Consider yourself lucky.

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Consider yourself lucky… and guess what you will be?!
Do you think you are a lucky person. Or do you prefer to think of yourself as unlucky and it’s sometimes a fluke if something does go your way?
What if, just for this moment, you decided you were going to be Lucky as can be, from here on out?
How does that feel for you?
Does it make you stand a little taller, and feel pretty damn good about yourself?
What if the Angels were to tell you, that if you think it, feel it and believe it – that actually you are lucky, lucky, lucky!
It is your thinking you are unlucky… that leads you to be that way.
You have all the luck in the world, the universe- if you want it.
So today, and every day, choose to be Lucky.
Choose to know that everything is going to go your way.
“I am lucky, every day, in every way”
Here’s to being lucky
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Your manifesting skills are at an all time high


Your manifesting skills are at an all time high.
111 is coming through strong again today.
The doorways are open to you. The gates are open waiting to throw all of life’s wonderfulness at you…
So what are you going to do about it today?
Be positive!
Be clear on what you would love!
Ask your spiritual pit crew for assistance, love and guidance.
Know you are a manifesting machine and so stand in all that juicy power today.
Be direct…
Be clear…
Be out there, you can dream and manifest as big as you want!
Most of all, having unwavering belief – in you, your crew and the universe.
They are just waiting to hand over all the riches of this world to you.
In whatever form that looks like for YOU.
“I manifest quickly and easily”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Make your own adventure


Make your own adventure.

Do you remember those books when you were young, where in the book, you could choose which path you took and you had to turn to that page and keep going on the adventure?

This message reminded me of those Choose your own adventure books. I mean how fab that they gave the younger generation a choice within the adventures.

Really, what a great set up for life! This is the thing, there are many paths you can take within your own adventure. Many, many paths. You are not just stuck on the one path and watch out, there is no way off.

While yes you have a destination, lessons that you are to accomplish this particular life time, it doesn’t mean that there are not variables and deviations that you can take to get there.

Some of those paths may be twisty and turny and you may wonder which is the right side up, others may be sparkly and straight. All of them will have something for you to learn, something to absorb, something to gain, no matter which way you choose.

And never fear, if you do deviate too long, or you do linger – the Angels and all your unseen crew will gently, or not so gently nudge you back in the right direction.

So go forth and make your own adventures, knowing you are safe and guided.

“I happily make my way through many adventures”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Now is not the time to give up!


Anytime now it could happen.
Literally any second of any day, something truly amazing could happen.
Something out of the blue, something you’ve been working your butt off for – anything could happen at any time.
So are you ready for it?
Are you doing everything you can, till that sweet sweet moment arrives?
Now is not the time to give up!
If it could happen at any time… you have to keep going!
There is power in intention, so if you keep in your mind, that it could happen at any time… then it is going to.
Keep going, and keep believing.
Prepare yourself for miracles.
“I keep the faith and keep going”
You can only meet the universe halfway, and then you must surrender.
Take inspired action and be ready for that moment to happen.
And remember the small daily life things are also beautiful little miracles – don’t forget to appreciate those too.
It could happen at any time.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

You’ve got the power to brighten the darkest of days


You’ve got the power to brighten the darkest of days.

The darkest of days cannot compete with your magnificent light, did you know that? If you knew what a powerhouse you were, hooly dooly your world would be forever wonderful. Or perhaps you do and that is why you choose to hide behind the dark.

Whatever you reason you have, today is the day to shed it. To bathe in your light and let it fill you and your life up. To no longer be afraid of the darkness, to no longer be afraid of your powerful light.

Whatever the reasons, you can choose differently right now, like do it now and then each time it comes up to grab you, choose differently again… and again… till it becomes the norm.

You are the keyholder to your destiny, you are the only one who can fail you or pass you with flying colours. So what are you going to choose today?

“My power brightens the dark so I can see clearly. I choose my power always”

It is not about banishing the dark and pretending it doesn’t exist, but rather shining the light so you can see how insignificant the so called scary darkness really is.

Embrace it and then light it up.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Drop the illusion

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Drop the illusion.
Is there an illusion that you’re projecting for the world to see? Or is it an illusion that you are projecting to yourself?
That illusion that you have everything together, that everything is perfect, going great etc.
Or that maybe you don’t have everything together, that you are running on empty.
Today is a sign to drop all illusions. You don’t need to act like everything okay if it is not.
You don’t need to act like everything is shit when it is not. You are stepping into perfectionism or victomhood when you allow these illusions to play out, and both are those are not the best for you.
You don’t have to be any particular way. You don’t have to act any particular way. Your life doesn’t have to make sense. You just have to be in acceptance of it.
To see where you are and embrace it. To know this isn’t your final destination. To know that keeping yourself small in perfectionism or victimhood, is no longer going to work anymore.
So drop the illusion and be. Drop the illusion and feel.
Exactly as you are, is perfectly imperfect.
“I drop all illusions and simply be. And simply know the direction I need to take peacefully”
Today is the day you start to live your life open and free.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Bring your faith to everything

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Bring your faith to everything.
As long you believe everything is working out for your highest good… you are already half way there and winning.
Our faith is our everything. Including when we don’t have it. When everything feels too hard, nothing will ever get better, I’m no good, blah blah blah- there is no faith there.
And it makes everything a million times harder than it should be. Yet when we have faith that everything, no matter what is going on, is going to be okay – even those huge hardships seem more hilly than mountainous.
Having faith isn’t a lala belief that everything is fine and dandy.
It’s knowing even in the shit, that everything will be okay. That there is a reason for it, and everything will reveal itself in good time. That you’ve got this.
Because you do have this.
You wouldn’t be given it, if you didn’t have the power to ‘have it’
“I bring my faith to everything”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be the inspiration

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Inspiration can come in many forms and from anywhere.
Keep your eyes and heart open as inspiration can come from anywhere! In the seemingly small things, in things you may not have even thought to notice. Inspiration can come from anywhere.
It can also come in many forms – not just the big in your face kind that makes you take immediate notice.
It may sneak up on you or be a little ping that slowly takes shape. Either way, allow yourself to be open to inspiration today.
Allow it to fill you and spark you into being and action today. What is life, without a little inspiration? What is living, if we don’t inspire someone somehow today?
“I recognise inspiration in all of its forms and allow myself to see it in every moment it presents… and take action on it”
Be the inspiration, take inspired action
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Bring awareness to your thoughts

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Bring awareness to your thoughts, are they happy, sad, free, worried- now what can you do to change it up for the better?
We have thoughts each and every second, of each and every day. That is how we are wired, it’s what our brains are meant to do. Constant activity- be it mental or physical.
Now what can be different, is the quality of thoughts we can have.
Now I know some may be saying, but I cannot control my thoughts, they are like a raging bull in a china shop, shattering every thing and making a right mess.
I hate to break it to you…
But I call bullshit.
Yep, the Angels are getting tough today.
Your brain is conditioned, just like your muscles, and anything else that can be conditioned.
If you’ve lived a life of negativity then damn straight your thoughts are going to be causing havoc.
The good news is, if your brain can be conditioned that way, then it can also can be conditioned to the positive too.
It may take work, finetuning and more work.
But it can be done… if you want it.
Don’t fight your thoughts, but gently, every time a boo thought comes up- give it a positive scenario to it’s doom and gloom.
Make yourself think of pleasant times and thoughts.
Train your brain that positive thoughts are just as easy to think as the negative.
And remind yourself…
“I am responsible for the thoughts that run through my mind. I choose to be a victor of them, so I choose positive as my final thoughts on things from now on”
Remember you first thought on something can be changed to whatever the hell you want.
So think positive today!
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


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111 – Your Angels say hello and keep those thoughts positive as you are a manifesting magnet right now.

Your Angels are dropping in to say HIIII! So give a big hello back!

And they also want to remind you that are a manifesting machine!

You truly are. What you put out there comes right back to you.

So make sure you are keeping those thoughts and wishes as positive as you can.

Don’t accidentally manifest more crap because you are fixating on the negatives.

There is a time and place to think on those, and work on those shitty things… and that is not all the time!

Instead, put your thoughts and wishes to what you do want, what you would love, to what would light you up.

See yourself receiving those. Feel that awesome thrill go through you as they come to life and you are living it.

Feeling it? Now go live your life, imagining that awesome feeling…

And watch as it literally comes to life in front of you!

Thanks Angels!

If you are needing some assistance to not stray from the positive path, ask for it!

“Angels please assist me to stay positive. To manifest my best life for my highest good. Thank you”

You are not a lone rock in the middle of the water. A lone island, there are so many willing to help you.

“I manifest my beautiful life today, knowing that however it looks, it will be amazing”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx