Be careful what you wish for…

I know all about law of attraction, manifesting etc. but it is funny how you can still get slapped upside the head and go OH I created that into being!

There has been so many times looking back on it that it has happened, as with us all but it can still make me chuckle how we seemingly put things out to the universe and in a weirdly roundabout way – there is what you thought of!

Now it can be random… For example – I used to have that envious hair where you didn’t have to wash it for days and it still looked freshly washed. When my body went through all of its changes, it started getting super oily all the time, like all the time and I used to think wistfully back to those days where I didn’t need to wash my hair all the time. It was never even a conscious thought, I never said I wished it was like that but sometimes just thinking of something is plenty. I then got super bad eczema that affected my hair and scalp – I am talking hair loss and the works. Of course I would curse it and had a brief why me moment and then in giant neon lights it came to me… I had created this. Was it how I wanted it? Oh no way BUT they took what they could and created the reality that I was wishfully thinking on.

I just had to chuckle and accept responsibility for the amazingness of my manifesting skills… and remember to not get caught up in those wishful thoughts.

Now of course you cannot always help them, we are human beings after all, but you can make a conscious decision to stay aware, to curb them when you notice them and give the powers that be a heads up that actually that is not what you want at all! And go about giving a thought, create a vision of what you actually do want!

So many times we focus on the bad and wonder why we keep getting more of the same in our life… unfortunately like attracts like so we need to be making sure that we try and stay on the positive path as much as we can.

It doesn’t mean shoving down those negative type thoughts or emotions, it is best to acknowledge, write them out so you can see where you are coming from with them, but is also so important to thank them and send them on their way as they really have no place being in your life.

I even remembered a moment when I was younger when I was thinking on this blog, yep it has been one of those, I will get to it at some stage ones, where I was young, really young and creating a house in the bush at the end of our backyard, you gotta love good Aussie backyards for that. And I remember getting annoyed and wishing that a grass tree was not where it was. I even asked my stepdad if we could move it or get rid of it, because you know it was just ruining my house!

I went to bed and woke up the next day and the grass tree in question was kaput – it looked like it had been hit with lightning or something and boy oh boy did I get in trouble as my parents thought that I had done it myself. It still totally puzzled me until I went to write this post and realised I had manifested that, because I was totally adamant that it needed to be gone, sorry grass tree 😦

So the moral of the stories is, it doesn’t matter if it is a fleeting thought, a long drawn out thought or one in between – you can manifest it, or something very bloody similar.

Start being more mindful, stop those ruminating negative thoughts, or what if thoughts or past thoughts and learn to be able to say “My bad, ignore that last request – this is amazingness is actually what I want”. It is always a work in progress but by becoming aware of it happening can start turning your life into exactly what you want rather than what your ego centred thoughts have manifested!


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx