Just a few hours to go!


Just one a few hours to go before we welcome 2019, it’s time you ask yourself:

“How can I become a better ____________?”

Share your thoughts on the comment section. I’d love to hear from you, risers!


Clocking up another year


Clocking up another year. Review with an open, loving heart.

Wow the end of another year is upon us!

At some stage today really reflect on where you are at, compared to where you have been. What you have accomplished. Where you have thrived. Sure there’s going to be things you could have done better, should have done etc.

But today is all about seeing how far you have come, with an open loving heart. Because you have! Even if you felt you went on a little side shuffle bender… did you not get learning from it?

Did you not realise that it was something you didn’t want in your life? Everything is worthwhile, what you have done and been through. None of it is an accident. It is all there for you!

To learn, to grow, to be majestic. So lovingly go through the year and give yourself a big pat on the ol’ back and know you’ve got this.

You’re acing this. And you are about to see another year come to pass in this current human body – that right there is cause enough to celebrate.

So raise your glass to yourself. Kiss your own damn hand for being incredible.

Shake your pom poms for whooping this year!

“My year has been amazing. Full of learning, winning and most importantly love”

Here’s to another fabulous year. A year of further transformations. Another year of love.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Make it meaningful!


Make it meaningful. When you hear this, what instantly comes to mind?

It could be big or small. There is no right or wrong way to make something meaningful, as it can mean something different to everyone.

What matters is it means something to you. That rather than live your life listless and mundanely- each day you know you are giving it a meaning, to yourself and others.

Again it could be big or small. It can be for yourself, or others. But know that whatever you do in a day, even if it is the same as the listless day you were doing before…. attach meaning!

Going to work – means providing for yourself and your family. Turning off the switches means helping the Earth.

Holding the door for a stranger, sparks a light of gratitude inside them. See seemingly small things can make a huge difference, and noticing and acknowledging this – brings a whole new meaning to your life.

It really starts to mean something.

So today, notice just how meaningful your life already is, and listen to the whispers that make it even more meaningful.

“I choose a life of meaning, and I see that meaning each and every day”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You can have it all!


You can have it all. You seriously can! When did you begin to tell yourself, or listen outside of yourself, that this wasn’t the case?

That you couldn’t have everything, in all areas?

Maybe because it’s greedy or selfish. Maybe because you don’t deserve it. Maybe because you have this one amazing area so therefore the rest of your life cannot possibly be amazeballs.

Whatever story you are believing in… the good news, is that it is just a story.

Which means you can change the storyline whenever you choose.

Because honestly, you CAN have it all. You just need to be open and choose it, so that it can choose you in return.

Let go of the stories today. They are not needed now your eyes are open to the possibility of having it all. You can overcome these stories simply by choosing.

“I choose to have it all, in every area of my life. How grand!”

Take back the wheel today and choose to head towards the epic, the splendor that can be your life.

Simply by choosing to have it all.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Life’s blooming marvelous!


Life is blooming marvelous. Keep it up!

Holy wow, how friggen amazing is life! I mean damn, we have these pretty much automated bodies. We have choice in every area of our life.

That’s pretty marvelous right there! You are acing this thing, like seriously! Keep going and never give up! Today, NO MATTER WHAT, let yourself feel so blooming grateful for being here.

With no ifs, buts or whatever’s. Everything here is teaching you something. Everything around you is reacting to you.

What you put out, you get back. So put the love out there today. Put the Life is freaking marvelous vibe out there and watch it come back to you in pure magic.

Because that is what you are, pure fucking magic.

“I know my life is marvelous, I feel that shit everywhere”

Love all you do, all you have. Just focus on that today, because by doing that…

You’ll realise your life is even more marvelous than you originally thought.

Keep being marvelous.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

5 days to go!


As we prepare ourselves for the coming new year, let’s make time to reflect and ask ourselves questions that will help us become better individuals – starting with this:

When have you felt most alive this year?

Be content where you are


Be content where you are, yet always strive for more.

It may sound contradictory but there is a difference with being content and yet aiming for more. Rather than not being happy where you are at and reacting to be and do more from that space.

When you can be happy where you are- you bring that sense of calm, peace and love. Which is a much different energy to desperation… which doesn’t lead you very far.

It doesn’t mean you just sit on your booty and do nothing. But it means that no matter where you are at… you can be happy and know you are okay with your lot.

From this space, you will always be shown the way to more happiness and contentment.

Desperation just leads to more of that low vibe feeling. And while you may think you are getting somewhere, it will more than likely keep resulting in something that also makes you eventually feel low vibe.

So today, really be happy with where you are. Yes there’s always room for improvement but you can still be content.

Then sit and ask yourself where that improvement can occur.

Where in your life can you uplevel? What can you possibly stop doing?

If all the answers don’t come, that’s ok. Just let the universe know that you are ready to be lead to the next best thing for you.

And as the action is given to you, take it with both hands and soar.

“I am content with life, yet am always open to improvement, into upleveling in all areas”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx