support them in return”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Happiness is the key


Happiness is the key. Love is the padlock.

Happiness and Love go hand in hand in keeping us on an even keel, bringing us satisfaction in life and being plain happy!

Yet so many of us brush it aside, push it away, hate on ourselves in the mirror. Yet wish with all of our might that we could have a fabulous life, a dreamy partner, the perfect job.

How can you expect to get any of that if you do not let love and happiness in? Sure you may feel it for a minute, but that slowly sinking ship feeling will come creeping back in.

The Angels want you to know that you can have heaven on earth every single day if you choose to. It comes down to what are you willing to choose every day?

Are you willing to love the hell out of yourself despite your supposed flaws? Are you willing to love your life exactly as it is now, no matter what you are striving for? Are you willing to let happiness dance its way into your life in any form it wants to take?

All you have to do is shout a big massive YES to bring all this goodness raining down on you!!

“I saw YES to happiness being the key.

I say YES to Love being my padlock, that unchains me”

Till next time… Keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Complete what is necessary


Complete only what is necessary
I think everyone could have a million and one things to do on their to do list every single day, am I right???
But let’s face it, all that does is lead us into the world of over stressedness, unhappiness and short tempers.
Today ignore the million things and concentrate on the super duper important things. Really sit with what absolutely, no doubt has to be done today. Hopefully it is only 3-5 things, if it is more, ask again, what is the most urgent things on this list. And do those.
Get them done and out of the way, knowing that all the most important stuff is done and dusted. If you have time to do more, great but again do not pile that list a mile long again, just so you can start stressing over it again and in reality get nothing productive done because of it.
Life isn’t just about clearing your to do list. It is about living, it is about connecting. So try and bring some of that into each day, instead of the things in 100 place on the list.
That stuff will all still be there when you return to it refreshed because you took some quality time out.
“I choose to complete only what is necessary. I easily choose the most important things and let go of the rest for another day”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx
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Choose to be happy!


Happy is the new rich

The Angels want you to think about other ways to be rich in your life than just monetary ways. When you drill down to the core of most of what you want… it is because you want it so that you can be happy.

So why not choose to see that you can be happy right now?!

Regardless of the job, the car, the house, the holidays – you can think you are rich beyond your wildest dreams simply because you are happy in this moment right now.

It is a choice. And let’s face it, if you can’t be happy now, do you truly think you can be happy when this happens or you get this?

It may be a temporary happiness, but you will start to put conditions on it again, just like you did before. Happy is the new rich.

Let that sink in. Swim in it, coat your food in it. Swallow it down. Happy is the new rich.

“I choose to be happy now as happy is the new rich”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Ground in the now


Ground in the now.

It is not about before and after, what has happened or what could.

It is all about being in the moment and enjoying it consciously. Meaning that you are present! We let our life waste away before our very own eyes because we struggle so much with simply being in the moment.

Let us make a declaration here and now that we choose to ground in the now. That while our thoughts may wander, we choose to bring them back each time to the here and now and ENJOY the ride.

“I choose to Ground in the now. I enjoy life by being present for every memory”

Try this grounding exercise to all anchor into right now… Imagine White light coming down from the universe… filling us up from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet and every part of us in between.

See that white light coming out of the soles of our feet, like lit up roots and see them digging deep into Mother Earth.

Anchoring with light from the heavens and into the ground for Earthiness.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Be kind!


Be kind to all so you can in turn receive kindness.

It’s a no brainer that when we are kind to others that it sparks our own light and causes us to high vibe and feel good about it.

That it causes others to be kind to us in some way because we are sparking that same light in them.

That when we are being kind, it means we are happy or at least positively neutral about ourselves.

When we are feeling low or not so happy in ourselves – you will notice you judge more, don’t feel like smiling, pick and moan all the time.

So time to turn it around and be kind to others and most importantly yourself!

Do the world and yourself a favour!

” I choose kind today and Express it in all I do, say and feel. I am kindness”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Wish with all your might

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Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.
Every day in your magiverse – you have the power to wish with all your might.
What are you waiting for? While it is beautiful to use nature as our wish- the stars, the moon cycles etc.
The Angels want you to know that in your magical universe (magiverse) you have the power of those kind of wishes at your disposal, every second of every day.
So wish with all your might, all the incredible things you want for yourself and the planet.
Be careful – they are mighty potent!
“I bring everything into being. I am my wish bringer and fulfiller”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx
Copy of 1st March (2)