I have been loving this new routine and I have to say that some amazing information is coming out of it that I am getting a clear idea to share with the world.

Each day I am given a song to post to my page with some information regarding the song and why but there are even more detailed messages coming through that I am going to be blogging on.

Today I felt a strong urge to protect myself as soon as I came and sat down, which I always do to a degree but considering I am only meditating on my own – I haven’t felt the need to fully suit up during my morning bliss moments. I did as I was asked though as I know to follow through when this happens.

I was sitting getting still watching the sun slowly rise and the pink start to streak across the cloud cover and watching the waning Grandmother Moon hold onto her light when all of a sudden the clouds below her drew my eye. It felt like Armageddon and looked like brain matter – there was a very distinct end of world feel to these clouds and the song that accompanied it was R.E.M’s –  It’s the End of the World as we know it.

The phrase given to me to go with it was – The world must rise up. We cannot continue the way we have been going. We must become more and more enlightened and spiritually open in order to start this brave new way of being. Are you willing to step up?

I had to write that down at the time which I normally do not do, it flits in my head but I usually thank the song and words that float in and deal with it after my morning ritual.

It was during this time that I started to smell a wisp of smoke. I closed my eyes and Jesus came to stand behind me with his hands on my shoulders. He gave me a healing and cleansing as I hadn’t been releasing others and my own frustrations from my body each night and so my eczema was back. He let me know that it was time to start writing about these moments as it was important.

I looked to where the sun was rising and there in the clouds amongst golden rays was an angel kneeling in front of a perfect circle of blue sky representing the world and holding hands on the other side of the world was a sphinx – with a beautiful head and majestic lions body. They were looking after the Earth as Guardians. I looked a bit further away from them and saw they were kneeling on a fish, more bones than a fleshy fish. Where they were kneeling was the backbone of the fish – Keeping strong and true, and you could see the bones of the rib cage further down from them and then it turned into a fleshy tail. I knew this was to do with Jesus, I just felt it as a deep knowing in my own bones.

The message I received about  the fish represents new beginnings and abundance. I also love this reference to it in Wikipedia…. “Greeks, Romans, and many other pagans used the fish symbol before Christians. In pagan beliefs, Ichthys was the offspring of the ancient Sea goddess Atargatis, and was known in various mythic systems as Tirgata, Aphrodite, Pelagia, or Delphine. The word also meant “womb” and “dolphin” in some tongues. Before Christianity adopted the fish symbol, it was known by pagans as “the Great Mother”, and “womb”. Its link to potato fertility, birth, and the natural force of women was acknowledged also by the Celts, as well as pagan cultures throughout northern Europe. In certain non-Christian beliefs the fish also has been identified with reincarnation and the life force.“ Again it reinforces the birthing of new beginnings, stepping into a new way of being. What I also love is that Ichthys means Jesus Christ, son of God, Saviour – just so very special and beautiful.

After sitting in wonder and looking at the sky – I moved to a different part of the sky and there was a beautiful Chinese dragon it all of its beautiful winding, twisting glory.  I had to look up the meaning of the Chinese Dragon as it was one that I wasn’t hugely familiar with – they symbolise power (especially with water), strength and good luck for people that are worthy.

All around it were Angels and winged creatures in flying motion. There were at least 3 -4 Angels and there was a Phoenix as well – rising as they are known to do and this represents you rising. Stepping up and becoming more enlightened. Stepping out of the ashes of your previous lower energy existence. The message I got at this time – Time to rise up like the phoenix, out of limited beliefs and ways of being. It is time to lift yourself into those higher vibrations that Source is just waiting to bestow unto you.

Just off to the side of all the above wonder was a Bat – Bat is all about a death of some part of you that no longer serves your higher calling. It asks you to pay attention to the signs you are given and that you need to embrace all of this change otherwise it may become difficult. It is also reminding you to pursue your spiritual growth by letting go ego, doing inner child work and loving yourself exactly as you are.

It was the most amazing start to my day and I must admit the joy that I felt being shown these wonderful gifts was immense, as they are most days but today felt really special.

Till next time…keep walking your spiritual path xx