Enough is enough!

@ariabellarises (6)

Sometimes you have to get to that point where enough is enough.
It makes me laugh, how as humans we seem to have to get to the point of no return, the darkest night, the shittiest moment to finally say enough is enough.
And then it still may take ages.
Any one else face palming right now?
That moment, can be the most epic of your life.
That moment where you no longer allow yourself to be defined by anything.
That moment where you say enough is enough and that line is most definitely drawn in the sand.
The moment you take your power back with all your being.
The moment you take responsibility.
Magic magic magic.
We don’t always have to wait for that shit defining moment though.
We can choose it, anytime you like.
It doesn’t have to get to momentous proportions before you plug your finger in the power leak.
Whichever way you do it, the fact that you do it, is the most important one.
But just remember that tidbit for later. You can choose any time.
“I know I can choose enough is enough, before it gets bigger than a mountain. I always have the choice to take back my power and stand tall “
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. beulah888 · December 15, 2019

    We can. We also must choose that moment wisely.


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