Life can either be a drag… or not

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Life can either be a drag… or not.
Life can either suck, or it doesn’t.
It is as simple as that.
It can be the best thing since sliced bread, or it could be your worst nightmare.
But guess who gets to choose this?
If you said You or well Myself (as you point to yourself) then ding ding ding – winner winner chicken dinner.
You have the capacity, in any instance to choose whether you life feels like a drag or not.
You can choose at any time, to enjoy your life, regardless of the dragging or not.
You had the power all along!
Sure we sometimes need the drag, be it as part of our path, our learning for this lifetime – but that doesn’t mean you have to bow down to the drag.
If you’ve been bowing down – this is your moment, to choose to stand tall.
To look all the drag in the eye and say I am going to choose differently from now on.
Even if you cannot escape from all of your circumstances straight away, your reaction to it all, can most definitely be escaped from.
You get to choose that.
So what are you going to choose today?
“I know it is up to me, how my life is lived, so I choose epic. I choose magnificent. And I will choose it every single time”
Time to get off your knees and start steering your life the way you want it to go…
And leave the drag behind
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path x

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