Nature…. thank you

Numerolgy with the Angels message for 1st March

Thank nature today. Everything is related to keeping Mother Earth alive. Everything with a purpose, naturally aligned today as one.

P.S including YOU!

If we didn’t have one single part of Mother Earth and all of her animals- we would not survive long.

Today take the time to thank whatever you come into contact with – the sun on your face, the wind blowing you a cool beeeze, maybe the snow or rain as it fills the water back up, the bugs that flit around that seem annoying yet are so essential. That tree over there giving you oxygen. The list is endless and can you see just how much we have to be grateful to her for?

We are all a part of this beautiful tapestry. So when you take the time to say thanks today, and every day. Ask or think on what you can do for the planet. Can you recycle more? Can you plant more? Give your love more?

The smallest thing, like sending your love into the ground can have more impact than you can imagine.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx