What we allow is what we get.

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Open your arms, tip your head to the sky and say I allow all good to enter.

What we allow is what we get.

So today, why not try something a little different, why put a cap on what you can allow, when you can instead let it flow to you, like a tap turning on?!

Open your arms out wide.

Tip your head to the sky and say out loud.
“I allow ALL good to enter”

No ifs, buts, maybes.

No conditions.

Just I allow all good to enter.

The universe is much better at providing awesomeness, than we are.

Just remember you are totally worthy of all the brilliance coming your way.

You deserve it by just being you.

You deserve absolutely everything.

So let it in today.

Be open to it today.

Be absolutely certain good things are coming your way.

Because they are… if you allow.

“I absolutely allow ALL the good to enter my life”

You are worthy of it.

You are deserving of it.

Let it flow into your life today.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Go back to basics

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Do simple.

Some things do not need to be hard or technically difficult. Go back to basics.

Go back to basics!

Such a simple sentence, such a hard thing to follow.

We over complicate our lives so much, do you agree?

We have to do this, that, this and more of that before we are satisfied.

We pile on huge expectations of ourselves, for whatever reason.

How about we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, and get back to basics.

Rather than the million and one things we say we have to do each and every day – why not choose one or two and go from there?

Rather than having to be here, there and everywhere- why not choose to just go one place and take it from there.

Rather than need all these fancy things, just because – why not just be stupidly happy with one thing, or what you already have and go from there?

Stop making it all so hard on yourself!

It’s all these expectations that lead to burn out because you are just expecting so much of yourself.

Want to create a routine- choose one thing.

Once you’ve mastered it and it comes naturally- add to it if you want to, or don’t!

Our needs change so what we need one day, we may not need the other. And that is totally okay.

Go back to basics today.

“I know in my heart what I need to feel right each day, and I just do that. Simple, effective and perfect for me”

Simple. Quick. Effective.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Happy light spotting!

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See the light in everything. Literally everything. Do this and see the difference in your world.

Everything has an energy to it. Absolutely everything.

Everything also has a light. Absolutely everything.

Today choose to see the light in anyone and anything you come into contact with.

Even if something gets on your goat, choose to see the light, to make yourself feel better!

It’s not glazing over the crap or people’s bad points/moments.

It is simply choosing to not let your vibe lower to that level.

And by seeing their light – you are doing every one a favour.

It helps us to stay at a higher vibration.

It helps us to not get bogged down in the icky.

It helps us because we know we deserve better than that.

It helps because when we see the light, we see it absolutely every where and who doesn’t want to experience that?!

It lifts us out of any holes we may stumble in. That much quicker, because we are more aligned with the light, than the dark.

So what are you going to choose today?

“My light sees the light in everything and is naturally inclined to the light”

Happy light spotting

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be you!

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Be you.

See you for who you really are. And you won’t be able to help falling in love with the epicness that is you. Being unique and different is a true blessing bestowed on us.

If you could see how truly unique and special you were, you’d never doubt yourself again!

Why not make today, the day you decide to embrace all of you and realise that you are pretty freaking epic, just being alive and just being you!

It is up to you to decide anyways!

The soul and the universe decided to house you in that body, that gorgeous face, with that great hair and colouring.

How amazing that is was all specially designed just for you in this lifetime!

To master and love.

To cherish and be.

How freaking incredible!!!

What makes you different, is what makes you truly you!

It makes you spectacular!

It makes you different from each and every other person out there.

It makes you, you!

So why try and change it?

Why try and look like what someone thinks you should look, or be or aspire to?

Why not rock your own look, your own way of wearing things, your own perfect body?

Today is the day to embrace, snuggle and give a high five to your glorious self!

It is time to fall in love with you, for you, just as you are!

“I am epic and truly me in all ways, and I own that shit! Yeah baby!!”

Just do you!

Happy times ahead!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Rise like a phoenix!

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Kick those self defeating habits to the kerb. Seriously you don’t need to dim yourself down… Rise up like the Phoenix and conquer!
It is the absolute perfect time to decide to become the phoenix!
To rise, and to conquer anything that has been standing in your way. Including yourself!
So today, let it be known to all parts of yourself that you love yourself dearly, but that you’re going to try a new way from now on.
A way that empowers you, and lifts you up.
A way that brings all the good you’ve been missing out on to you.
A way that lights you up!!
You have the power to choose to be any which way you like!
So what are you going to choose today?
Are you going to rise?
Now it is not to say you are never going to be plagued by those self defeating thoughts again, we are human after all.
But you can decide if you are going to let them run your life or not.
You can decide how long you stay submerged in them.
“It is my time to rise like the phoenix I am”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Hand in your heart

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Place your hand on your heart. Feel the beat there. Let it fill all of you up. There is no better sound than the sound of life.
No better sound at all.
It is the sound of life.
It is the sound of promise. The promise of a new day, a new beginning, the promise of being alive.
Least this be the soundtrack to your life.
Let this sound propel you forward.
Let this sound be what makes you want to live, to thrive.
Without this, we are not here.
Without knowing this, we cannot truly love.
Today, take some time to be with your heart today.
To feel the love it produces and the physical beat it brings.
Let this fill you and to propel you to want to live.
A thriving life, not just one of merely existing.
You owe your heart more than that.
You owe your soul more than that.
“I use the beat of my heart to propel me to greatness and use it as my soundtrack – to life and love”
Let it fill you today and every day.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Let it out!

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Don’t hold anything in. Let it out in a safe and loving way! Stuffing in only leads to problems later. Let it all out!!

We can safely say that anything that doesn’t feel quite right in your body or mind can all be linked back to holding emotions and feelings in.

When we choose to stuff down what we are feeling or experiencing – we are telling that certain something that it is somehow wrong, shameful or shouldn’t be felt.

When that is furtherest from the truth.

You should feel everything that comes up for you. Good or bad, happy or sad.

They all serve a purpose and what you do with them is all on you.

Do you want to stuff them down, till they have no other way of leaking out in the form of disease and other such similar things.

Or do you want to feel them as soon as they arrive, so they can be processed, felt and honoured and will wisp away leaving you light as a feather?

I know which one I’d prefer!

Today, choose to feel rather than stuff.

Today choose to honour yourself and how you feel.

Today choose to allow everything about you to bubble up to the surface and be truly felt.

“I feel what needs to be felt”

It’s as simple as that.

Feel and then move on.

No dwelling.

Till next time… keepwalking your spiritual path xxa

Giving Love

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What goes around comes around.
What do you want in your life? What do you want to bring to your world? Go out and spread love and see it brought back to you tenfold.
I think we have all heard what goes around comes around… but are we truly applying that to our lives??
If we knew that everything we thought, did or behaved came back to us in some form or another… would we be a lil different??
So if we decide this is going to be something we live by….
What would you do or be?
Would you be able to say you’d keep being the you that you are now… or would decide actually that may not bring all the goodness in.
So what or how do you need to do things differently?
What would you say to yourself each day?
How would you act?
How much love would you bring to the table, if you knew it would channel through you and out to your world?!
What you put out, you get.
So today let’s choose to put out the good juju and lower the muck you may be dragging in from the soles of your feet!
Every day just check in and say if what goes around comes around, what am I bringing in to my world today?
And self adjust if necessary.
“I know all I do and am is reflected back to me in my life. So I choose love, peace, and joy”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

The Murky Waters

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Life can have those ups and downs, those topsy turvy moments where you no longer know which is the right way. But that is living, that is the beauty of being clothed in human form. It shows us how absolutely magnificent life can be, and how strong we are when it is not all sunshine and roses.

It is those moments that make us stronger.

It is those moments that show us how we’d prefer our life to actually be.

Can you imagine if like was just always sunshine and lollipops?

I know in theory it sounds like a magical place to be but let me tell you.

We’d never learn how to be happy or sad, mad or glad. We’d almost be like these robots that just were every day.

You’d never find out what you love or don’t love.

The list goes on.

Being human means learning… and that is the good and bad learning kind.

We wouldn’t be equipped with ego’s and our flight or fight response if we weren’t meant to sometimes venture into the shitty side of life.

That’s what living is all about!

But that doesn’t also mean that you can swim in these murky waters constantly and put it down to living.

The murk is only there to help lead us back to the beauty of life. It was never intended to be your resting place.

So today, it is time to have a look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself…

Are you allowing yourself to constantly be in the murky waters?
Or do you just let them propel and water your beautiful roses?

It is up to us to decide if we stay there, no one else can make the decision.

So what are you choosing today?

“I use the murky waters to propel me to greatness. They are a stepping stone to my beautiful life”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Get things going!

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You can do absolutely anything that you put your mind too.

Absolutely anything! So jump on those wishful thinking and get going with them!

Why do we always feel we can’t have everything we desire? Some of us think it’s wrong to want it maybe? That we don’t deserve it, and who are we to think we should??

Who knows, but let me just say… That is the analytic human part of us thinking that… you know the one that has been conditioned to think that.

Because here’s the thing….

If you want something enough, you will get it! So what are your wishful thinking that you could go out and grab today?? What could you start giving a thought to, rather than brushing it aside?

What would you absolutely love to do, if you could do anything?? And how about reaching out to grab them today?!

Ignore the scary, ignore the don’t deserve it blah blah and just looked at what you need to do and started the reach!

Ask your unseen crew for help. If it is the right thing for you to be reaching for… and just do it! Even if it ends up not being exactly right for you or what you thought it would be… the thing is… You still did it!

You still ignored all the little can’ts and did it! Which also means you have an awesome story to tell AND learnings and you learnt what you did or didn’t like.

Win win I say.

“I bring to light my hearts desires and act on them”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx