You’ll love my Angel words of wisdom

Untitled design (10)

It can be a little daunting at first to think of your own affirmations – are they right, what if I get it wrong, as we know, the list we give ourselves can go on and on if we allow.

And that is why I love the Angel words of wisdom/affirmations that I do personally for peeps. The Angels know what is best for us, so why not ask them what exactly we need at the moment. Add in a little prettiness, cause I am all about the pretty and voila your own personal affirmation, right from the Angels mouth to you! And all completely your own in design.

Not only do you get the good juju of the words of wisdom and affirmation – you also get the beautiful energy of the Angels to go along with it… BONUS!!!!


  1. Karen · October 27, 2018

    The book I am currently reading ends each chapter with an affirmation, it’s not a practice I use but something I am interested in doing.


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