Take a look around you

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Take a look around you and appreciate something in your line of sight – a beautiful flower, a frame of loved ones, a mother cuddling her child. Feel that beauty and appreciate the abundance of what you have witnessed.
Our daily gratitude doesn’t just have to come from things we’ve done or achieved.
It could be something beautiful that we got to witness.
Something that hits you right in the feels.
Something that moved you.
Today, allow yourself to be mindfully aware of what is going on around you, and allow yourself to breathe in and feel that goodness and beauty around you.
Let it uplift you. Inspire you. Move you.
Let it be something that comes naturally. So you can see the beauty in the world.
There is so much wonder to see.
There is so much good and beauty.
If we choose to see it.
So affirm you will see it today, and every day.
“I mindfully witness the good in the world around me. Allowing it to uplift and inspire me”
When we see all of this, we can be reminded of just how abundant our life is. When you get to witness magic like that, how can it not be?
And when you choose to see it. You are increasing your own beautiful moments, as you respond so epically to what is happening around you.
Here’s to witnessing magic everywhere.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Give yourself a lifting shimmy

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Whatever you are doing right this very moment, give a little shimmy and a shake of your body. Sitting, standing, laying, go ahead and give yourself a lifting shimmy.
My most favourite thing to do is a sofa wiggle!!
Sitting on the sofa, wiggling away because something epic has happened and celebrating it with a little wiggle and shimmy – whoop whoop!!
It gets the blood pumping and literally brings joy to every cell of your being!
It brings a smile to your dial, as hello – shimmying!!!
So today, remember to shimmy, to wiggle, to throw those hands up in the air and get down today.
Remind yourself you can do this anytime you need a lift, a pick me up. They aren’t just when something epic happens.
They are a boost for always.
Even better, think of a gratitude for the day while you’re doing it, no matter how big or small, so you can really get that gratitude magnified and your shimmies will remember the celebration.
Let yourself be naturally boosted and feel and relish the benefits.
It is also fabulous for grounding, as you focus on your body shimmying and moving. Feeling yourself be fully present in the here and now as you shake your good thang.
Remember you are worth this shimmy.
And this shimmy is available to you at any time.
“I shimmy – to be grateful, to be grounded, to feel the joy coursing through my veins. I shimmy to shimmy!”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Together in unity

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It is time we all came together in unity. As human beings. As souls that are just a pure white spark of the divine.
Can I just say that labels suck.
End of story.
But here’s the thing, we don’t need to be defined for anything other than being human. For being a soul spark, cloaked in humanness for right now.
Boy if we all just decided that… what a world we would live in.
Rather than dividing ourselves. Let’s unite instead.
Rather than needing something to keep us in victimhood. Why not choose to let it all go, take responsibility and decide to live our best life yet.
We don’t need to keep fighting, we choose to.
We don’t need to be defined by anything, we choose to.
Maybe if we chose to forget about all this rubbish… we wouldn’t have any of the issues we are seeing around the world.
Maybe if we each individually remembered who we were at our core- a soul spark of the divine… we wouldn’t hate so much.
Cos underneath it all – we are all the same. A pure white soul ONLY filled with peace and love.
So let’s remember that today.
“I will lead my life as the united soul spark that I am”
We are all one.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be you!

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Be you!
Being you is such a unique divine experience. Embrace it. Cherish it. Happily project that you are YOU and are magnificent.
What a magnificent creature you are!
If you truly knew that… would you make different choices?
If you knew that there was literally just one of you in a sea of billions… would you treat yourself like the jackpot you are?
Because all of that is true you know.
You are simply divine just by being you!
So why try to be like anyone or anything else?
Why try to fit in with the masses? When you were created to be one of a kind?
Today is your permission slip to simply start being you. Just you.
Freeing yourself to wave whatever damn flag you want.
Freeing yourself to like everything that you like and everything that you are.
Simply being you.
And cherishing that.
No one else is going to love, or hate, you as much as you do to yourself.
It starts within.
It starts by truly accepting yourself, absolutely all of yourself.
And knowing that you are pretty damn ok.
“I embrace me. I love me. I allow all of me to show”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Renewal can happen any time!

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Renewal can happen at any time we choose it.
Heck, our bodies renew itself all the time! How miraculous!
Renewal can truly happen any time that we choose.
It can be as simple as deciding.
Right here, right now.
Be it renewal in general, renewal of healing our body- whatever may need it.
All you simply need to do is state it and allow it.
“I allow renewal to occur”
Too many times we stand in our own way. Thinking we cannot do this or that. Thinking way too negatively for any healing or joyful renewal to happen.
Why make it hard on ourselves?
If we say we allow renewal, then simply do the work that is calling you.
We really are a miraculous piece of ‘machinery’, so why not start acting like it?
Our bodies do most of the work automatically for us, before we even have to lift a finger!!
So why not get out of our miraculous machines way, and allow renewal to start.
Renewal of anything in our body.
Renewal of anything unsavoury running through our minds.
We can hit the reset button anytime we like.
It is that simple.
Are you ready for your renewal??
“I allow renewal to occur”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

A sparkling life

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Everything is the circle of life…. what you put out you get back, what you think you get. Make sure your circle of life is sparkling, just like your soul!

Oooh anyone else see that gorgeous sparkle???!!

When we allow the sparkle of our soul to come through… our life gets a little sparklier!

When we are mindful that everything we put out and think, we get back in some form or another… our life gets a little sparklier!

It is when we forget this and allow our negative nelly to be at the front, that life gets a little dull. It gets a little hard to see through the murk.

And all we seem to attract is more of the freaking same… anyone relate?

But duh… how can you attract anything different when you are stuck in that binging on negativity crap?

How can you bring the sparkle back, when you refuse to pick up the duster to wipe it clean?

The universe may even bring good stuff, people to your life, but oh you’ll still decide that it’s just as annoying as bird crap on your window, and it’s all too hard anyways.

So today it is time to become super aware and mindful that what you put out (even the crap that runs through your head only) you are going to get back.

What do you want in your life?

A dung heap full of flies?

Or a pile of sparkliness that engulfs you?

It is your choice each and every day.

“My circle of life sparkling because I put out sparkliness in all I do and am”

Keep sparkling.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Skip the day away!

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Skippity do da skippity day my oh my what a wonderful day!
This can be your life everyday if you choose! Go on, go ahead and choose it… We dare you!
Hope you were singing that as well!
When we decide to have a wonderful day… we’ll have a wonderful day.
Yes shit may still happen, but we seem to bounce back a bit quicker to that wonderful feeling, if we already started that way.
Or if we choose.
Yep that dreaded choice word again.
When we choose to allow our day to light us up… it’ll light us up.
If we choose to allow ourselves to get bogged down in all the crap… yep we’ll get bogged down in all the crap.
It’s not rocket science!!
You could be given the best news ever… and you’ll find a way to worry, to wonder if it’s real, it’s too scary blah blah blah.
You could be given the best news ever… and you dance a happy jig, shouting thank you universe and see all the joy it will bring to your life.
The difference… what you choose!
So today, skip along. Smile along and choose that it is going to be a wonderful day NO MATTER WHAT.
Whatever happens outside of you, should in no way impact your choice to have a wonderful day.
Whatever cycles round in those thoughts of yours, should in no way impact your choice to have a wonderful day.
Unless of course you allow it.
“My day is going to be wonderful”
It’s as simple as that.
Say it so, affirm it to yourself every time you have a wonky moment.
And skip the day away!
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

It is time for me to reach out

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Jump up and at them today.
So many possibilities are awaiting you. Are you going to reach out and grab them?
Well are you??
It is time to take action today!
No matter how big or small that step is!
I’m sure there’s been some repeating signs for you that you just haven’t jumped on to actually do anything about?
Am I right?
So today… get to it!
It can be as simple as putting it out there what you want/are thinking and asking for an external response to go forward.
It could be jumping on those offers you’ve kinda noticed but have kinda ignored too.
It could be anything!
The whole point here, is to do something with it today!
Even if it is simply saying YES to your own thoughts and plans.
If we truly opened our eyes to all that is around us. The possibilities would be endless!
So time to open them eyeballs up!
Time to do, do, do!
See an opportunity in every chat, every post, everything that could give you a sign to go for it.
And if you’ve been waiting for a sign, maybe this is it!
So permission to go for it is yours!!!
“It is time for me to reach out, to grab my dreams with both hands and go for it!”
It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed, maybe this is just leading you to bigger and better things…
Or maybe it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
Only one way to find out.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Giddy up!

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Giddy up – how are you spending your time? Hitting snooze on life? Today is the day to WAKE up and really live.
Time to wake up and smell the roses!
So many of us seem to just tick along, getting the day gone- another day, another dollar. Doing the same old, same old. Just getting by.
Sound familiar?
Now while there is nothing wrong with that…. A good question to ask yourself is – During my day, am I really living?
Am I feeling joy, or at least some kind of emotion?
Do I feel alive, ready to tackle anything?
Do I feel like my heart is full??
Do I feel inside my body? Present to each moment?
If you truly couldn’t answer yes to all this… maybe it is time to do things differently.
It is not to say you have to do profound things each and every moment of the day.
Or start adrenaline sports just to get a rush.
Maybe all you need is a shift in perspective around all you already do?
Maybe you just need to add in small little things that light you up each day.
It can really be as simple as remembering a why you are doing this.
A simple smile to yourself every other hour.
A moment of just feeling the sun on your face.
Bring yourself back to the present, and really enjoy your day – so no matter what you are doing. You are actually living it.
“I live to my fullest, with a smile on my face and in my heart”
No more snoozing.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

I am cherished beyond belief

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You are cherished beyond belief.
Close your eyes and let us wrap you in an Angel wing hug. Feeling cherished is your birthright dear. Relish the cherish.
Relish the cherish indeed. If you could only see just how perfect you are right now. How absolutely in awe we are of you, doing this human life. How we cherish you beyond belief.
Wow you would never doubt yourself again. You were made perfectly. Just as you are. Today, let yourself be allowed to remember this.
Let yourself be embraced by us today. Feel that unconditional blast of pure love. Feel the absolutely certainty that you absolutely all you need.
And allow it to open that part of yourself that knows it too. Unlocking that part of you that knows you are the bee’s knees.
Allow it to filter through every part of your being. Unlocking the love and healing energy in every part of your cells. For when we truly love, we can heal.
For when we truly love, we do right by ourselves in every instant. So let us unlock that for you today.
“I am cherished beyond belief and love fills every cell, nourishing and healing me from the inside out”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx