Nothing Ends

Remember nothing truly ends….

The relationships and friendships that seem to end? They live through our lessons and blessings. If it isn’t meant to finish in real time… they will find a way back into your life

Death? It only means the release of this particular physical housing of your soul. The soul lives on and on in the most wondrous of places until deciding to learn some more on Earth.

Jobs etc??? Get lost when the universe is conspiring to bring you something bigger and better than you’ve ever imagined. The key is to not hold on so tight and believe that everything is as it should be, even when it seems like your up a creek without a paddle.

Today take time to remember that nothing truly ends

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. aspiringherbalist · March 29, 2018

    Thanks for this! Sometimes the right words arrive at just the right moments & this was one of those 😊!💞~Anne

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  2. emergingfromthedarknight · March 19, 2019

    This is so true. Since my Mum and sister died I just feel them close all the time.. so it is the spirit just goes into another form we may not see it but we can feel it ❤


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