A year of further transformations

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Clocking up another year. Review with an open, loving heart.

Wow the end of another year is upon us!

At some stage today really reflect on where you are at, compared to where you have been.

What you have accomplished.

Where you have thrived.

Sure there’s going to be things you could have done better, should have done etc.

But today is all about seeing how far you have come, with an open loving heart.

Because you have!

Even if you felt you went on a little side shuffle bender… did you not get learning from it? Did you not realise that it was something you didn’t want in your life?

Everything is worthwhile, what you have done and been through.

None of it is an accident.

It is all there for you!

To learn, to grow, to be majestic.

So lovingly go through the year and give yourself a big pat on the ol’ back and know you’ve got this. You’re acing this.

And you are about to see another year come to pass in this current human body – that right there is cause enough to celebrate.

So raise your glass to yourself.

Kiss your own damn hand for being incredible.

Shake your pom poms for whooping this year!

“My year has been amazing. Full of learning, winning and most importantly love”

Here’s to another fabulous year.

A year of further transformations.

Another year of love.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. righteousbruin9 · December 31

    It has been a year of personal growth and strong friendships being made even stronger. It was all in preparation for 2020 and beyond. Then again, each step we take is going towards the future.


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