Angelic Ramblings




Our Ego can get quite shamed and blamed when all of our negative qualities come out to play. When we stress and get overwhelmed and need something to blame.

So consider this is a blog to our Ego’s, a nice blog!

I want to take the time to Thank my Ego for being there all of my life. For protecting me from things she deemed unsafe and for putting me on the right path when I could have gone many other unsavoury ways. She has always been a guiding light to me in my darkest days, when I ignored my spiritual path and was drifting soullessly through my days. My Ego has always tried to be my voice of reason no matter if I tried to ignore her or not.

I realise the mistake has been on my behalf. I was the one who gave full responsibility to Ego and expected her to be able to lead my life, playing all the parts of me that she just cannot be expected to play. I was the one who allowed myself to dwell in her musings and not listen to the rest of me, knowing full well that Ego’s part is to question things, to make sure things are safe, and so forth.

So it is up to me to take back some of that Power and start to distribute evenly so I can live a more joyous, spiritual life. Some of Ego’s upset is that I have been doing just that, and she is feeling a little unloved when she has been the leader and my right hand man for most of my life. Know this Ego, I still love you and need you, I just don’t need you to take such a front and centre role anymore. I thank you for everything you have ever done for me and for keeping me super safe up until now. When I feel you at my side, I will still stop and see if what I am doing/saying etc. is the right thing to do, but do not get discouraged if I don’t follow your path, as we have both been too used to wrapping me in a big protective bundle and sitting in a room to be as safe as possible, so it is time we both branched out.

It is just time to try things a little differently and start really living and enjoying this human life. Knowing we have the full universe, our guides and all those other wonderful spiritual beings, human and otherwise at our side to help us along this unchartered path. I know there is going to be hiccups and side steps but I am willing to try if you are.

I love you Ego…

Have you been mean to your Ego, or started ignoring when you have always listened? Perhaps you too can take a moment to Thank and be nice to your Ego today and GENTLY let them know if their particular assistance is not necessary for that moment.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Morning Bliss


I have started a new morning routine the last couple of days and I must say I am loving it and really feeling the benefits of starting out my day this way.

I have been waking myself up just as the sky is starting to lighten but is still predominantly dark, rugging myself up as it has been a little chilly here in the mornings as Autumn starts to really take hold and taking myself into the back yard and laying out on the sun lounger with a blanket with my furry sidekick Tex.

I play some soothing noises in the background, just enough to hear it but not drown out all of the natural noises going on around me and I become mindfully still. For a short while I may close my eyes, but otherwise they are open, taking in the beauty around me.

The sun rises and slowly paints everything a beautiful golden colour, and if I am lucky – the clouds will be a beautiful mix of purple and pinks as it was this morning before turning golden themselves.

The moon is still nice and bright at this time, slowly making its way to saying sweet dreams and good night and there are a few stars that stay until the sun gets too bright and they fade away.

Today that really got me to thinking as I never really paid much attention to it apart from in the night they are there and when the sun is up they are not. I guess if you think of the sky in childlike terms – you could almost imagine it being a totally different sky that you are seeing, that they somehow leave and come back when it is time for them to do their thing. But really it is all still there, the only difference is that the sun is shining so brilliantly that it blocks out all of what you could see in the night sky.

And they made me really think on this and then they showed me that it is the same as our shadow selves. Our less than wanted traits and ways of being. If we allow our light – our own personal sun – to shine brightly then it overrides these shadows BUT the most important thing here is that they are still there. They are just outshone by your incredible light.  

So therefore it is not about getting rid of those shadows or making them better and all the things we want to do to them short of bombing them – it is all about letting your light shine brighter than anything else. They can still be in the background – just like you can sometimes see the silhouette of the moon during the day but just don’t pay them any attention. Just allow yourself to feel that light, be that light and know it is connected to Source so how can you go wrong?

Enjoy being your light, enjoy knowing the shadows are there any time you require them or not as the case may be. Know that they help to make up the whole of you so therefore how can they be bad? Just learn to see them and treat them with your pure light.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Get Out Of Your Head and Stop Making Excuses


I am talking about this today, as I had a moment of this myself.

I am in the process of making a course and I held off as I needed the perfect platform and there was so many different opinions out there.

I then had crappy skin and wanted to wait. Oh and let’s order some professional lighting and microphones while we are it. And is my copy really all that good?!?!

The thing is, there will always be something we could make an excuse over.


Even from getting out of bed, where it is nice and warm and oh so soft and cosy.

Anything in our day we could make an excuse not to do it, to do something else instead.

The thing is this though – it is just our mental chatter that makes us want to feel this way. That stops us in our tracks and makes us want to procrastinate.

And who here, please raise your hand – that even when you procrastinate and put it off, still uses a shed load of mental energy thinking about the thing they put off?? Can I get a hell yeah???

And seriously that shit uses the same mental energy than if you had of just done it.

So today, and every day if you can. I want you to do what you know you need to do, straight away. No stopping, no waiting, no doing it after this and that. If you need to do it, go and do it!

I know I will be filming all day today, regardless of how I look, what I don’t have, if my words are right and what have you.

Of course they are going to be right – I am doing it intuitively, so it will be exactly what my peeps need to hear.

I know for me, it is the moving forward, the getting out there more that holds me back, but I also know that baby it is time to shine and get the hell on out there.

So today just get whatever shit that is brewing around your head done. Don’t even try to analyse why you are not etc.

There is always a place for analysis but also sometimes we just gotta get out of own way and give ourselves a kick up the bum and just do it! Otherwise we can use analysis as another form of procrastination.

So what have you been putting off?

Is it time to get that shiz done?

To get it off your mental platter and be done with it!!??

Don’t be stressed about it being perfect, you could spend years on that. Just get it out there and give it little nips and tucks if you see fit to down the track.

I’m off to go film… wish me luck!

Let me know what you are going to get done today

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

The Halo Slips


I let my halo slip today.

My partner had a friend around who hasn’t been coping well with life lately and they did blokey things as men do.

For a change I was a pretty good host – getting them some snacks without asking and keeping out of their bonding time. (I am not always a good host after spending so many years not eating or drinking, I kind of forget that others, and myself now for that matter, do).

After they had finished, 5 hours later, I walked out and OMG my horns slid out and the nails were sharpened.

The back patio was a freaking mess of saw dust, off cuts, nails and tools. Now to give you a bit of info, I had been cleaning this damn patio slowly all week as I was getting it ready for my birthday celebrations the following weekend so to see it in such a state, I must say I was pissed.

As I stood there flinging bits of wood around, cursing up a storm, demanding as to whether his friend had even offered to help (he hadn’t) and basically a bunch of what the hells.

My partner finally said – Where’s your compassionate side gone? You know he came here because he is struggling and we were able to help him. Of course he didn’t think to ask to clean up as at the moment it is all about him, he can’t see outside of that.

WOW, now my partner doesn’t talk like this much. I am usually the light and compassion and he is the complete opposite. So to hear him call me out on it was eye opening to say the least.

And I realised he was completely right. This was our way of giving back to his friend and hopefully left a bright light in his day.

And I realised in that moment, I was also letting it be all about me. So to say I was humbled was a huge understatement.

I didn’t beat myself up about it though, there is no joy in that for anyone. But it did make me take a long hard look at myself and held up a mirror that I needed to see.

Sometimes it really isn’t about us at all. Sometimes it is being there completely for someone else, with no gains for ourselves. And by no gains, you certainly gain in the knowing of helping someone, of feeling joy and compassion for someone else, but you don’t expect anything in return for this, you just do.

And we got to have a bonding moment as we together cleaned up the back, infusing a bit of fun into it as well, especially when our silly sausage dog kept trying to believe that some of the wood was food… yep it still isn’t.

It is also okay with how react to a certain situation, as long as if it isn’t really the right reaction – that we are able to either be told in this case, or see it for what it really is and be able to take the lesson and wisdom from it. Without beating ourselves up for having a human reaction to something.

By the end of it, if I hadn’t seen what I was doing and had a good think about it, while I was wielding that broom – I would have still been pissed, I would have still been steaming over what had happened.

Instead I felt happy that he was able to feel safe coming here and taking away a new memory, I felt happy that my partner and I had had some time together and I was grateful in that moment for how far I had come, because it wasn’t that long ago, that I was stuck in that place.

Next time something or someone peeves you off. Ask to see the whys… ask to see what this is trying to show you? So that yes you can feel peeved in the first instance, you can also walk away with a smile and some wisdom as well.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Cleaning Epiphanies

June 17-Angelic Rambling.jpg

After writing my blog the other day about hiring a cleaner… it stayed at the back of my mind, not really thinking about it, but letting it marinate away there so it could bring up any juiciness that I needed to see, witness or realise.

And bam – it brought some goodies.

You see my mum was a clean freak. So I unknowingly rebelled against it. Hard obviously. I kept pushing and pushing it away so that I couldn’t associate it with her.

Something horrible and ugly happened under the sound of her vacuum whirring away as well so that just cemented the whole ‘let’s hate cleaning’ vibe for me once and for all.

I always feel like it is a punishment to do, while I love a clean home, I procrastinate for ages before cleaning, and then it is usually a rush job because someone is coming over. It always feels like an extreme chore to have to do it. And I just really want to do anything but clean. I could think of a million excuses as to not do it.

So after really feeling into this feeling of yuck, shying away, anger, rebelling and sadness. A lot of writing and feeling. A lot of remembering and then assimilating to now. I am starting to feel lighter. I am starting to weirdly look forward to keeping my house clean – for my house who so deserves it, for myself and my family and to help with my life overall as our house represents so much to us in that respect.

I pondered again whether it meant that I could go off and find a better cleaner, who would make my house sparkly and I wouldn’t need to lift a finger. But sadly that is not the feeling I am picking up on. And I know my feeling on it is always the right thing to do.

You see, while I do not necessarily need to fall in love with cleaning or become a neat freak. I do need to learn to enjoy it for what it represents to me now and not the past. I do need to learn to enjoy it as a great form of exercise and clearing of the mind. A part of my routine and structure (that I also rebel against) I do need to learn to shift stuff in my own life while cleaning a certain part of my castle. And in terms of castles, I need to start treating my castle, exactly like that – a castle. A castle that deserves the best I have to offer it, because it does an amazing job of keeping us sheltered, happy and loved. Where beautiful memories have already been formed and will continue to form. How can I have a truly happy life, if I am letting my castle down, and ultimately me?

So here is to picking up the scrubbing brush and my natural cleaners and giving my love to my home again!

To showing my ultimate love of my home by keeping her lovely and fresh, sparkly and clean.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx (rubber gloves and all)

The Searching For My Cleaning Fairy Godmother

i dont like cleaning

I hired a cleaner the other day because quite frankly, I don’t like cleaning! I don’t really want to have the time to clean and did I mention I don’t like cleaning?!

I like having a neat and tidy house, but the deep cleaning, like scrubbing my shower? Really doesn’t do it for me.

So after procrastinating about it for well over a year… I hired one. I decided I freaking deserved it so I did it.

And I was sooo fricken excited. Like you’d think Santa was coming with how excited I was.

I worked outside with my feet up, pooches curled all around me, and I thought this is the life! How freaking epic.

I can hear the vacuum going and it ain’t me pushing that sucker around trying to get all my furbaby hair up. I can hear the shower and it isn’t me trying to scrub all that crap away.

I did feel a tinge guilty that I was laying there with my feet up, but it soon passed!

Then the moment of reckoning came. The floor was dry and I could enter my sparkly clean home that I didn’t lift a finger to do…

The dogs burst through wondering why in hell they had been banished from their bed and I felt oddly disappointed.

I looked around and then it didn’t seem much different to if I had done it – which I can tell you is not thorough. There were things that I thought would have been cleaned that weren’t and stuff I didn’t expect to be cleaned was. And did I mention the disappointment?

It is a feeling I have sat with for a couple of days now. Trying to make sense of the message in it for me. Is it – get off your butt and get cleaning yourself because it is good for you and your home or is it keep looking, the perfect one is out there for you.

And decluttering and cleaning is super good for your juju and your homes. It is all connected in amazing and mysterious ways.

One good thing about hiring the cleaner – it made me declutter and simplify everything a bit more to make her job easier. Which in turn has made me feel lighter and freer, even though my place wasn’t overly cluttered in the first place. It was a case of certain things were out because they were pretty, or were a gift when they didn’t necessarily need to be. That I can switch around my trinkets rather than have them all out all of the time.

So for now it is back to the drawing board of whether to do it myself or keep on searching for my fairy godmother equivalent of a cleaner.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever had something that you’ve also been super duper excited for turn into a bit of a dud??

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



There is always something to delve into, to see, to release. No matter how much ‘work’ we do on ourselves, it is an ongoing revolution that just keeps on going!

While we can sometimes roll our eyes at it, complain about ‘not again??’ – the truth is, we need this. Nothing is going to come up if it wasn’t in our best interests to look at it and do a bit of work around it.

And while I can put my hand up and sometimes ignore it, it won’t truly go away until you are ready to deep see dive into what it is trying to show. So it can be best to pull up those adult pants and get to work.

It was one of those nights for me, and today to be quite honest. Where a seemingly innocent conversation then pulls out a here’s something to look at gem.

Gem is what it definitely is. While it can be super frustrating to have to look again – especially at something you think you have already plowed a million times over , but I can guarantee you there will be more gold nuggets waiting to be found if you take the chance to look again.

Every situation we go through, will impact so many facets of our self and our life. So one seemingly small past situation or feeling can seriously shape so much, so it is no wonder we sometimes have to look at something in a little different way each and every time to really conquer every avenue where it is affecting us.

I always first go back to where it all began – our childhood and I start asking myself – where did I first feel this? What situations or stories do I remember that are similar to what I am going through now? Where is this wanting to take me back to?? And I really get to writing or talking that shiz out. Fell it all over again. Let those feelings come crashing in, I promise they cannot hurt you and they won’t stay after you have worked your way through it.

And most importantly I want you to ask yourself, is this really mine? I am here to tell you right now that some of the load that we carry, isn’t ours at all, it can from our mothers and fathers and so forth.

A lot of what I am diving into right now, yes some of it is mine, but another fair amount is my mums. And there is no anger, shame or guilt around that. It is what it is. I picked it up for a reason, and I am letting it go for an even better one. So don’t allow yourself to hold on too tight just because you want to place blame somewhere else. You still chose to carry this, no matter who it was from. So deal with what it is you are working through without adding another layer of shit on top of it. As you are only jeopardising yourself  by doing this , so let’s stop the blame train before it even gets out of the station.

Then it is simulation time! Trace it all back to then see how it is playing out now. It may not be exactly replicas of the situations and stories, but it will be pretty damn close. You will have so many aha’s as you blast through them all.

Then permission to sigh. You have done it. You have gotten through another shit storm of unhealed shiz, intact and healed and in better form than ever.

It may feel uncomfortable while you are traipsing through it, it may feel like it is all happening all over again and what did you do to deserve going through this all over again.

But remember this – you got through it the first time, so you can get through the memories easy as pie. And change it around – be soooo happy to embrace this because it isn’t about what you did to deserve this – it is yes let me at it, so I can let this go, so I can grow and evolve from this and become even more of a badass. You are not being punished when these things show up. You are being given an opportunity to heal at a deep level – which is a gift. Honestly it is a gift!

Embrace the gift. Embrace the memories and feelings knowing you are going to come out the other end just a little bit sparklier.

You’ve got this. I believe in you.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



I don’t know about you but I am kind of over all the labels, both good and bad. We seem to need to attach a label to every blooming thing that we do, are, do not do, seriously the list is just endless.

It is all the labels too, a mother, brother, woman, man, coloured, gay, straight, spiritual, ego driven, masculine, feminine, ADHD, the list is absolutely endless.

Oh how much simpler it would be if we all just realised we were a pure soul plonked in a human body for a lifetime, and each lifetime you are someone completely different mind you, coming here to do your bit on Earth and moving on. How much nicer does that sound??

The thing is when we label ourselves – we start to automatically believe everything to do with that label, that we are that label rather than ourselves and sometimes it can be more debilitating than good for us.

I know, I used to be so into the labels that I was – Panic Disorder sufferer, depression sufferer, girlfriend, daughter, mortgage broker, spiritualist, hermit, yadda yadda yadda,  I actually didn’t know how to just be me. Who was I, if I wasn’t all that?? It can be scary stepping into the so called unknown when we are so used to be a certain way.

Can you relate??

But really what you are doing is coming home. So there is nothing at all scary about coming home to yourself, your true self at the core.

Then when you start getting spiritual and there is another whole well-meaning list of labels.

You are not being feminine enough, too much masculinity, not spiritual enough, too much or not enough ego. Like do we really need to make it so damn hard on ourselves??

The thing is, if we connect ourselves to our divine soul, just sit in that space of connectedness and feel into what we need. We will be shown the way – without needing to put a label, or story into it. We will just automatically do what is best for ourselves.

The only limitation is what we choose to allow, what we choose to believe and what we do with that information. It really is up to you whether you choose to stay limited by your labels, whether you feed into that hype or whether you throw all those cards in the air and just decide to be 100% YOU!!! Labels, juiciness and all the in betweens.

Start feeling our way through rather than plowing through with our minds in control of the show.

Hands up to a labeless new way of being. Where whatever you do or are is right and completely and utterly you.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Stopped By Fear


I was literally handed a golden opportunity a couple of weeks ago, which I didn’t even really look at till last night and promptly, in my mind said a direct HELL NO to it.

I was asked to go to Sydney in August to come along to an absolutely incredible ladies world-wide adventure.  To give them my super special Angel Readings and lend my energy to their day.

I mean, she asked little old ME!!! Like that is out of this world, big step in the right direction incredible for me, and my first thoughts were good god no.

And I let this carry on ALL night. Even with encouraging words from one of my besties, I was still caught up in my sheer terror.

While my initial soul response was FREAKING AWESOME, lets go!! The next vicious cycle of spiralling thoughts were “You have to get on a plane, freak out city”. “You have to be in a busy as hell airport, with queues and people. “ You might be in accommodation where you have to use a lift to get anywhere and feel trapped”. “Can you really do readings for all those people”. “Can you really stand there and support them with your energy”. “It is all just going to be way too much for you to handle”.


Now you all know I have done the work, am doing the work and live and breathe the work yet I still fell victim to the voices that told me there was no effing way this was going to happen. No way hose. Next please.

I woke up this morning, and I still felt the undercurrent of terror but I also felt excitement. I also got so many supporting stories about facing the fear and having the courage to do it anyway. It was in so much I read today on social media from my favourite people to even in a fiction book I am reading.

During my moments of terror, I completely forgot that it is okay to feel the fear, to hear those voices and let them have their say YET choose to do it anyway.

The thing is, those voices are always going to be there, that is their job. To keep us completely safe, even to the detriment of ourselves, because safe is better than living in its eyes. And while I completely and utterly understand where my terror is coming from, it is now up to me as the adult who can take care of herself, to either listen and say you are so right, it is too dangerous and  scary so we are going to keep sitting in our little bubble and watch the world from here.

Or I could thank it for its concern, love on it for wanting to keep so amazingly safe, then tune in to what my soul, my heart want to do. If this is the right decision for me and the people I will be surrounding myself with. So far it is a yes. I am one who has to take a while to decide and keep checking in to see if it is still a yes but I am pretty certain I will be jetting off to Sydney in a few months and having the time of my life.

Will this be the last feeling of terror about this possible trip – hell no. I can tell you right now it will keep trying to lift its head and roar the whole time, until it is over and I am back home. But like now, I can choose how I react, choose how much I listen and choose how I love on myself for having these wonderful thoughts.

Because while they suck in one way and really try to keep you down, they are also wonderful in how much they want to love and protect you. They are wonderful because in each moment you have them, you are showing yourself you are more than those terrifying thoughts. You are more than crashing on yourself for your shitty thoughts. You are showing your courage in each and every moment where you say, great thoughts BUT we are actually going to do it like this instead. Each and every moment, it gives you the courage to take the reins rather than let the horse of ego take you wherever the hell it wants to. There is so much GOLD you can choose to find in them, if only you get out of the revolving terrifying thoughts and see them for what they really are. And reassure them like you would a child, that all is going to be ok.

So let’s celebrate those terror thoughts today. Let’s celebrate ourselves for what we can do regardless of them.

And here is to taking that magical step out of our comfort and letting the universe unravel the red carpet for you.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path

Choosing To Step Over the Edge… or Not

step over the edge

I was stressed the hell out Friday just gone. Like pull my hair out, I don’t want to play anymore stressed out.

Work issues and I had people coming around that I was cleaning up for and the looming of a dentist appointment the next day seriously left me in a tizzle.

I was on hold to banks numerous times and getting nowhere and everything just felt like it was piling on top of me and my to do list of getting things done before people came around were just never going to get done.

I was complaining and swearing left right and centre. Letting the people closest to me know how stressed I was, inviting them into my nightmare.

And then suddenly I laughed and I just stopped. I mean seriously??? Had I learned nothing?? It is funny when you are in the midst of something, how quickly you can forget your training and tools that you know you can help yourself with.

Like a flashing ball of light knocking me over – I suddenly stepped out of the tizz I was in, enough to see that what I was doing, was not healthy or good for me. Sure I had a heap of stuff still to do, and yes there were pressing issues for a customer of mine.

But… did I really need to be sending myself over the edge with this? And the answer was NO!

Everything that was going on and needed to be done, were still going to be there whether I stressed over them or not. So I suddenly CHOSE not to do it anymore.

I took a quick time out to let it all go, imagining it all melting away and went a did a quick trip to the shops to get myself away from all that had to be done. Every time I went to go back into uh oh mode, I reminded myself – do I need to be stressing, or can I just get on with all that I can and in the calmest way I can. I also cranked the radio and sang along to get it all out and bring on some happy vibes.

And it seriously helped! By the time everyone came, I was fed, everything sorted and I was a happy and calm version of myself.

See the thing is, we don’t need to go into meltdown mode every time something knocks us, or our to do list is full to the brim. Yes it isn’t fun to know so much is riding on our shoulders, but I would much rather do it happily and not running around like a stressed out chook.

Rather than thinking of ALL I had to do. I also focused on one thing at a time. Because if I thought on everything still left to do, that is when the overwhelm would start creeping in. So I kept going with getting one thing done after another and not stressing about my customer, as I knew I had done all I could at that point in time and would deal with the next issue if it arose.

And then I let out a deep breath and enjoyed myself. It was a fabulous get together full of laughs and deep chit chat, and then lo and behold, because I had let the stress go away, the situation with my customer resolved itself without me needing to do anything else – WINNING!!!

So the next time you are running around stressed to the max, ask yourself – Is this stressed out state really working for me or against me??  What can I do to get back to a resemblance of a state of calm?

Everyone has different ways of getting back to an even keel, so have a think, while you are in a good state, what those are so that when you are frazzled, you can remind yourself of them and get back to a state of zen.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

A Commitment… to Ourselves


I’ve really been thinking on commitment lately.

I am a bit of a typical Gemini in my thoughts as in one sentence I will say I am totally happy with how things are and in the next moment I am saying how much I would love to be a MRS.

It always got me thinking how much was my thoughts and not the projections of others, how much was because I was doing what my partner wanted, how much was my neediness… the list goes on.

But today I really got triggered by reading something someone had written. And I know and believe on this wholeheartedly but I am always a believer that no matter how many times or things you know, sometimes that even millionth time of reading or hearing it, will be what brings a little jackpot aha to your life.

You see, people and things that go on around us, are always mirrors – in things we have to learn, things we feel or believe deep down in ourselves etc. Especially our closest people.

So when I realised I had come back full swing to, I want to be married, this morning I really sat with it and dived deep in what this mirror of it not happening was trying to show me.

I realised the commitment I craved from him, was commitment I was craving for myself, to myself. While I try and tell myself that I am all in on myself, my journey and my service to others, I realised that that wasn’t quite true and that I was only 110% committed to myself part of the time.

The rest of the time, I still hide behind the old me, I still hide in my bed with a book to escape. I am not truly owning all that I am and all that I came here to be. It is being committed to the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of ourselves and being completely okay and in align with it.

And while we are allowed to have those moments, how can I truly expect anyone else to fully commit to me, if I cannot do it for myself first?? Even if it was to happen, it wouldn’t last for long on a crumbling foundation.

How can I expect commitment to happen, when I still have a few small walls up to stop myself from getting hurt, which means I am not all in.

I am not all in full stop. How fucking scary and stupid is that, to know you are not all in, in life??

But it is not about beating myself up about it, it is about recognising it and seeing what I can do about it. Because let’s face it, if it is a choice to not be all in and not commit to ourselves, it is an easy as fuck choice to choose to be all in and fully commit to ourselves.

It can be as simple or as hard as we WANT to make it. No matter what has shaped us to get to where we are in life, we can just as easily unshape it if we want to. Yes there is sometimes work to be done, nothing worthwhile ever is without some pain. But I really believe it can be as simple as accepting the ahas you have and simply choosing to accept where you were and now how you would like to go on.

It may take a few ‘bringing yourself back onto the love train’ tracks if you accidentally slip into old ways, but you have the awareness now to make different actions and results than what you would have before.

So today I choose to commit to ME fully, I am going to marry the fuck out of myself and be madly and deeply in love with me and all that I am, so I can give the same wide open love to my partner and the beings that surround my world.

It is time to stop being a disservice to ourselves and those around us. When we show up, we energetically give others permission to do the same. You will be amazed at what can evolve in others just by doing something like this for yourself.

So here’s to putting a ring on our own damn finger.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx