Learn to listen to what your body and soul

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Learn to listen to what your body and soul are trying to communicate.
That gentle tap tap tap that you feel every time you do something, and somewhere deep, you kind of know that maybe you shouldn’t be doing, doing so much, or doing more of?
That is your body and soul’s gentle reminder of is this right or wrong for me.
The longer we ignore that? The harder the reminder- till POW we cannot help but listen.
By learning to listen, we do not need to get to the pow moments!
If we learn the language of our body and soul, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble later on.
That moment where we know we shouldn’t eat that, drink that, keep going, slow down, speed up.
Our inner workings will very happily tell us if it is a good idea or not, if only we are willing to listen.
So today, start a conversation with those inner workings.
Tell it you are ready to start listening to its feelings.
That you are ready to listen to all parts of you and that means really listening.
“I allow my body and soul to share its thoughts with me and I adjust accordingly, knowing they have my highest good in mind always”
Remember to listen to this little tap taps so they do not turn into a baseball bat to the knees, as you keep ignoring it.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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