Anything you want to do is waiting for you

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Anything you want to do, is waiting for you.
This niggles that just won’t leave you alone.
The thoughts that keep coming up, no matter how deep you bury them.
They all can be yours for the taking if you are firm in what you want.
None of this wishy washy, I wish crap.
But straight up, that would be epically amazing and I want it type of thing.
If you are hungering after doing something, changing something, being something- then maybe that something needs out, it needs to live, it needs to be birthed in your world.
And maybe all it is doing, is waiting for you to give it the green light.
While we should give free rein to the universe, in case we are a little off with our wants, or in case there is something even better that could come forward.
There is nothing wrong with putting your attentions to what keeps coming up, what you would like out there.
Regardless of if you think it could come to pass.
Miracles happen every damn day!
So put them out there, so they can come to you.
Have faith that shit is working in the background to make it happen.
And keep smiling and having faith.
It will happen.
“Knowing my greatest wants, are waiting for me… I allow them in. I dream them in. I bring them to me”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. Ash · December 16

    So inspiring thank you! 💞


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