Enough is enough!

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Sometimes you have to get to that point where enough is enough.
It makes me laugh, how as humans we seem to have to get to the point of no return, the darkest night, the shittiest moment to finally say enough is enough.
And then it still may take ages.
Any one else face palming right now?
That moment, can be the most epic of your life.
That moment where you no longer allow yourself to be defined by anything.
That moment where you say enough is enough and that line is most definitely drawn in the sand.
The moment you take your power back with all your being.
The moment you take responsibility.
Magic magic magic.
We don’t always have to wait for that shit defining moment though.
We can choose it, anytime you like.
It doesn’t have to get to momentous proportions before you plug your finger in the power leak.
Whichever way you do it, the fact that you do it, is the most important one.
But just remember that tidbit for later. You can choose any time.
“I know I can choose enough is enough, before it gets bigger than a mountain. I always have the choice to take back my power and stand tall “
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Life can either be a drag… or not

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Life can either be a drag… or not.
Life can either suck, or it doesn’t.
It is as simple as that.
It can be the best thing since sliced bread, or it could be your worst nightmare.
But guess who gets to choose this?
If you said You or well Myself (as you point to yourself) then ding ding ding – winner winner chicken dinner.
You have the capacity, in any instance to choose whether you life feels like a drag or not.
You can choose at any time, to enjoy your life, regardless of the dragging or not.
You had the power all along!
Sure we sometimes need the drag, be it as part of our path, our learning for this lifetime – but that doesn’t mean you have to bow down to the drag.
If you’ve been bowing down – this is your moment, to choose to stand tall.
To look all the drag in the eye and say I am going to choose differently from now on.
Even if you cannot escape from all of your circumstances straight away, your reaction to it all, can most definitely be escaped from.
You get to choose that.
So what are you going to choose today?
“I know it is up to me, how my life is lived, so I choose epic. I choose magnificent. And I will choose it every single time”
Time to get off your knees and start steering your life the way you want it to go…
And leave the drag behind
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path x

You’ve got this

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Kindly take stock of what is going on and remember you’ve got this.

Oh boy do you have this!

That is one thing you should never worry about…

But we do, don’t we?!

Worry on not being good enough, smart enough, able to do this or that.

If you could see what we see? You’d never have to worry again.

A warrior in human skin.

A pure spark of consciousness that can do absolutely anything they set their mind to.

Everything is a muscle and can be trained. Absolutely anything.

So kindly become aware of what is going on around you…

What can you do, knowing you’ve got this?

What will you aim for now, knowing you’ve got this?

You are so incredibly talented- anything is yours, if you want it enough.

Is what you want, making you hungry enough to go out and grab it??

Is it time to make some new wants, knowing now what you know?

“I know I am capable of anything, and act as it is so”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be kind

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Be kind, especially to yourself and your day to day happenings.

Have you noticed that as soon as you do something not quite right, something happens, whether it be to you, or just around you – our first reaction is usually a ‘ For goodness sake’ kind of frustration?

We instantly kick ourselves and berate ourselves or those around us.

What if, instead of doing it that way, we chose kindness instead of beratement.

We chose to look at it another way?

Even after that initial reaction?

What if, that nuisance of a thing – was actually leading you to something bigger and better?

And here we are raining on its parade?!

So today, after that rush of grrr – let’s choose a different way. A way that will leave us happier. A way that lets us step back and see the bigger picture a bit more clearly.

Kindness. An open heart. A willingness to see around the frustration of the moment.

It is not saying that something doesn’t stink… but it is letting it stink, without letting us stink up with it.

“I choose to see everything with eyes of kindness and an open heart to see the whole of a situation”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Don’t think so hard

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Don’t think so hard.

Boy oh boy, how have we come to forget that we are way more than just our mind? More than just our thoughts?

Today is a big huge blinking reminder that we do not have to think so hard! About anything and everything.

Seriously. Jump off the brain strain boat!!!

We have so much at our disposal, thinking is a mere portion of it!

Our body knows how to respond to things… so listen to it and work out what means yes and no to you.

Our soul knows how to respond… so listen to its amazing wisdom.

We can do, decide and go forward with things, without having to rack up the frequent flyer points of overthinking.

Yes it is good to think, to weigh up the pros and cons, to see where it could lead.

But overthinking it? Nah not so good.

Write it out if too much is swirling around.

Get out of your head!

And especially get out of your head when you are thinking too hard on things you cannot change, happened in the past and so forth.

It cannot be changed!

Learn to embrace your thinking and allow the rest of you to answer the questions you seek.

“I allow all of my answerable parts, to help my decision making. I allow my mind time to rest”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Always have a support crew

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Always have a support crew.
One of the best things you can do for yourself, is allow yourself to have an amazing array of support behind you.
The ones who cheer you on.
The ones who tell you like it is.
The ones who will shout your name from every rooftop, if it means helping you out.
They are also your unseen crew, that you can feel rallying behind.
Slightly pushing you, out of your comfort zone and into greatness.
Embracing you in their love and comfort, when shit feels too hard to keep going.
This is a reminder, to not let yourself become an island. To not let yourself get lost or hidden away.
Use your support crew – they want to be there for you.
And in turn support them back. Let them know their dreams can come true, as can your own.
Be the best support person you can be, so that you can have the best support people around you.
Learn that it is okay to have anchors, holding you in the storm, and kites to fly free with.
“My support crew are the best a person can ask for, and I in turn am a pretty fabulous support for another”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Everything has a reason


Everything has a reason.

Every single little thing has a rhyme and reason to it.

Asofrickenlutely everything! From the bugs and animals that are here… to every part of our body and mind. Everything has a reason.

Including how you are, what you do etc. Everything has a reason.

If we didn’t muck up every now and then, how would we know not to do something? How would we know not to do it again? If we didn’t strive for more in our lives, how would we find out what we were missing?

Absolutely everything- apparent good or bad, is there for a reason. So rather than say something is bad or good or attach any kind of merit on it.

Why not just accept it, yet sit in the lesson or reason it has to show us?

Nothing is good or bad unless we decide it. But why can’t we just say, everything is for a reason, and what is this reason??

The biggest thing is the learning for the reason, the know ledge it wants to impart.

The when we look back on that so called shitty thing, that it was actually the catalyst for greatness.

“Everything has a reason and I choose to accept this and dive deeper into the knowledge, it has to impart”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

The riches of the world are mine for the taking


The riches of the world are mine for the taking.

How does that make you feel? Does it make you want to scoff and say yeah right? Or does it make you fist pump the universe and go damn straight?

Either way, it is time to remember, the riches of this world are yours for the taking…

The richness of emotions.

The richness of the material world.

The richness of a happy life.

You deserve all this and more. And it is actually available to you, any time you choose it!

The riches of the world are mine for the taking. It isn’t even taking, when they are so happily handed to you.

Nothing in life as a human, is a bad thing. Nothing!

Everything is designed for you to gain wisdom, understanding of what you do and don’t want, and hopefully an evolvement back to soul.

The world is your oyster, if you are willing to pry that sucker open.

“I know my life is full of riches, that I have and are willing to grab. I grab them now”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

The stars are always aligned for you


The stars are always aligned for you.
In doing your purpose work, in attaining what you wish for in this life, the stars are always aligned.
You just have to believe it.
It is so easy to make the excuse “oh when the stars align, I’ll do this, this and this”. But here’s the thing.
The stars will move for you. The stars wait for you.
Yes there’s such a thing as divine timing, and if something is meant it’ll happen when it is meant to.
But that doesn’t mean you get to keep that as an excuse.
It doesn’t mean that you don’t do the “work ” just because you want to believe that the stars haven’t aligned yet.
They are waiting on you! You are the magnet that can align them quicker than you can say align.
It is all up to you dear.
You had the power all along.
“I work with the stars to align to what I want in life, and make it happen with their help”
The stars are always aligned for you, so maybe it is time, for you to align with them.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx