Channel the Angel love into your world

We love you. We love all sides of you. We rejoice in all your experiences. We love to guide you on your way.

Say yes to that today!

Learn to love everything about your life the way the Angels do. They see the positives in absolutely everything, and that is available to you too. If you dig deep enough past Ego. Past enough that you don’t throw up excuses and negative vibes – don’t get me wrong it is natural to do and that is Ego’s job, but you can still choose to dive right past and get to the juicy love chunks rather than focusing on the bad.

Learn to say Yes to involving them in every aspect of your life. So even if shit is hitting the fan, you can feel the love and comfort of the Angels, slowly guiding you back to your centre and path. And if life is going amazing, it makes it even doubly so!

Take a leaf out of their book today and see the love in everything. I promise it is there even if you have to dig a little to find it. And if you’re having trouble finding it, ask them to illuminate it so you have no choice but to see the blessings.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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