Writing To Heal featuring: Jules

Proud to have a guest spot on Drem’s Writing to Heal


Jules is a blogger from the coastal town of Perth Western Australia whose gone through so much- from sexual abuse to an eating disorder. Now in her 30s and after finding conventional psychiatry not working for her, she turns to alternative means. Now she…

Writes To Heal

Why do you write to Heal?

After experiencing a traumatic childhood, where I had an abusive alcoholic parent, broken family unit and some sexual abuse thrown in, I became a sever panic disorder sufferer and morbidly depressed when I was 17. Part of the panic disorder affected my eating so an unusual eating disorder started where I didn’t eat for many years… I have been working on myself mainly through holistic and alternative channels after the psychiatrists etc. didn’t really work for me. After working on myself so much and getting to the point where I am – I realised that by telling…

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    Congratulations !

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