Bravely face anything


Be brave as you face the wilderness
You can and have faced anything, as long as you do it bravely, with faith in your heart that no matter what, things will turn out okay eventually.
If you turn a brave face to whatever you are facing – you are powerfully telling it, that you won’t be defeated. That this will not be your downfall. Instead you are telling it you will succeed through this, like anything else you have faced.
You will do it with your head up and your shoulders straight and that it will be your up rise, your mountain to soar off.
Being brave means you welcome the unknown, knowing that no matter what. You’ve totally got this.
“I bravely face anything, knowing I’ve got this”
And remember, through it all, the Angels have your back.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You hold all the cards


You hold all the cards

Sometimes we need a smack upside the head, and this my dear is yours. The Angels want to remind us that we hold all the friggin cards.

You really do, what you choose to do with them, funnily enough is up to you to. Today it is time to take a stand, to make a line in the sand and GET ON WITH IT.

You make your own reality. You bring into your life what you want to. And I promise you, you really do.

So what do you want to bring in today??

The same old shit or do you want to start creating epicness???

Simple decision. It doesn’t have to be hard and full of buts, what ifs etc.

It is simple declaration right here, right now

“I hold all the cards and I am choosing a full house, a handful of aces and epicness in all its glory”

Don’t hold off choosing epicness. Make it a non-negotiable today.

Everything will fall into your epicness decision because you are proclaiming it today!!!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You were made for this


You were made for this.

You literally were created solely for this. Everything that is you, that makes you, that is you – was created for this epic life. So go out and live it with gusto.

Knowing you can face anything and survive. Knowing that you choose to Thrive after every survival. Knowing you have got this in the bag!

If the past has shown you anything – it is that you can conquer and survive anything. That you can master what you set out to master.

That you can learn from anything that has been and gone and turn it into solid gold.

And if you haven’t allowed it to show you this? Why the heck not?? You were born for this life that you have led. But it is up to you to allow it to beat you down, or lift you up.

Only you have the choice and the actions to do this…. So which one will you choose? A life full of hard lessons, where you feel that is all you are and all you are going to get?

Or a life of hard lessons where you have learned so much gold and wisdom.

Where you have allowed yourself to shine no matter how much has come your way, knowing that there is a silver lining in everything and even more coming your way.

I know which I would rather.

“I know I was meant for this life and I am acing it!”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Have a blast each and every day


Have a blast each and every day

Yes you may need to work every day to earn a living, yes you may need to parent your kids, animals etc.

Yes there may be boring stuff you need to do every day… BUT… it is how you feel about them and go about them that make them that way.

Remember when you were a kid and every new experience was met with wide eyed fascination and an excitement??

That could be you every damn day if you choose it to be that way. Yes we may need to do the adult thing each day, but that doesn’t mean we have to just exist in the boringness that we have created.

We can make it fun, we can choose to enjoy it, we can choose to do something about it. You are not stuck anywhere you are, no matter what you try and tell yourself.

So today the Angels want to remind you to have a blast each and every day. Do everything with wonder and delight. Choose to see that you can create any life you wish to.

“I face each day with the enthusiasm of a child, opening my arms to each and every experience”

Remember, you won’t get this day again. So go out and embrace what you have to do, go out and live it.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Magic is your birthright


Magic is your birthright. Joy is your goal.

Oh dear ones. Us Angels want to tell you this. There is no need to hunt out magic and special powers – they are already yours for the taking.

Today is the day that you acknowledge the complete and utter amazingness that is YOU!!!!

Have a sparkler party in your honour!

Get the flags flying as baby you are worth it!

Choose to feel and remember that today.

That you are the bees kness!!!

Seriously you are incredible. And it is time for you to know that, to relish in it and deep sea dive into the epicness of you.

“I choose to remember my magic and let it feel me with joy”

Feel it. Live it. Be it.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xxx

You can reset at any time


You can reset at any time.
Imagine a button you can press at any time that takes you back to balance, to calm, to the you that is you.
This button is actually available to you at any time… are you willing to press it? To see into the spaces you may not want to see if it means getting back to the true you, before all the bullshit?
Are you willing to surrender and just be for a moment in time? So you can get balance and clarity back?
At any second, of any day, you can choose to hit pause.
You can choose to hit reset. This isn’t a doing over moment, this is complete and utter surrender in everything that has been and passed and being completely okay with it.
This is knowing that the next stage of your journey is whatever you make it, if only you were willing to let go and dream big!
Any time you need a ‘time out’ which isn’t a cop out, it is simply a moment in time to just simply be with your soul.
You can do it. It doesn’t have to be hard or complex, it just simply is.
“I allow myself to reset to the me I am at soul level”
Enjoy the reset
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Set your sights high


Set your sights high. Reach for the stars.

Reach has high as you can in your thoughts, your life and what you want to accomplish. There is nothing wrong with reaching as high as you can, you never know, you just might accomplish it.

Setting your sights high, reaching for those stars, shows the universe you are serious in where and what you want to achieve. It shows you are willing to jump as high as needed to get there.

Dreaming large doesn’t mean you are taking a step from reality and thinking to big – I mean whoever heard of something so absurd. If you can dream it, you can do it.

With grit, determination and that dream right before your eyes – anything is possible!

So dream big, have faith that the universe is meeting you halfway and reach for those stars!

“I reach high, knowing I can accomplish anything”

I will see you in the stars!!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Hope is a wondrous thing


Hope is a wondrous thing.
Allow it to wrap you in a cocoon of goodness.
If all else fails in our life and thoughts and only hope is left – you are still waaay ahead of the game. Hope can keep us going even in our darkest moments.
The hops of something more, the hope of things getting better, the hope of striving to become all you long for.
So today the Angels want you to cocoon yourself into the warm embrace of Hope – let it fill you with warmth and allow it to light the way for you.
“I choose Hope and allow it to wrap around me and guide the way”
Hope is that little spark when you think all else has failed, whispering in your ear – You have got this, there is more out there, keep going.
Today, let hope keep you going.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Luck is yours to hold, cherish and use for the greater good


Luck is yours to hold, cherish and use for the greater good.
You know how some people just seem lucky? Always seem to land on their feet no matter what? Always seem to get what everyone else wishes they could have?
This kind of luck is available to anyone. You just have to have faith and learn to tap into it. You have to believe in what you are capable of.
Know that going for this or that, is not just for selfish reasons – that it is to help your family, friends, strangers. It may seem like it is wholly for you, but it will spread out to those around you when you allow it.
You have to surrender to putting one foot in front of the other as you are guided to, not in a controlling way, in a way of detachment, knowing you are being guided by something bigger than you.
True luck comes when you are confident you are going to succeed. That you want it, not just for yourself, but for the good of mankind.
No matter how indirect it may seem.
Luck is trusting in your abilities and the abilities of the universe to provide and guide.
“I know I am lucky and can succeed at anything. I draw luck to me”
Today, put your faith in the universe, and in yourself and dream away and let that luck find you.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx